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How To Avoid Fake CBD Oil Products?

CBD Oil Products

As CBD is getting growingly common these days so are the dangers of buying fake CBD Oil products. The two questions that arise are;

  1. What are the risks of purchasing false CBD oil products?
  2. How can one determine the product is fake or is real?


Risks Relate Too Buying False Cbd Oil Products

Often it is asked why are there fake CBD Oil products in the market. This occurs more than usual as the FDA has not officially approved of CBD oil for any purposes. Which tells us that companies are not being entirely truthful about what is in their products as they are not legally allowed to set up businesses selling CBD Oil products. Such companies don’t care about the health of their consumers; they only care about making profits.

Fake CBD Oil products are more prevailing than you think. The consumption of fake CBD Oil products may lead you to an ER.

Ways To Determine False CBD Oil Products

Due to the rise in CBD Oil products being manufactured, there is an equal chance that some products are also fake. Here is a step by step guide to avoid consuming fake CBD Oil products and; to save yourself from any harm. 

  • Always Check The Label

What’s the first thing anybody checks before buying the product? The label. Much of the information regarding the product that you’re buying is hidden in the label. They are the motivating factor which can either make you buy the product or not. 

Real CBD Oil products have the following terms written on them;

  • Hemp or marijuana-derived
  • Certified CBD
  • Pure Cannabidiol
  • Full-spectrum CBD

Other than these, if that label mentions the concentration level of CBD in their products, there is a high chance that the product is legit and not fake. Expirations dates and lot numbers also show that the business keeps the accountability of the products they are producing. 

Language, concentration and lot numbers all combined speak volumes about the realness of the CBD Oil product.

  • Check The Company’s Webpages

Reliable and honest companies that trade-in CBD Oil products make it known what is the location of their farms. FDA and TSA approved CBD Oil products are mainly derived from hemp. Most of the time, the companies have a web page on which all the details regarding their products is available. If one doesn’t know the location of where the hemp of their CBD Oil product, then there is a high chance they might catch themselves buying a fake product. Always remember that All that glitters is not gold!

  • Third-Party Lab Testing/Verification

No information regarding the tests done on CBD Oil products by the company? Do yourself a favor and ditch that tincture and buy it from a manufacturer who is transparent about the tests their CBD Oil products go through. Even if the label mentions the quantity of THC and CBD in their products, if no information is given related to the tests done on the CBD Oil product, there is a 75% chance that the product is fake. 

One can also land themselves in trouble if you’re consuming CBD Oil products with no third-party lab testing. FDA allows only 0.3% of THC content in CBD Oil products. Also, fake CBD Oil products are a significant hazard to health as THC has a reputation for having mind-altering effects if consumed in higher quantities.  

You also never know what health issues and underlying allergies are there, and how will CBD react with any other medicines you might be taking in. If the CBD Oil products labels grant knowledge regarding such, then there is a 98% chance you’re dealing with the right businesses. The right firm will never endanger your life and only sell CBD Oil products for the mere purpose of earning profit

  • Mindfulness And Honesty

All CBD Oil products are not manufactured the same, even if they come from the same hemp plant as the extraction methods of the company can differ. One of the critical elements for a business is the way it extracts its CBD Oil products. Some extraction practices are better than others in terms of authenticity and safety, and you must make sure how the manufacturer gets their products extracted. 

Some examples of the best extraction methods for CBD Oil products are;

  • Alcohol Extraction

This method is free from any harmful solubles and is excellent in terms of preserving the flavor of CBD and other cannabinoids.

  • Co2 Extraction

Not only is this method free from any harmful substances, but it is also eco friendly.

If you can find no information regarding the extraction methods involved in making CBD Oil products, there is a definite chance that you’re buying a potentially toxic and fake CBD Oil product, which will bring you no good.

  • Get In Touch With Customer Support

Does the company has a website or any other means which can get you in touch with their Customer Support? That’s an excellent sign as it shows that the company is honest and cares about delivering the right products and not just care about earning maximum profits. 

The right companies, if you ask them their opinion or advice upon the products, they’re selling and are more than happy to provide you feedback and guide you in using the right product which suits your needs.

Do they provide information regarding their extraction methods? Customer Support availability? Do they personally test the products or get it checked from any lab? Do they have a website which gives information regarding the CBD Oil products they’re selling? Does the label have information regarding what is in the CBD Oil product?

If you positively answered these, then you’re dealing with a real CBD Oil product. Companies that sell real CBD are real. Otherwise, you’re dealing with a product that can cost you your money as well as health. Actual companies provide services and are selfless. Their main objective is not just to earn profit but to help create a better life for their consumers and buyers. 

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