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Causes And Treatment Of Gas Pains In Chest And Back

gas pains in chest

Gas pains in chest are always scary as many people mistakenly consider it a pain in heart or heart attack. Chest pain due to gas and acidity are mostly mistaken as cardiac pains as gas pains in life side of the chest are near to heart.

What Are Gas Pains In Chest and Back?

 Passing gas through intestine is quite normal and is a part of everyday life, the abundance of gas in the body is known as flatulence and is always painful.  Can gas cause chest pain and left arm pain? Chest pains due to gas spread them to other body parts and hence it is normal to experience pain in chest and left arm. Gas pains are most of the times not serious but in certain conditions the pains are indicators of some serious health concerns. Pain in most of the conditions is temporary and takes sometime to go on their own even if no prompt medical treatment is provided. On the other hand, gas pain in chest for a longer time period is due to the trapped gas in chest for days and is an indication of some underlying health concerns and immediate medical attention is needed.

Symptoms of Gas Pains In Chest and Back:

There are some obvious symptoms of pain in chest in some people while in few people who have no experience of this concern do not feel any apparent symptom. Gas pains in chest are diagnosed if the person is suffering from following symptoms:

  • Chest pains which are typically jabbing accompanied by tightness in chest. Gas pains in chest and shoulder are sometimes mistaken as cardiac pains.
  • Passing of gas in excess, it is either voluntary or involuntary.
  • Belching as well as moderate to acute indigestion is also one of the key symptoms of gas pains in chest.
  • Abdominal pain which is moderate to acute and shifts itself to other parts of the body particularly abdomen. Gas pain in chest near heart especially after taking in meals is one of the most reported medical concerns.
  • Loss of appetite, nausea and bloated feeling etc.

If you have ever experienced such symptoms, make it sure that you consult doctor and get all the necessary treatment. Whether it is chest pain due to gas or heart attack is not easy to be diagnosed at home and hence you need to consult your doctor. However if the pain is moderate or mild, you can follow some simple home remedies to make yourself feel relieved. Most of the people now days follow herbal recipes or home remedies for the cure as medicines mostly have their side effects.

Symptoms of gas pains in chest and back

Treatment of Gas Pains in Chest And Back:

Here are some simple home remedies which can provide faster relief if you are suffering from gas pains in chest and back.

  • Keep hydrated and take excessive fluids:

Intake of water is always a key to solve many mild medical problems. Our bodies are made up of water and when a person is dehydrated, there is reduction in the rate of digestion. As a result of it the food stays in a body for a long time and gas problems are more frequent. Taking water in excess can help in the speedy digestion of food along with the complete elimination of wastes. When high fiber diet is taken, there is more risk of flatulence, under this condition when water is taken in abundance the fiber rich food is digested properly and gas pains in chest and back are naturally relieved. Taking plenty of water in the diet also helps to keep the metabolic rates faster thereby providing much energy to the body.

  • Avoid taking carbonated drinks:

There are some carbonated drinks which are likely to increase body flatulence accompanied with pains. While suffering from gas pains in chest and back, carbonated drinks can increase the magnitude of this pain and hence taking any such drink can be more harmful. The best way to fast and immediate relief is to take herbal drinks and water.

  • Have hot drinks like green tea:

Peppermint tea is proven remedy against gas pains in chest and back. In the same way, the chamomile tea, ginger tea is best herbal drinks can provide fast relief to the associated gas pains. For making ginger tea, add a sliced ginger in boiling water and let it stay for few minutes. Herbal tea acts as anti-flatulent and provides faster and long-term relief from pains resulting from gases. For the treatment of gas pains in chest and back, the herbal tea are always safest options as they are free from any kind of side effects.

green tea

  • Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has some amazing properties and is being used extensively for the treatment of digestive disorders, cholesterol and cardiac diseases. Adding apple cider vinegar in diet also boosts up the natural immune system of the body thereby maintains the overall fitness and health. For gas pains in chest and back, you need to take some amount of apple cider vinegar along with lukewarm water and it will provide immediate relief.  Apple cider vinegar when taken with honey is one of the most wonderful recipes to keep the digestive system active and healthy.

  • Dairy food intolerance:

Some people are seen suffering from dairy food intolerance without even knowing this condition. When such people consume the dairy diet, they suffer from gas pains in chest and back. It is therefore always important to know the cause of flatulence and eliminating that particular diet. Do consult your doctor if you experience gas pains in chest and back after intake of dairy products, some times ingredients found in the dairy products cause allergic reactions which ultimately result in flatulence.

  • Ginger works as anti-flatulent:

As we have discussed above, the ginger tea works best to reduce flatulence. The ginger when added in some other fresh juices, in the form of tablets can provide immediate relief against the gas pains in chest and back. Ginger tablets can also be taken from local pharmacies and they will act fast to provide relief from gastric pains.

Ginger works as anti-flatulent

  • Work outs:

Work-outs are best for reducing gas problems, exercising is always the best options if you are suffering from digestive disorders as exercises increase the rate of digestion of food. Exercise also strengthens the body and muscles. Hence if you experience gas pains in chest and back, you need to go out for a brisk walk or some work out.

The bottom line:

Gas pains in chest and back are caused due to improper digestion of food. These gas pains can sometimes cause a miserable condition, the use of home remedies is best since the home remedies are free of side effects and easy to manage at home. One of the best ways to cure flatulence at home is taking in plenty of fluids, herbal tea and apple cider vinegar. Exercise is also useful for the elimination of pain caused by gas or flatulence.

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