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10 Miraculous Health Benefits Of Raisins

benefits of raisins

Raisins are dried grapes which are dried either under direct sunlight or driers or as result of this drying their color changes from yellowish golden to black. It has been proven scientifically that these raisins are full of nutrients and are significant for human health in many ways. They can be used for the treatment of certain disorders of bones, teeth, eyes and digestive disorders. In this article we will study the raisins and the benefits of raisins on human health.

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    What Are Raisins?

Raisins are dried grapes which are beneficial for human health in various ways. These grapes are either dried by placing them under sunlight and sometimes they are dried artificially to form raisins. Raisins advantage and disadvantages is always under debate but it is known that there are some amazing outcomes of including raisins in diet. These raisins can be eaten raw or used in cooking and baking. Raisins are rich in certain nutrients like sugars, proteins, dietary fibers and some important minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, potassium etc. Raisins vs. Sultanas are always under debate, the sultanas are dried by dipping them in vegetable oil while raisins are dried naturally.

  • How Many Raisins To Eat Per Day?

How to eat raisins? According to a research, women should eat 1.5 cups of fruit everyday while men need two cups of fruit per day. Eating raisins is an easy and quickest way to get the fruit serving. A lot of Benefits of raisins in Islam are mentioned in Quran as well. There are certain Disadvantages of eating raisins as well. Make it sure you don’t eat too much raisins as they have high triglyceride level. High triglyceride level can be dangerous for people with diabetes and heart disease. Hence you have to be careful while taking raisins in diet, excessive intake of raisins is not recommended.

  • Health Benefits Of Raisins:

Raisins are like gems, they are precious as they have high nutritional value. There are many useful aspects of raisins on our health and body. We will study the useful aspects of raisins on human health.

  1. Raisins Help to Relieve Constipation:

The raisins shrink when dried, in the same way when subjected to fluids; they swell up as they have a lot of fiber in them. The same action makes raisins as laxatives and helps to add bulk to the wastes which are passing via intestine and help to relieve constipation. On the other hand, intake of raisins also helps to absorb excessive water and hence they can be equally effective in prevention of the loose stools. Benefits of raisins soaked in water are that they will support bowel movement.

Raisins Help to Relieve Constipation

  1. Raisins For Weight Gain:

Raisins are considered ideal dry fruits for gaining weight, they are natural treasures of fructose and glucose and a lot of energy is present in them. They are rich in vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals which help in the faster absorption of nutrients into the body cells. This activity overall helps to boost up the immune system and energy.

  1. Raisins Act as Anti-Cancer Agents:

Catechins are found in abundance inside raisins, they act as antioxidants. In our bodies these antioxidants help to prevent free radicals which are considered the root causes of cancer. Taking raisins in the diet is a natural way to promote antioxidants in the body to fight against free radicals and cancer.

  1. Raisins for Low Blood Pressure:

The use of raisins in the diet can reduce blood pressure as high amount of calcium is present in them. As per modern research, potassium helps to reduce tension inside the blood vessels and hence normalize the blood pressure. Also the presence of large amount of dietary fiber in raisins helps to reduce stiffness of blood vessels which ultimately normalize the blood pressure.

  1. Raisins For Weight Loss and control of blood sugar:

Raisins help to prevent over-eating, as intake of raisins help to reduce the level of leptin and gherlin which are hormones in the body to notify hunger. This action helps to limit the meal intake and helps to prevent the level of sugar in the blood. There are a lot of benefits of raisins for diabetics. Benefits of raisins for weight loss can be estimated by the fact since they reduce appetite.

  1. Raisins For Anemia:

Raisins as source of iron are famous since long. Large amount of iron is present in raisins which help in the treatment of anemia. Vitamin B complex is also needed for the formation of new blood cells; raisins contain high concentration of vitamin B complex. Copper is also present in high amount which also helps in the formation of red blood cells.

  1. Prevents And Reduce Fever:

Raisins are packed with plenty of germicidal and antimicrobial properties which help to fight against bacterial and viral infections. Intake of raisins can kill the infection fast and hence one can take raisins to cure fever.

  1. Eye Care:

As we discussed above that raisins have antioxidant properties which is considered good for health. The presence of such compounds helps to prevent eye damage from free radicals. Intake of raisins can therefore reduce the likelihood of cataracts and age related vision concerns. Vitamin A which is an important vitamin for eyes is also present in abundance in raisins along with beta carotene which is beneficial for eye health. There are a lot of benefits of raisins for skin as well.

Eye Care

  1. Treatment Of Sexual Disorders:

Since long, raisins are considered to stimulate sexual arousal and libido. Among raisins nutrients an important substance called Arginine is present in raisins which help to treat erectile dysfunctions in men. The Arginine also helps to increase the amount of semen and sperm count and hence increase male fertility.

  1. Raisins For Bone Health:

One of the key elements of our bones is calcium. It is present in raisins in large amount and hence the intake of raisins helps to promote bone health. In the same way, boron is an important micronutrient for bone health and proper formation of bones, intake of raisins help to increase the level of boron in the body which indirectly help the bones to absorb calcium.

  • Bottom Line:

Are raisins really good for you? Raisins are natural treasure of some important nutrients and they play vital role in the body. Raisins are obtained by drying the grapes under sunlight or by using some other drying agents. When taken regularly in diet there are certain Raisins health benefits, raisins help to control blood sugar level, normalize blood pressure, promote bone health and relieves constipation. Besides, raisins are also important for eye health.

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