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Swollen Labia Majora; Causes and Treatment

labia majora

The function of human female vagina is to maintain a chemical balance, while performing this function some other things are directly affected and as a result of it the swelling takes place across vagina and its linings. The swelling is sometimes localized while in some cases the generalized swelling takes place. Females of all ages are prone to face this situation. In this article we will study the causes of swelling in labia majora and the ways to treat this condition medically.

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    What are Labia Majora?

The two prominent skin folds which run backwards and downwards to the perineum from mons pubis are known as labia majora. They are similar to male scrotum. Labia majora functions to protect vagina. Any allergen or irritant when comes in direct contact with labia majora can result in Labia majora pain and labia majora itching.

  • Causes of Swelling in Labia Majora:

There are some conditions which lead to swelling in labia majora and keeping a check on these conditions might help you to prevent this swelling:

  1. Allergens or Irritants:

When vagina is exposed to allergens or irritants such as creams, sprays, sanitary pads, soaps for some time, the allergic reaction takes place and results in swelling in vaginal linings along with reddish coloration across it. Some females also experience such swelling and reddish rash after sexual intercourse; this is mainly due to the latex allergy caused by latex based condoms. Sometimes these allergens also result in labia majora cyst.

  1. Pregnancy:

During pregnancy the swelling in and across labia majora takes place due to the widening of uterus and extra pressure of growing fetus on pelvic veins.


  1. Infections:

Some common infections of vagina which include bacterial and fungal infections can result in swelling and irritation around vagina and labia majora lumpss. Vulvovaginitis is one of most common infection of vagina and vulva caused either by virus, bacteria or fungus.

  1. Unhygienic Conditions:

Females who wear tight fitting clothes often suffer from labia majora swelling since their cloths rub frequently against vagina resulting in irritation. The scrubbing of vagina and labia majora with a rough cloth might also damage the skin and result in irritation.

  1. Parasitic Infections:

Some parasites such as mites causing scabies form burrows in the skin and enter the epidermis where they multiply and spread to other parts of the skin. Contact with infected person also results in scabies and results in labia majora itching and under acute conditions labia majora hurts.

  • When to Consult Doctor?

If the swelling is caused due to some allergens, the withdrawal of their use is often helpful. In any case if vaginal swelling persists, you need to consult your gynecologist for vaginal examination. Your doctor will consider the history of vaginal infections and also the risk of any sexually transmitted diseases before making any diagnosis. A vaginal discharge is often examined sometimes to find out the possible cause of labia majora infection.

  • Symptoms of Swelling Across Labia Majora:

Symptoms of Swelling Across Labia Majora

There are some prominent symptoms of irritation or swelling in labia majora which include:

  • Redness around the genitals
  • Labia majora burning sensation and itching
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge with foul smell with labia majora black in coloration under acute conditions
  • Appearance of small bump on vagina
  • Feeling pain while walking or sexual activity.
  • Treatment Options:

There are plenty of treatment options for vaginal swelling. The treatment depends generally on the root cause of this condition. The commonly used treatment options are:

  1. Antibiotics:

Some infections of vagina and labia majora are treated with antibiotics. For example, bacterial vaginosis metronidazole is generally prescribed.  Clindamycin is also prescribed to the patients with allergy to metronidazole. The course of antibiotics is variable which range from 3 to 7 days depending on the severity of infection.

  1. Changes in Clothing:

In some cases when irritation or swelling in labia majora is caused by tight fitting clothing and friction of clothes and vagina, doctors advise the patients to wear loose fitting clothes. This also ensures free circulation of air and also helps to keep vagina dry.

  1. Fungicidal ointments:

Some fungal infections are treated with the help of topical anti fungal or fungicidal ointments such as clotrimazole, pessaries, fenticonazole. These ointments are applied deep inside vagina to kill the infectious agents. Labia majora dryness and itching is a possible sign of fungal infection which can be cured with the help of fungicides.

  • Home Remedies for the Treatment of Swelling in Labia Majora:

Some natural methods are also helpful to control the condition and to get rid of swelling. Don’t forget to follow these natural remedies to speed up the process of recovery:

  1. Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water is a key, taking a lot of water in turn means frequent urination and frequent emptying of bladder. As the bladder empties quickly the bacterial growth rate is minimized and infection clears up quickly.

Stay Hydrated

  1. Use of Garlic:

Garlic has antimicrobial properties which are effective in killing certain bacteria and fungi. The use of garlic also boosts up immune system of the body.

  1. Honey:

Raw or organic honey also has antimicrobial properties which can help to clear up the infection fast. You can also apply honey on the affected area to get immediate soothing effect. Labia majora eczema and labia majora dermatitis can be cured at home by applying honey.

  • Bottom Line:

Labia majora are the skin folding of vagina. When vagina is exposed to allergens, irritants, infections the swelling takes place in labia majora. The condition results in burning and itching around genitals and abnormal vaginal discharge along with labia majora discoloration. This swelling is treated mainly by the use of antibiotics and other changes in pattern of clothing and fungicidal ointments. Some home remedies are also helpful in the treatment of swelling in labia majora and genital warts.

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