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Headache Behind Left Eye ,Causes and Treatment

headache behind left eye

The biggest problem of modern day living is stress which results in some diseases and uncomfortable situations like headache. One can develop headache at anytime and anywhere. Normally headaches are not big concern and you can take normal pain killers (analgesia) for the treatment, but sometimes, these headaches disrupt our everyday routine as they are sharp and stabbing. Headaches make a person quite miserable and hence pain killers are to be taken for immediate relief. If you know the exact cause of your headache, it would become rather easy to prevent or treat it. There are different kinds of headaches like, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, migraine headaches. However some people feel headache behind left eye and is always a serious concern.


What are the Causes of Headache Behind Left Eye?

There are various reasons for headache behind left eye and is not an uncommon condition. The pain is generally considered to arise somewhat from the head or inner of an eye. One can also suffer from both headache and an eye pain at a same time. Sometimes when investigated, the main cause of headache behind eyes is due to some trouble inside the eyes like some underlying disease, damage to any tissue or muscle which helps in the movement of eye ball etc. sometimes the nerve around the eye is damaged which results in headache behind eyes. Not only eye, there are several reasons of headaches behind eyes.

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Potential Causes of Headaches Behind Left Eye:

  • Migraine headaches:

There is no specific cause of migraine headache however it is considered to be caused by the abnormal flow of blood to the brain. The exact cause of migraine is yet to be discovered however there are so many factors which trigger migraines, these include inadequate rest, stress, changes in the hormones and certain types of food etc. Migraine results in headache behind eyes and increased light sensitivity along with nausea. The only treatment of migraine headaches is to carefully determine the triggers and avoid them.

Migraine headaches

  • Cluster headaches:

These are common form of headaches but not as common as migraines. The person suffering from cluster headaches suffers from sharp stabbing pain which is too intense and stays for some days or weeks. Once it is gone, it will not reappear for a long time. While suffering from cluster headaches, people normally report headache behind left eye or even right eye as well.

Cluster headaches

  • Strain in an eye:

One of the common causes of pain behind left eye is the eye strain. The people who have to spend most of their time on computer and watching television normally report this condition. The people suffering from refractive disorders also suffer from eye strains. The people suffering from near sightedness or far sightedness or astigmatism, improper use of glasses etc are common victims of eye strain. Headache behind left eye and temple or headache behind right eye and temple is generally caused by eye strains. Other common symptoms of eye strain include redness of eyes with blurred vision and pain in eyes. If you are suffering from headache behind left eyebrow or right eye brow, it is generally due to eye strain. Sometimes these eye strains are also linked with tension headaches as well.

  • Sinusitis:

One of the most common causes of headache above left eye is sinusitis. The problem is generally caused as a result of para-nasal sinus infection or allergic reaction. As a result of it the tissues lining the sinuses get inflamed and congested which result in pain. Acute sinusitis results in headache behind left eye and nausea. Sometimes the pain in cheeks is also accompanied with other symptoms which are due to maxillary sinusitis. As you are looking for headache behind left eye treatment, your doctor is likely to recommend an allergic test to find out sinusitis issues if any in you.


  • Any injury of skull or head:

If due to any accident or mishap the skull gets fractured, the pressure on the brain increases due to bleeding and swelling. A headache which occurs behind left eye or behind right eye or both after head injury is generally caused by traumatic injury to head. Immediate medical supervision is needed for the careful evaluation of fracture and treatment. If you are suffering headache behind left eye cure measures are prescribed by health care providers.

Any injury of skull or head

  • Glaucoma:

A condition where eye pressure increases to an extent where it can damage the eye is known as glaucoma, peripheral vision is greatly damaged as this happens. If the pressure is too strong it can even damage the optic nerve and can cause irreparable damage to vision. The condition is common in elderly people and diabetics. The headache behind left eye and ear after 50 years of age is generally caused by glaucoma.


  • Brain infection or cerebral tumor:

Infection of a brain (encephalitis), tumor, and brain abscess are some of the conditions which result in sharp pain behind left eye. In all these conditions the blood vessels surrounding brain along with the neighboring nerves get damaged and result in acute pain.


When to Worry:

Pain behind left eye is not generally a condition to make a person worry. However if you are over 50 years of age, you need to have an eye on the headache pattern. Any sort of headache which arises all of a sudden and is intense can be a sign of serious complication and immediate supervision of doctor is needed.


Headache pain behind left eye is not always a reason to worry. Migraine headaches are the key cause of pain behind left eye or right eye either. If you are experiencing headache with abnormal pattern you need to talk to your doctor to rule out the risk of serious complications. The people who are over 50 years in age however are at increased risk of developing brain tumors and hence yearly medical checkups are recommended.

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