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Health Care Company – Copyright Policy

We understand the responsibilities that we have towards the people who depend on us, and this is why have formulated an extensive copyright policy. The copyright policy serves multiple purposes but all in all it aims to safeguard the intellectual, emotional and material rights of our customers and website users.

Importance of protection of official content/personal information

The personal information of the users includes data i.e. name, contact number, CNIC, postal address, work details, family details, medical history, bank account details, payment details and browsing history. The content of the website is the information, news, blogs, articles, updates and nay other data that the website chooses to publish on its official website. The protection of all personal information of the users, as well as the official content of the website, is important for prevention against criminal acts, theft, and felonious actions. The aim of copyright policies for a healthcare website is to ensure that no information is duplicated or reprinted without prior notification and permission of the person.

Protecting the content of website under Section 512

The essence of services is to protect the rights of the users as well as the website under the legal act of section 512. All content that is published on the website solely belongs to the website and the company and any means of printing, copying or replicating the content of the websites is considered to be an act of crime under the act of section 512.

Safeguarding user personal data

In addition to providing countless benefits and superlative services to the customers, we have also formulated a comprehensive copyright policy that aims to protect the violation or manhandling of personal information of the users. If in any case, the customer feels that his/her personal data is being exposed, or they experience a breach of privacy then they have every right to seek help from the website according to the copyright policy. The policy clearly states that all personal information that is registered or used by the website is solely for professional purposes to be able to provide the ‘desired’ services to the customers. If in any case, the customer feels that his/her privacy and private information is not safe they can immediately report it to the officials who are entitled to take immediate strict actions against the complaint(s).

Registering complaint online

The copyright policy entertains all complaints that the users file in response to violation or intrusion of privacy. To register your complaint online, you will be required to provide the website officials with your

  • Name, postal address, contact number
  • Email address (optional)
  • Detailed complaint description of the personal information they feel that is not safe on the website
  • Detailed review of any sources of suspects that they find or think to be responsible for this action
  • Certification proof that all information that you claim is ‘legal’ and authorized to be yours
  • If in case your accusations and complaints are proven to be correct then what penalty do you expect