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17 Amazing Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

Among certain tea varieties available in the market, chamomile tea is one of the most popular one which has many potential uses and Health benefits. There is a long history of chamomile tea being used as herbal medicine due to its wonderful characteristics. The flowers of chamomile are used to make tea which is known to produce a feeling of calmness. The tea is considered ideal for the people of all age groups and gender across the globe. At present, many supplements of chamomile are also available which can be used safely.


What is a Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile tea is one of the popular tea varieties which are easily available in market with plenty of health benefits. It has been discovered that the chemicals in chamomile tea are ideal for skin and boosting the immune system. The chamomile tea also serves as anti-depressant and soothes the senses. It is also proven that it helps to aid sleep, treat the gastric illnesses, manages the blood sugar level in the body as well. For females, it has tremendous impact on healthy menstruation.

As you go out for shop, chamomile tea is the most easily available as it has gained much popularity in the recent past due to the proven health benefits. The tea is derived basically from a family of plants known as Asteraceae, the flowers are taken and left to dry for several days and in this way the dried flowers are used in many herbal remedies for the cure of certain health concerns. There are certain varieties of the plant of the family Asteraceae from which the chamomile tea is extracted. Due to this reason the chamomile tea is not exactly the same in all parts of the world. On the other hand, regardless of which variety we are using, the health benefits are almost similar as the fundamental components of the tea are alike. Due to its pleasant taste and stress reducing potential the chamomile tea is loved across the globe. Detailed research has proven that the ingredients found in the tea include treasure of antioxidants which act as anti cancer along with flavonoids, sesquiterpenes. Each of these ingredients contains numerous health benefits.  Each of these ingredients produces a significantly healthy impact on the body.

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What is a Chamomile Tea?

Since it is one of the most commonly used teas in the modern era, it has also been discovered that the liquid obtained from chamomile can be applied on certain parts of the skin to reduce acne, swelling, redness or itch. The topical application of chamomile on the skin is equally effective and helps to relieve certain skin concerns. Including chamomile tea in diet is beneficial, though if you want to consume this miracle tea as a regular part of your health care you are advised to discuss it with your health care provider.

17 Amazing Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Now we will study and discuss the benefits of chamomile tea in details. Here is a detailed review of benefits of chamomile tea on human health:

1-Chamomile Tea and Sleep:

Chamomile tea helps in reducing depression and stress; it relaxes the central nervous system and soothes the senses. Does chamomile tea make you sleepy? Yes, the tea acts as an ideal sleeping aid. Hence if you are suffering from lack of sleep, inadequate rest, sleep apnea as well as other sleep related disorders, the chamomile tea can provide relief. Taking a cup of chamomile tea is proven to induce sleep faster and soothing the senses. A person feels fresher after waking up.

In America, millions of people suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It is recommended by the report by Molecular medicine that the use of chamomile tea half an hour before going to sleep can act as an efficient sleep inducer and mild tranquilizer. Due to the presence of flavoinoids, apigenin binding benzodiazepine receptors to the brain some sedative effects are also observed. Therefore, chamomile tea can be taken as anticonvulsant and central nervous system depressant effectively.

Chamomile Tea and Sleep

2-Chamomile Tea and Skin Benefits:

Since chamomile tea is rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory substances, it is considered ideal to treat several skin problems. It is not only a beverage it can also be applied topically to reduce irritation of skin, inflammation, itch, Eczema and associated problems. It has been proven with research that chamomile tea plays an effective role when even applied topically on the skin as it improves the process of healing, reduces the rate of formation of blemishes and wrinkles on the skin particularly face and neck. The reduction or elimination of oxidative stress can act as immune booster which is needed for overall health and fitness.

3-Chamomile Tea and Immune System:

For warding off the infections, you need to have an efficient immune system. What is chamomile tea good for? Chamomile tea acts as a strong immune booster as it contains some special substances inside it. The phenol containing compounds found in the tea have ability to resist infections like bacteria and fungi. In recent studies it has been proven that taking 5-6 cups of chamomile tea has significantly improved the ability of body to fight against infections. This immune boosting property of chamomile tea makes it efficient for overall health.

Chamomile Tea and Immune System

4-Menstrual Discomfort:

In females as they get menstruation, many of them suffer from irregular bleeding, menstrual cramps, bloating and mood swings etc. Since chamomile tea acts as anti inflammatory and has a tendency of relaxant, it can be used to overcome the menstrual discomforts. Along with that the regular use of  organic chamomile tea helps to make the menstruation regular.

5-Chamomile Tea and Anxiety:

Chamomile tea acts as an anti anxiety as it reduces the stress. Chamomile tea bags are available which can be used to make instant drink after a hectic day schedule to relax the body and soothe the senses. When chamomile tea is taken it results in the increased production of serotonin and melatonin in the body which can reduce stress efficiently. The chamomile tea as we discussed above acts as a central nervous system depressant though too mild but it can cause slight sedation. Taking one to two cups of chamomile tea can considerably reduce stress. What is chamomile tea good for? Well, the simple answer is, the tea is too good in curing stress. Find out for the best chamomile tea brand and your preferred flavor to enjoy the numerous health benefits. One of the common concerns of the people is, does chamomile tea contain caffeine? No caffeine is present in the chamomile tea hence if you have low caffeine tolerance you can take this tea easily.

