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Causes of Shoe Odor and How to Get Rid of Smell in Shoes?

how to get rid of smell in shoes

Smell from shoes is one of the highly annoying situations ever faced by someone. Especially at time of removing shoes it makes people embarrassed. The situation makes you think how do I stop my shoes from smelling or How do I deodorize my shoes? Shoe odor is a common problem especially in people who face sweat issues at feet. Wearing shoes for long time, more sweat production at feet and wearing socks for a long without washing are some of the factors which add on smell in shoes. In this article we will learn the causes of shoe odor and How to get rid of smell in shoes fast?


Causes of smelly shoes or shoe odor?

 Before knowing how to get rid of smell in shoes it is important to know the actual causes of smell. There are several factors which contribute to shoe odor and some of the main causes are mentioned below:

  1. Bacterial growth:

Moisture and heat are two factors which promote the growth of microbes. People wearing shoes for long time perspire profusely and high heat due to friction favors the growth of microbes. Bacteria living on the feet produce bad odor as a result of their metabolic activities.

  1. Untidy socks and ill fitting shoes:

If shoes are too tight, more friction is produced hence more sweat on the feet is likely. Tight shoes also result in poor ventilation and hence bad odor is produced.

Causes of smelly shoes or shoe odor

  1. Lack of proper hygiene:

Micro-organisms prefer to grow on dirty and unhygienic feet and due to the growth of microbes more odors is produced. How do you get rid of smelly feet? wash your feet thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap as you remove your shoes.

  1. Foot diseases:

People suffering from fungal infection of feet or some wounds often produce more sweat with foul odor as compared to others.

How to get rid of smell in shoes?

If you are suffering from problem of bad shoe odor or foul smell in shoes, here are some simple remedies to get rid of this concern.

  1. Baking soda for smelly shoes:

Baking soda is an amazing product and has many wonderful aspects. It is used extensively for cleaning purpose; also it helps to get rid of shoe odor. How to get rid of shoe odor with baking soda? Sprinkle a little baking soda in smelly shoes at night and next morning just tap it out from the shoes and this recipe will help to reduce shoe odor. Another simple way is adding a sachet or two of baking soda in shoes as baking soda has odor absorbing feature. How to remove odor from leather shoes? Use of baking soda is ideal.

  1. Water and vinegar for smelly shoes:

A mixture of water and vinegar is another simple and effective remedy for smell in shoes. Take 3 gallons of water and two cups of vinegar and mix it in a bath tub, dip your sneakers in this solution. Take them out after sometime and dry them by placing it in sunlight. Vinegar will kill bacteria growing inside the shoes and in this way you can get rid of smelly shoes. How to get rid of smell in shoes athletic shoes? Use this simple and effective remedy.

  1. Use of essential oils for smelly shoes:

How to get rid of smell in canvas shoes? Some essential oils can be very useful if you are facing the issue of smelly shoes. Essential oils are important in our everyday life; also they can be used extensively for various purposes. The essential oils such as clove oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil have strong scent and in this way they can be used to get rid of smelly shoes. You need to apply essential oils inside the shoes with cotton ball and fill them with paper. This will ensure the scent of essential oil to stay inside the shoes and in this way bad odor will go away.

  1. Black Tea bags for smelly shoes:

How to get rid of shoe odor with tea bags? Tannis is an important ingredient found in black tea and its tea bags which have remarkable ability to kill odor. Take used tea bags and let them dry completely. Place the dried tea bags inside the shoes overnight. This will kill the entire odor from the shoes also this recipe is considered as Best shoe odor eliminator. For smelly shoes, tea bags used must be completely dry.

  • Preventive tips against smelly shoes:

There are some preventive measures as well which can be taken in order to avoid smelly shoes.

Preventive tips against smelly shoes

  1. You need to follow food hygiene strictly. Wash your feet well especially after wearing shoes for a long time. Scrubbing your feet will remove dead cells and bacteria living on these dead cells.
  2. Keep your feet dry and ensure proper ventilation before wearing shoes.
  3. Wear socks, as wearing shoes without socks result in more friction and more sweat. Moreover socks also absorb a lot of sweat and in this way shoes remain free of odor.
  4. Wear the shoes alternatively; long term use of one pair of shoes can result in shoe odor.
  5. There are some washable shoes like sneakers, wash them regularly to prevent odor.
  6. For shoes which cannot be washed, make use of scented soap water, dip a cotton cloth in it and leave it in shoes for sometime preferably overnight. Dry the shoes by placing them in sun.
  7. Always wear the right size, shoes which are too much tight can result in more sweat and hence more odor.
  8. You can insert some old newspaper in the shoes at night, the moisture and odor will be absorbed by the paper and next day you will get odorless shoes.
  • Bottom line:

How to get rid of ammonia smell in shoes? Smelly shoes are regarded as one of the embarrassing concerns and there are some simple ways of getting rid of smell in shoes. The most common causes of smell in shoes are unhygienic conditions of feet which favor microbial growth along with wearing tight fitting shoes. You can follow simple remedies like the use of baking soda, essential oil, black tea bags etc to get rid of this concern.

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