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9 Natural muscle relaxers that works well for curing muscle spasm

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Experiencing unnecessary bulging, tightness, or soreness in muscles is very common and every one goes through it one or the other time of their life. The condition mentioned in above line is commonly known as muscle spasm. The pain can be experienced for various reasons and at many different places of the body. However there are natural muscle relaxers that can help easing the pain without taking intense medication.

Where does the muscle pain usually occur?

The spasm of muscles occurs mainly in feet, arms, limbs, or at abdomen. Besides that the pain attacks rib cage, hamstrings, and quadriceps too. According to physiotherapists, the pain is experienced mainly because of vigorous physical activities of because of heavy exercising regimen. For elevating the pain it is important that the person takes plenty of rest, be patient, gently massage the spot, or perform light stretching.

Pregnant ladies and people with acute back pain often experience muscle spasm in mild or extreme form. Women who are experiencing menstruating period also experience tension in muscles because of uterine contractions. The intensity of the muscle pain varies in each person. In fact the spasm of muscle is one of the symptoms for diseases like Muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis

Following are some of the natural muscle relaxers that can ease of the pain people experience without taking medications

Juice of cherry

People who perform strainous exercising regimen or the ones who run in marathons often experience stress in their leg muscles. The juice obtained from cherry is known to control the muscle inflammation thus controlling the shooting pain as well. According to a conducted research tart cherry juice reduces the post run pains in runner on an exponential rate. Besides anti-inflammatory features cherry contains high amount of antioxidants that helps rejuvenating body and help relaxing muscles in an all-natural manner. Cherry is the best muscle relaxers for knee pain.


Peppermint is given to people experiencing different muscle aches and pains. The pains include headache, leg pains or even joint pain. Peppermint is known to promote healthy blood flow along with anti-spasmodic capabilities. Unwanted muscles twitch and muscles stiffness can be instantly cured by using peppermint. You can either infuse peppermint and drink it as tea or use the peppermint oil. Massaging the aching muscle with peppermint oil for 5 to 10 minutes can definitely ease of the pain and relaxing the muscle.


Chamomile is known for its curing properties. It can cure several ailments. It contains 39 flavonoids that increases its anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile tea has been widely used for soothing the soreness in muscles. Besides that you can also apply chamomile oil on the aching muscle for quicker relief. Infuse the chamomile flower or teabag in water for ten minutes and you will get the chamomile natural muscle relaxer tea.

Cayenne pepper

A chemical found in cayenne pepper formally known as Capsaicin is known to act as a muscle relaxer. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and/or fibromyalgia should use cayenne pepper in order to reduce the muscle discomfort. You can add cayenne pepper in your food as it is very flavorful. Besides that cayenne pepper is available in the form of edible capsules that you can use against muscle spasm. Last but not least cayenne pepper is also found in form of topical cream that can be applied on the muscle that is aching. Mostly people ask: “what food is natural muscle relaxer?” Well the answer of it is any food that has cayenne pepper has a tendency of distressing your muscles.

Passion fruit

It is also known as passion flower. Apart from its delicious taste, passion fruit has many benefits when it comes to health. In order to reduce stress in muscle passion, make tea out of passion flower. Besides treating muscle spasm, passion fruit is the best cure against stress and anxiety.

If you are going through painful muscle stiffness, we recommend to consume passion fruit tea several times a day and you will find difference in your condition within a day. The antioxidant abundance in passion fruit also frees the body from unnecessary toxins thus making the immunity of a person stronger. Passionflower is a natural relaxant.

Natural muscle relaxer Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the minerals that are much needed for the bodies healthy functioning. Magnesium works best for maintaining healthy nerves and muscles. In fact muscle pain is one of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. The best way to increase the amount of magnesium in body is by consuming the foods that are rich in it like legumes, almonds; rice, and bananas, etc. magnesium is also available in form of supplements.

Vitamin D

Deficiency of Vitamin or lower intake of Vitamin C can cause severe muscle ache along with weaker bones. Vitamin D comes in a lot of forms such as capsules, liquids and tablets, etc. Besides that there are certain foods that are rich in Vitamin D like fortified milk, fish, eggs, and cheese etc.  Adequate exposure to sunlight also provide just the right amount of vitamin d to the body

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is widely used as skin and hair care. Cherry on top is that coconut oil also possesses relaxing and stress reduction properties. It is the highly recommended natural muscle relaxer over the counter. You can either mix few drops of coconut oil with lavender oil or use it solely on the muscle that is aching. Massage the area for 6 minutes and wrap it with a cloth, the pain will be gone within a day.


Lemongrass has been used as a muscle relaxant since the ancient times. In fact ancient Chinese civilization used lemon grass in treating acute back pain. Lemongrass tea is filled with flavonoids and muscle relaxers that reduce the muscle and joint pains along with eliminating the toxins accumulated in the body. It is one of the best muscle relaxers for neck pain.

Final Words

Muscle spasm is a state where the muscles of a person gets stiffened and inflamed. Apart of medications, there are certain natural muscle relaxers that can relieve the pain and rejuvenate the body. Learn about the healthy properties of these natural muscle relaxers and how you can use them to treat muscle spasm.

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