Chamomile Tea and Anxiety

6-Chamomile Tea and Pregnancy:

Chamomile tea is not for pregnant females as it can result in increased risk of miscarriages. All teas are not safe to consume once you are pregnant. Though chamomile tea is totally herbal and you can enjoy it occasionally to soothe the body but increased intake of chamomile tea during pregnancy can cause certain complications increasing the risk of miscarriages. If you are pregnant and still want to add chamomile tea in your diet for some other reason it is better to get doctor’s opinion.

7-Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea and Diabetes Management:

People suffering from diabetes can be benefited by drinking chamomile tea on regular basis. It helps to reduce sugar level in the blood and also has a healthy impact on pancreas (an organ in the body producing sugar controlling hormone). Hence it regulates the amount of insulin produced in the body. The chamomile tea is rich in powerful organic compounds which result in regulation of blood sugar level. If you are planning to us chamomile tea or any herbal recipe as a cure for diabetes, you need to get your doctor’s opinion. Is chamomile tea good for you if you are suffering from diabetes? Your doctor will analyze your medical history and will recommend whether to use the chamomile tea safely as a daily health care routine.

Chamomile Tea and Diabetes Management

8-Chamomile Tea and Digestive Tract:

Chamomile tea helps to reduce certain problems of digestive system. If you are suffering from inflammation of esophagus, stomach irritation, bloating, constipation, the regular use of chamomile tea is helpful since it acts as anti inflammatory and eases the twisting nature of gut. As this happens the stools as well as gases can pass easily due to frequent and smoother bowel movements. Taking chamomile tea regularly has proven to aid digestion and produce healthy impact on the associated organs.

9-Chamomile Tea for Hair:

If you are facing hair problems like hair fall, dryness of scalp, dead and damaged hair, rough and cracked hair. You can include chamomile tea in your diet. Since the ingredients in chamomile tea act as anti inflammatory, these chemicals reduce the scalp irritation, strengthen the hair strands by fortifying them, eliminate dandruff and make your hair silkier and shiny. You can also apply chamomile tea on hair as it will penetrate in the scalp and strengthen the hair.

Chamomile Tea for Hair

10-Chamomile Tea and Allergies:

In some people chamomile tea can cause allergic reactions. Chamomile tea helps in the modulation of immune response to certain allergens found inside the body. The chamomile tea acts as anti histamine and hence reduces the allergic reactions in the body. if you are prone to certain sort of allergies, you need to talk to your doctor before starting chamomile tea in your everyday diet.

11-Chamomile Tea and Weight Loss:

Chamomile tea helps to reduce appetite and hence it lowers the desire or craving of getting snacks which are likely to increase body weight. The chamomile tea has certain herbaceous infusions which can act ideally to reduce body weight. One of the important effects of chamomile tea is that it aids in the bowel movements and helps to reduce constipation. Among other benefits of chamomile tea, weight loss is the most significant one.

Chamomile Tea and Weight Loss

12-Chamomile Tea for Babies:

Have you ever considered chamomile for your baby? If so, your biggest concern would definitely be the safety of chamomile. The good news is, chamomile is absolutely safe and rather useful for the babies. Though you need to be careful about the dose of chamomile you are giving to the little one but as far as baby’s overall health is concerned, there are so many benefits of chamomile tea. It has to be kept in mind that chamomile is not for infants; you have to wait until your kid reaches the six months mark. In any case, you should consult your doctor regarding the nutritional benefits and healthy aspects of chamomile tea for babies before making any decision.

13-Chamomile Tea for Migraine Headaches:

Migraines are worst types of headaches faced by modern day population. It has been proven that chamomile tea is helpful against migraines. Make it sure to take a warm cup of tea as soon as you feel the symptoms of migraine attack or else if the headache intensifies the tea will be less effective.

Chamomile Tea for Migraine Headaches

14-Chamomile Tea Gastric Cramps:

While suffering from stomach cramps, indigestion or bloating, a warm cup of chamomile tea can provide immediate relief. The chamomile tea contains anti inflammatory as well as anti spasmodic characteristics which make this tea ideal for stomach cramps. For patients with excessive gas, chamomile tea twice a day can help to relieve gas and pressure.

15-Chamomile Tea as a Beauty Care Regimen:

Chamomile tea has got some miraculous properties. It acts as an excellent tonic to improve complexion. If you are suffering from conditions like hyper pigmentation, skin blemishes, sun burn, uneven skin tone, freckles and fine lines, you need to boil water with two tea bags of chamomile tea. Bring your face over the utensil to take stream carefully. The treatment is highly effective and within short time you will see considerable difference in the complexion and elimination of other problems.

In the same way, chamomile tea can be used to reduce the dark circles under eyes. Boil water in a clean utensil with two tea bags of chamomile in it. Collect the tea bags and place them in refrigerator for few minutes (30 minutes). Place the tea bags on the eyes for significant reduction in dark circles and under eye bags. The recipe is also helpful against puffiness and redness of eyes.

