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Meloxicam 15 mg Uses, Side Effects, Warnings

Meloxicam 15 mg

Meloxicam is an NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) which is used as analgesic and antipyretic. The Meloxicam drug class is generally an oxicam which relates closely with piromicam. The meloxicam belongs to the group of NSAIDs known as enolic acid. The dug is widely used to get immediate relief from pain. Under normal conditions, it takes half an hour to an hour before relieving the pain completely. In this article we will study about the useful aspects of meloxicam and its side effects and special warnings which are related to this drug.

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What is Meloxicam?

As we discussed above, meloxicam belongs to the class of drugs known as NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The medicine is taken orally in the form of a tablet. Sometimes, meloxicam injections are also available. It also comes as a generic drug since it costs less. There are however some cases where it is not available in all strengths or brand names. The drug also comes in liquid suspensions and capsules. The liquid suspensions are available at local pharmacies with a brand name known as Mobic while its capsular form is generally known as vivlodex. If you are searching for Meloxicam vs. Ibuprofin? There is a similarity as both are NSAIDs. Some people also wonder is meloxicam a narcotic? The simple answer is, it is NSAIDs which are generally safer to use.

Uses of Meloxicam:

Meloxicam is used as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic drug. The medicine is proven effective in the treatment of many health concerns such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Juvenile arthritis which is seen in kids with two years of age and a little older.

Uses of Meloxicam

Meloxicam Mechanism of Action:

The drug belongs to a class of drugs known as NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) which are generally used to get relief from fevers, pain and inflammation of body parts. The meloxicam benefits by decreasing the pain, it helps to reduce swelling by decreasing the prostaglandin levels in the body. Prostaglandins are hormone like substances which result in inflammation.

Meloxicam Side Effects:

There are some side effects reported with the use of meloxicam as we study the meloxicam reviews and patients reports. It is important to note that most of the oral meloxicam tablets are considered safe as they don’t cause dizziness. Some common side effects reported after the use of meloxicam are:

  • Pain in lower abdomen accompanied with indigestion and diarrhea, meloxicam and gastritis are often linked.
  • Anti-peristalsis and nausea, heart burn especially if you are taking meloxicam and alcohol together
  • Dizziness, vertigo
  • Headaches mild to intense
  • Use of meloxicam and weight gain is also reported by some patients.
  • One of the serious effects of meloxicam is high blood pressure.
  • Skin rash and slight itching

These are mild side effects reported by patients using meloxicam. Generally the side effects of meloxicam 15 mg are lesser as that of patients getting high doses. Also the Meloxicam abuse can cause many serious reactions in the body. Some serious side effects are also linked with the use of this medicine. It is important to consult your health care provider if you experience one of the following side effects after the intake of meloxicam:

  • Breathing difficulties and muscle spasm
  • Chest pains and discomfort in breathing or making chest movements
  • Pain in arms and legs
  • Pain in back and shoulder
  • Numbness in arms and face or leg in one side of the body
  • Speaking difficulties and feeling uncomfortable to understand the speech
  • Sudden confusion and change in state of mind as meloxicam high is often observed.
  • Loss of balance and muscle coordination which makes walking difficult
  • Stomach pains, bloating, vomiting with blood and bloody stools
  • Sticky black stools due to acute digestive disturbance in the body
  • Loss of appetite
  • Yellowness of skin and inside of eyes which are somewhat like jaundice, this is an indication of liver malfunction
  • The use of medicine can cause high blood pressure and hence makes a person dizzy and sometimes result in nose bleeds.
  • The long term use of this medicine can cause toxicity of kidneys and disturb the renal function. In some of the cases, pain in urination and decreased urine output is also observed due to renal malfunction.

If you are taking some other medicines with meloxicam, there is a risk of interaction and in this way the medicine will not be able to perform its desired function. This can further harm your body. It is therefore important to consult your doctor and report him if you are already taking some multi vitamin supplements, herbal supplements or other medicines or if you experience that meloxicam is not working. Also the Meloxicam long term use is linked with decreased hepatic and renal function. You need to get liver function and renal function tests at frequent intervals.

Meloxicam Dosage:

Only a medical specialist can prescribe the medicine and its dosage. Your doctor will examine and find out the intensity of symptoms along with some other factors before prescribing a specific dosage. Generally, meloxicam 15mg tablet is advised to the patients. The things which doctors commonly consider before prescribing meloxicam are:

  • Age
  • Level or intensity of illness
  • Other medical concerns if any
  • The reaction of your body to the initial dose.


As discussed above the intake of drug is related with some serious consequences like liver malfunction, renal malfunction and high blood pressure. It is therefore very important to tell your doctor if you have any history of hepatic or renal disease and high blood pressure. You need to monitor your blood pressure frequently while on meloxicam medicine. For the patients of high blood pressure, the medicine can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Your doctor will advise frequent renal function tests and liver function tests along with monitoring of your blood pressure everyday during the course of treatment.

Bottom Line:

Meloxicam is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which is also generic as it costs low. The medicine is used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in the patients. Since there are some serious side effects associated with the long term use of this medicine, it is important to inform your doctor if you have a history or renal or hepatic disease along with high blood pressure. The medicine can only be taken under the prescription of doctor.

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