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Peeing and Panicking: Is Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy a Bad Thing ?


While pregnancy might be the best time for any couple, waiting for the new addition to the family to arrive the problems faced by the females are at times unbearable. From continuous vomiting to cloudy urine during pregnancy women are said to undergo the most pain during these crucial nine months. It is not after these nine months that the pain comes to an end, labour pain is yet another task very painful to go through. Women face various physical and mental changes during their pregnancy period which is mostly caused by changes in hormones.

Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy and their effect

One of these changes is the shift in smell, color or consistency of urine which causes it to look cloudy and unhealthy. Named as cloudy urine, it is very different from normal, healthy urine and may usually occur in the second or third month of pregnancy. Cloudy urine is more like a normal occurrence during pregnancy and it might not always be painful but at times it can cause a lot more problems than imagined. Immediate medical help should be called for as a small problem like this could lead to greater issues like infections and more importantly sexually transmitted diseases.  It can happen due to a number of factors which include:

  • Urinary tract infections which can cause the urine to become cloudy. It is better to consult our doctor whenever you see cloudy urine since it can be harmful to your body. Although some types of infection can be cured by home remedies a lot of them need medicines before they become severe and in order to diagnose correctly what kind of infection, if any, is the cause of the cloudiness in the urine seeking a doctor should be prioritized over home remedies.

Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy

  • Proteinuria which happens during the first trimester as well and is due to an increase in protein levels in your body which causes the urine to become highly concentrated. Once this is diagnosed, special care has to be taken to avoid further complications. Hence, women who get this disease are kept under vigilant care throughout the rest of their pregnancy to prevent further problems. Therefore, an early diagnose can prevent any complications in the remainder of the duration of the pregnancy.
  • The changing levels of hormones in the body cause this. As placenta is formed the hormones change very frequently and at times, they may enter into the urine making it look cloudy. This problem might be resolved by itself as time passes. This is one of the few reasons for which you do not need to worry but it’s better if someone diagnoses it for you because you never know what might be the exact cause of this symptom, and it can be troublesome if you self-diagnose your real problem as changing levels of hormones.
  • The changing nature of diet may cause this. The dairy material, orange juice, and some other things might cause cloudy urine during pregnancy. If you feel that some food is triggering this, do notice it and lessen the intake of such foods to avoid pain and foul smell in your urine. You might have to be extra observant in this case and figure out exactly what kind of diet is affecting your kidney and in turn your urine. Taking a hold of this situation is easier since you do not need a doctor for that. One the situation has been figured out you can always contact experienced people or doctors in order to replace the kind of nutrients you were getting through the intake if the food you have now stopped.
  • Dehydration is the most commonly occurring factor for cloudy urine as less intake of water causes urine to be highly concentrated. Increasing your intake of water will solve this automatically but incase some medicine is causing dehydration then the doctor should be consulted to help you replace the medicine. Dehydration normally can be cured by drinking water but during pregnancy it will be preferable if you contact your doctor in order to prevent any side effects that your child might have to suffer from.
  • Certain medications can also cause this to happen because of their side effects and hence their use should be stopped at the earliest convenience. While pregnancy, a lot of medicines are prescribed by the doctor. It is not necessary for all of them to suit you. Cloudy urine basically becomes a medicine indicator telling you what kind of medicine is not alright for you. In these situation doctors then alter the prescription according to your body configurations.
  • Kidney stones are yet another root cause of this problem. People who have kidney stones may also have problem urinating with blood coming in their urine hence cloudy urine is a normal occurrence during this problem. Jagged stones can also cause other problems like a blocked urinary tract. For this again, lots of water should be associated to. But situations with jagged stones should be consulted via doctor.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases may also cause this problem hence it is better to be careful and look out for other signs to know if it is something dangerous. These diseases like syphilis might come as dangerous for the baby during the pregnancy period and so cloudy urines should be instantly checked to be on top of the situation of it turns into something worse.

cloudy-urine-during-pregnancyWhile this may seem like a trivial problem a doctor should be consulted as soon as a women notices this change in her urine. Although cloudy urine is a normal occurrence during pregnancy due to certain reasons like allergic reactions or vaginal discharges good doctors alas make sure that they collect urine samples in order to make sure that nothing is wrong.Cloudy urine which occurs due to infection more serious problems can also occur as a result of this. While high dosage of antibiotics should be given when this occurs more serious cases may make constant professional checkups a necessity. If burning sensations, cramps, pain the stomach or back also occur then you should rush to the hospital. You can also some quick for BleachPregnancy test in home

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