Chamomile Tea as a Beauty Care Regimen

For the people suffering from acne, chamomile tea is ideal since it is loaded with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight free skin radicals preventing bacterial growth which is likely to cause acne. The steam method mentioned above can effectively be used for the treatment of acne.

16-Chamomile Tea Acts as Anti-Cancer:

The rate of thyroid cancer is lowest in Greece. It was found that people in this part of the world use chamomile tea and other herbal teas. The people taking chamomile tea daily have 80% reduced risk of developing tumors in thyroid glands and hence they remain safe from cancer. In the same way it is estimated that people taking at least 5 cups of chamomile tea in a week have 70% reduced risk of developing any cancer particularly thyroid cancer. This is due to the presence of certain anti carcinogenic ingredients present in chamomile tea. These anti carcinogenic ingredients include flavonoids, apigenin etc. The substance apigenin which is found in abundance in chamomile tea has property to shrink the tumor and hence the use of chamomile tea can be an herbal therapy for the cure of cancer. In the same way, chamomile tea and its ingredients are helpful in combating the tumors or lumps found in breast.

17-Chamomile Tea for Muscular Spasms:

When chamomile tea is taken regularly, the level of glycine is increased in the body. This substance ‘glycine’ is known to calm the muscles. It is also an effective nerve relaxant hence the chamomile tea can be taken ideally to cure anxiety and stress.

Chamomile Tea for Muscular Spasms

  • Ways to Use Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea can be taken as a beverage. Since it has a lot of medicinal and healing properties, there are some other ways of using chamomile for getting health benefits. Some of these methods are discussed below:

  1. You can use dried chamomile flowers in your bath tub or bucket. Add few dried chamomile flowers in warm water and few drops of tea tree oil, this bath will give a rejuvenated skin and soothing effect to your mind and body.
  2. If you are suffering from sore throat or strep throat, swelling in thyroid glands or similar problems. Boil four ounces of water and half ounce of dried chamomile flowers for as long as ten minutes. Let the water cool down and then use it to gargle. This gargling will help in the reduction of inflammation and is equally effective for throat.
  3. While suffering from inflammation of throat, trachea (wind pipe), or in other words upper respiratory tract, you need to boil water and chamomile flowers. Take the steam for few minutes and repeat the therapy for 3-4 days. The inhalation of chamomile steam is highly significant to soothe the air passages and respiratory tract.
  • How to Make Chamomile Tea?

There are no specific rules to make tea but according to some experts, the potency of tea depends on the style of its making. The more well tea is made, the more potent it would be. Here are few tips which will help you to make best chamomile tea to get most out of it. All you need to do is to follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below:

How to Make Chamomile Tea?

  1. Take a clean saucepan or kettle and pour fresh water in it. The amount of water depends on the quantity of tea you want to make.
  2. Rinse the dried and cleaned chamomile flowers in the cold water.
  3. Let the water boil
  4. Once the water starts boiling add the flowers (two to three teaspoons) in it.
  5. Once you see the change in color and characteristic aroma of the chamomile flowers turn off the heat and stain the tea into a cup.
  6. For additional benefits you can add raw honey in it. Also honey can act as a tea sweetener.

Side effects of Chamomile Tea

Along with certain advantages, some adverse reactions and side effects are also reported, though very rare with the use of chamomile tea. The side effects of chamomile tea are listed as below:

  1. When chamomile is taken in excessive dosage it can result in dizziness since it is a central nervous system depressant. It can also result in vomiting and some allergic reactions particularly in the people with history of allergy in their family. If you are prone to any kind of allergy, don’t use chamomile Tea without consultation with doctor.
  2. A mild blood thinner is present in chamomile tea known as “coumarin”. Hence if you have to undergo any surgery, stop taking chamomile tea two weeks prior to the surgery. There is another possibility of coumarin interaction with anesthesia. Hence discuss with your doctor if you are taking chamomile tea and surgery is recommended for some purpose by the doctor.
  3. If you are taking any drug regularly and thinking to use chamomile supplements it is better to consult your doctor and get advice. Some of the substances found in chamomile interact with sedative medication, blood thinners, pain killers especially NSAIDs, ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, etc. hence if you are taking these kind of medication, you have to be very careful while making any decision to include chamomile supplements.
  4. Since the safety of chamomile supplements have not yet proven for the pregnant or lactating mothers, it is advised not to use chamomile tea or its supplements while pregnant. According to some research, the use of chamomile can result in increased rate of miscarriage. If you are planning to introduce chamomile to babies talk to pediatrician.

Side effects of Chamomile Tea

The Bottom Line:

Chamomile and its tea are considered ideal for everyday use since it has some miracle properties. The chemicals inside the chamomile tea and its derivatives help to reduce inflammation, swelling, stomach cramps, tumors etc. For those people who are looking for weight loss the use of chamomile tea is ideal. There are plenty of advantages of chamomile tea on skin and hair. It is however advised to consult doctor before taking chamomile tea in your everyday dietary regimen.

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