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Why Your Ears Pop (And What to Do If They Don’t) ?

how to pop your ears

It is highly uncomfortable for anyone to have clogged ears. Ears are the organs for hearing as well as they help in the regulation of body maintenance. If the ears get clogged it might also muffle the process of hearing. Ear popping is hence helpful if somehow the ears get clogged.


Why and how to pop your ears?

As we have discussed above, for clogged ears, popping them is sometimes inevitable. But since ears are delicate organs it is always essential to know how to pop your ears safely. It is considered safe to pop the ears. The process is simple and is similar to the movement of muscles of mouth. It is however important to be very gentle as ears are too delicate while you pop. Sometimes the symptoms might turn worst and under this condition you may need immediate medical supervision, you need to consult ENT specialist for this purpose. How to pop your ears? You can also pop your ears with the help of OTC medicines (over the counter) but in this case too, avoid overuse of such medication. The prolonged use of OTC medication is also not recommended. You need to talk to your health care provider in case if you see the symptoms are not fading away.

How to pop your ears?

For ear popping there are several ways but in all the ways you have to be very gentle:

  • Swallowing to open the Eustachian tube:

When food is swallowed, the muscles around the mouth work in collaboration and open the tube which connects nose and ears (the Eustachian tube). You can get a similar response with the help of chewing gum or any candy which is hard to chew. Once the Eustachian tube is opened, the ears naturally get unclogged.

  • Yawning:

Similar to chewing, yawing helps to open the Eustachian tube and hence it is helpful for popping the ears. Natural yawn is best but if you fail to yawn naturally, you can also take a fake yawn by opening the mouth as much as you can and breathe the air in and out. You can repeat the procedure several times till the problem gets solved.

Yawning get your ears to pop

  • Blow air gently though nostrils:

Looking out for how to make your ears pop? Here is a simple and easiest procedure. With the help of your fingers pinch the nostrils close. Don’t let your cheeks puffed out and try to keep them as much natural and pulled in as possible. Gently blow the air via nostrils, as you do so, the Eustachian tube is supposed to open up due to the pressure at the back side of nose.

  • Toynbee maneuver technique:

As you swallow the food in, keep the nostrils closed with the help of fingers. In this procedure too, the pressure at back of the nose is generated which can help to open the Eustachian tube. how to make your ears pop? This is another simplest and easiest technique.

  • Heating pad against the ear:

Cover your ear with the heating pad or hold a warm washcloth at your ear. The heat will help to eliminate the congestion inside the Eustachian tube and will open it as well. This process is helpful as it soothes the muscles in the surroundings. If you are suffering from congestion due to cold or flu, this method will give you immediate relief. How to make your ears pop? Apply a heating pad on ear, the simplest and easiest method.

  • OTC nasal decongestants:

How to make your ears pop? Make use of some OTC decongestants to unclog the ears. Before using any such medication, you need to follow all the instructions mentioned. The use of OTC nasal decongestants will speedily open the Eustachian tube.

  • Steroids:

How to make your ears pop if no other method has been productive, you can try using nasal corticosteroids. These steroidal drugs can help the ears to get unclogged and also help in the reduction of inflammation. These corticosteroids equalize the pressure in the ears so that air can move freely across the Eustachian tube. You need to consult your ENT specialist before using any kind of steroidal treatment.

  • Surgical technique:

How to get your ears to pop if the condition becomes severe?  doctor might also recommend surgery to reduce pressure and eliminate the pain. Local anesthesia is used for his purpose and a thin ventilating tube is inserted to equalize pressure and to drain out the excessive fluid from ears.  The surgery takes around ten minutes.

How to get your ears to pop and mechanism involved ?

Air is supplied to middle ear with the help of Eustachian tube. Another important function of Eustachian tube is to keep the pressure equal at both sides of ear drum. When you pop the ears, the ear drum settles to its normal position and in this way the discomfort is reduced.

How to get your ears to pop– related queries:

  • How to pop your ears when you have a cold?

As discussed above, the simplest and easiest procedure is swallowing or yawning. You can also use nasal decongestants.

  • How to pop your ears after a flight?

A yawn is helpful, besides you can make use of the simple procedures mentioned above. Valsalva maneuver ear technique is helpful too.

  • How to pop ears from sinus pressure?

Avoid extreme temperatures, use nasal saline sprays, hot compress, decongestants etc to get over the discomfort.

  • How to pop your ears with a cold?

If you are suffering from cold, the best way is to use nasal decongestants to pop your ears.

The final verdict:

How to make your ears pop? Ear popping is generally safe and effective. Keep it gentle or else the extreme pressure might damage the ear drum as well and this can disrupt the hearing process.  The procedures work in few tries. You should try the natural procedures and if desired results are not obtained, you can consult ENT specialist. Do not use any medicine at home.


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