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Missed Period Not Pregnant ! You are Stressed ?

missed period not pregnant

Are you dealing with a missed period not pregnant situation in your life? If yes, then this article is for you. There are multiple times in our lives. We actually miss our period but not pregnant. As a human, we are always programmed to tend to jump to the worst right away. Assume that we are pregnant. The fact is that out of the 10 times you missed your period. There is a huge possibility that almost around 9 times you will not be pregnant.

We forget to look or the various early symptoms of pregnancy that are hard to go by unnoticed. There is no change in mood. And there are no food aversions. You must not feel nausea in the mornings. And definitely, don’t have sore breasts. But still, the first thing you think of when you miss your period is that you are pregnant. It is strange that we don’t even think of any other reason. That might have made our period skip. There are numerous other reasons. That will well explain your missed period, not pregnant situation accurately.


Missed Period Not Pregnant! You have Weight Issues

If there is one thing that girls don’t want to hear other than being pregnant is that they are fat. But the truth is in the fact that if you have weight issues, then there is every chance in the world that you will have a late period or will miss your period entirely. This, however, is one reason why you miss your period but are not pregnant.

It is because the scale on your weight machine is not consistent. It goes up and down to often which disturbs your monthly menstrual cycle as well. However, some people don’t gain or lose weight immediately. However, it happens over a course of months or years. It is normal for such people not to count this as a reason for a missed period. But news to them is that it might still be a major factor.

Missed Period Not Pregnant! You are Stressed

Stress and depression do strange things to our body. Stress is just another emotion. But the effect it has on human health is immense. Sadly, this is one of the very common reasons. Why you have a missed your period when you are not pregnant. You are stressed, and this is causing a major hormonal imbalance in your body. Stress plays with your mind. And your mind plays with your body. Your body is not able to keep up with the havoc that is going inside your mind. And the silly games that your hormones are playing are absolutely crazy.

It all sums up into one thing – a missed or delayed period. In addition to stress, there are many other emotions that can delay your period for as long as a month. Happiness, grief, and shock are a few such emotions. That affect your monthly cycle more than you think they do. People do not see happiness and grief as emotions. That can cause such significant changes physically. However, the truth is that emotions play a very implant role for us not only emotionally but physically as well.

Missed Period Not Pregnant! You are Overexerting your Body

Believe it or not but fatigue and over-exertion can all lead to a missed period? Whenever you miss your period, this is the last thing that comes to your mind. However, in many recent types of medical research experts confirm. That fatigue and physical exertion play a major role in missing your period. The physical exertion can be due to anything.

missed period not pregnant

Maybe you are working too late in the office. Your body is not getting the adequate amount of rest and sleep it deserves. It may also be because you are trying too hard to lose weight. And the gruesome exercise is taking its toll on your physical health. You can make it as a routine. You should also be prepared to tackle with a very disturbed menstrual cycle every month. Treating yourself is very important.

Are you Miscalculating?

There are many times when you think that you are late on your monthly period. This is because we tend to forget dates and miscalculate our monthly cycle. When does it begin and when does it end. Also, our body likes to decide on its own so. It is hard to make accurate judgments about when exactly the ovary releases the eggs etc. This miscalculation leads to confusion and we end up anticipating that we are late in our period when in reality we are not.

You are or have been Sick !

Of course one thing which is natural to understand is that every aspect of health is related because it all happens inside the same body. So maybe you had a fever or the flu or had an upset stomach or may be just a very bad headache for the past few days. Whatever the physical ailment might be, if you have been sick anytime in the past month or so then it is more than natural for your period to get a little late or might skip this month altogether.

This is because every sickness does things to your body. If you had a high fever for example, then the overall system of your body will give delayed response. If you have the stomach flu and are vomiting, then you will be dehydrated. You will get weak and sleep deprived. All this will negatively impact your body that is called Missed Period Negative Pregnancy

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