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What Causes Eczema and How it Can be Treated?

what causes eczema

The chronic skin condition which is caused generally by the inflammation is known as Eczema or dermatitis. There are many forms of dermatitis or eczema but Atopic dermatitis (AD) is the most common eczema type which is seen worldwide.

It is one of the stressful conditions which are likely to cause frustration. One feels embarrassed in social gatherings and this eczema can shake ones confidence level. Treatment of eczema is easy once we know the exact causes of it. Is eczema contagious is one of a key concern of people and the simple answer to this is, it is due to the skin conditions and immune response and it is not contagious but a great deal of care is needed to keep your skin free of such problems.

What causes eczema and how many people suffer from it?

For many people, eczema is a chronic problem and as per research it affects 35 million Americans including 12-20 % of children and 1-3% of adults. What causes eczema is not completely known till date but it is considered to be one of the immune responses of the skin which for some reason is working overactive. Moreover eczema is generally seen in the families which have some asthmatic history. Symptoms of eczema are acne breakouts on the skin followed by rash and itch. What causes eczema in babies? The hormonal changes sometimes at puberty cause the acne breakouts.

Natural remedies for eczema:

Is eczema curable? It is considered that eczema is also related to our dietary habits like those who consume too many oily foods are more prone to eczemas. You can use some lotions and moisturizers which aid the process of healing and minimize the discomfort.

Here are few Natural remedies for eczema and you can try them after consulting dermatologist if you are looking out for how to get rid of eczema?

  • Coconut oil is considered as an ideal moisturizer and skin tonic. For eczema you can also apply it on skin but don’t forget to consult dermatologist to find out if you have any intolerance or allergy against it. When applied on the skin, it helps to ease the pain and itching which is caused by eczema.Coconut oil


  • Sea spray is one of the effective Natural remedies for eczema. For the wet and oozing type of eczema it works ideally. All you need is some homemade salt and a spray of magnesium. The spray is equally effective as beach for the overall skin health and for those who do not live near beaches can make use of this spray.


  • Fermented cod liver oil is a rich source of healthy fats for a body. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body and skin. The mixture of fermented cod liver oil along with butter oil containing high vitamins is great health and skin supplement. It is considered as one of the Natural remedies for eczema.


  • Bath of magnesia is helpful too. Magnesium bath helps in the detoxification and helps in the healing process of skin. You can add Epsom salt or the flakes of magnesium in the few tablespoons of Himalayan salt to the bath for better results. If not bath, you can even use magnesium oil as well.


  • The use of probiotics is helpful, the use of probiotics make a visible difference as far as skin health is concerned. We actually miss some important probiotics in our modern day diet. There are some bacteria which are essential for our health; the food which is rich in probiotics can be very helpful for the skin and eczema treatment.


  • Food rich in gelatin is an ideal healing diet, the bone broth especially contain high gelatin in it and can be helpful in the treatment of eczema.


  • For eczema home recipes apple cider vinegar is the key. You can collect it in a bowl and apply it on the skin with eczema, the citrate in it will kill the germs and vitamin A helps to nourish the skin.

Best eczema creams:

There are a lot of creams, lotions as well as ointments for the treatment of eczema. All moisturizers are not created equal and there are a lot of differences in their composition. The main purpose however is the same and that is to keep the skin hydrated and to keep control of the rash.

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Moisturizers, creams and lotions are three general categories of skin care regimes available in the market. Moisturizers are oil based and are best in the treatment of eczema. For the application make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and massage it gently on the skin surface.

best eczema cream

There are some other eczema ointments for the treatment of eczema, best ointments for eczema are those which contain high oil content and hence some people prefer to apply them at night so that they stay on the skin overnight and can be absorbed by the skin thoroughly. How to get rid of eczema overnight? Apply some good and moisture rich ointment or moisturizer though the problem cannot be resolved overnight. Best eczema cream over the counter is rich in multivitamins and some essential oils.

Creams are second to ointments; they are different from creams on the basis of quantity of oil added in them. Best eczema creams help to seal the moisture. For the people with oily skin, the creams are best as they are less in oil and less greasy. Don’t forget to consult dermatologist before applying anything on the skin as there is always a risk of allergy. Eczema cream that works carries least chemical ingredients. The preservatives sometimes which are added in the moisturizers, creams or ointments cause inflammation of the skin when applied. Best eczema creams are the ones which are high in oil and lesser in chemical preservatives. Best eczema cream for babies is the one which is free from steroids.

Best lotions for eczema:

Lotions contain least oil in them and are generally water based. Best lotions for eczema are generally those which contain more hydrated formulas and do not result in the greasy skin. The people with oily skin can apply lotions in place of creams or ointments for better results. Best lotions for eczema are the ones which have more water content in it to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. How to cure eczema fast? Consult dermatologist and take care of your skin everyday with the prescription eczema cream suggested by the doctor. Also keep in mind that eczema steroid creams are only suggested after dermatologist’s prescription.


Skin eczema is one of the key concerns of modern day living, what causes eczema is still to be discovered but it is thought that hyperactive immune system causes inflammation that results in eczema. How to get rid of eczema fast? Make use of natural ingredients for skin protection and consult dermatologist if the problem is getting severe.

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