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Causes of pain behind belly button and methods of treatment

pain behind belly button

If you have ever experienced pain behind belly button, you might know well that it hurts a lot. The pain might be mild and intense making you uncomfortable. The pain is typically dull in most of the times which will not disturb your everyday routine but you will experience slight discomfort. In this article we will study several causes of pain behind belly button and associated concerns.


What is a pain behind belly button?

Pain behind belly button is mostly uncomfortable situation where it is not easy for you to ignore it as it stays with you as you sleep or lay down for rest, even you will experience the pain on getting up in the morning. Mostly the pain behind belly button is experienced when a person wears tight clothing especially around the abdominal parts. A belly button pain when touched is mostly due to tight clothing. Some women also experience pain around belly button during pregnancy due to the pressure of growing fetus inside the uterus.

If you are seriously worried about the pain behind belly button, you need to keep an eye on the type of pain, whether it is consistent or goes away after sometime, its sharpness or dullness, keep a record of all what you feel before consulting a doctor. A sharp pain in belly button is normally due to bloating or some other health concerns listed below.

Causes of pain behind belly button:

  • Here are some of the key causes of pain behind belly button:
  • Surgery:

If you have recently undergone a major surgery around abdominal region it can result in pain above belly button or below it. The pain is quite normal and will go away with the passage of time as the wounds heal.

  • Pregnancy:

Pain around belly button when pressed is common in the pregnant females but it is always important to keep an eye on such pains as if the pain is intense it might be an indicator of some trouble a fetus is experiencing while growing. Pain around belly button and bloating are common concerns of the pregnant females. Contact the doctor immediately if the pain is too intense. Belly button pain in early pregnancy is due to bloating and changes in the size of uterus.


  • Hernia:

A condition where a torn tissue is present inside the abdominal area of a body is called hernia. If you are feeling pain above belly button or below it, on certain body movements it possibly is due to hernia. If a person is suffering from hernia, the surgical removal of the torn tissue is the option. Any stabbing pain above belly button when pressed is due to Hernia and immediate medical supervision is needed.

  • Cystitis:

The pain experienced as a result of acute urinary tract infection is known as cystitis. If you are suffering from UTI and experience a dull pain above belly button or below it, you need to consult doctor for treatment which includes prescribing the broad spectrum antibiotics to kill the infectious agents. Any pain above belly buttons below ribs can be a sign of acute urinary tract infection.

  • Bacterial infections in the body:

Bacterial infections also cause pain above belly button. When bacteria are growing inside the abdomen the parts become tender and result in pain. Some other symptoms are felt as well but doctor’s prescription in time can provide relief.

Bacterial infections in the body

  • Ulcers:

Pain above belly buttons when pressed or pain above belly button below ribs is due to the presence of ulcers. The eroded linings of stomach due to over production of acid inside it results in the formation of ulcers. If untreated, they can cause internal bleeding. The sharp pain above belly button that comes and goes especially after eating is due to gastric ulcers.

  • Gall stones:

Upper middle abdominal pain or upper right abdominal pain is often due to the presence of stones in gall bladder. These stones result in severe pain around the areas of belly button. There are many symptoms of this condition like pain around belly button when pressed. Consult the doctor if you ever experience such type of pains to rule out the risk of other complications.

Gall stones

  • Pancreatic stones or pancreatitis:

The stones or other pancreatic problems result in severe stomach pain behind the belly button. Consult your health care provider if the pain is sharp and intense and pain killers are not able to provide relief. Stomach pain behind belly button also indicates inflammation of pancreas, the condition is medically known as pancreatitis. Other symptoms include nausea and frequent headaches.

  • Appendicitis:

Appendix pain is due to the inflammation of appendix and is similar to typical stomach pain but it is far more intense and serious as well. Pain in middle of stomach above belly button or below it which is too intense and pain killers fail to provide relief is mostly linked to appendix. If left untreated, appendicitis can be fatal as appendix is likely to burst releasing the toxic substances in the blood.


When to see your doctor:

When pain is experienced by people, they don’t take it serious unless the pain gets worst and much more in frequency. If you experience any pain, you need to keep an eye on the intensity of pain as well as other symptoms which you have ever noticed along with pain. It is therefore advised to seek immediate medical attention if you experience pain for few days to avoid other complications and serious health concerns.


Pain behind belly button is normally slight to moderate pain which people experience due to several reasons. There are so many causes of this kind of pain. Keeping a check on intensity and frequency of the pain along with other symptoms is essential. Consult your doctor if the pain is quite often to avoid other health concerns.

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