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Causes and Treatment of Pain on Top of Foot

pain on top of foot

Our foot anatomy is complex. Foot is made of a network of muscles and bones along with certain ligaments and tendons to keep the muscles and bones in order. These muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments remain stressed all the day as they have to carry our weight. Any additional stress on these structures is likely to result in foot pain or Tendonitis on top of foot which is quite common medical concern. In this article we will study the details of Sharp pain on top of foot while walking along with the possible causes and options of treatment.


What is Pain On The Top of Foot?

As we discussed above, our foot is a delicate organ which remains functional almost all the day. It is supplied with bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons to perform its function accurately. Sometimes due to excessive standing or working, improper body movement or posture, a pull is exerted on these structures which may be due to muscular sprain, breakdown of tendon or ligament or dislocation of bones etc. Long walk and standing still for long time can aggravate this condition. Pain is mild to intense depending on the cause of injury.

Pain on the Top Of Foot Causes:

Foot pain is caused by certain conditions. The overuse of feet like long running minutes, long standing hours, kicking or jumping are some of the factors which result in pain on the top of foot. These conditions result in following medical conditions:

  • Extensor Tendonitis:

Tight fitting shoes and their overuse is the main cause of this condition. In this condition the tendons on top of the foot become inflamed and result in mild to intense pain.

  • Sinus Tarsi Syndrome:

The condition is caused by inflammation of sinus tarsi. The sinus tarsi are a channel between bone of the ankle and heel. It results in acute and intermittent sharp pain on the top of foot and around ankle.

  • Bone fracture Due To Stress:

The fracture of bones in foot, fracture of tarsal and metatarsals at the top of foot can result in foot pain as well. If the pain is due to fracture, the main symptom is swelling around the fractured bone.

  • Gout:

Gout is a condition caused by pain in joints at the base of big toe and results mainly in acute pain. The pain in top of foot every morning is often due to gout.

  • Bone spurs:

The painful growths originating from joints in the foot and toes are known as bone spurs. This results in pain on top of foot and shin.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy:

It causes mild to intense pain with numbness spreading from feet into the legs.

  • Peroneal Nerve Dysfunction:

The dysfunction of sciatic nerve branch results in peroneal nerve dysfunction. It can result in tingling sensation and pain at the top of foot near toes. The condition is characterized by the weakness and partial numbness in the lower leg.

Pain on Top of Foot Diagnosis:

The pain on top of foot feels like a bruise is generally a common health concern and generally lasts for almost a week with your home treatment. If the pain lasts for more than a week, you need to consult your health care provider to rule out the risk of further complications. Doctor will evaluate the cause of pain and sometimes x-rays are recommended to find out the fracture if any. Some patients who suffer from numbness and tingling sensation in legs are referred to consult a podiatrist.

Pain on Top of Foot Diagnosis

On the appointment with doctor, you must be mentally ready for the following queries.

  • If other symptoms are accompanied with this pain such as numbness, tingling or difficulty in walking.
  • Past injuries of ankle and foot
  • Examination of foot to find out the exact location of pain especially if you experience pain on top of foot cure
  • You will be asked to roll your foot as well as this helps your doctor to evaluate the range of motion.
  • If the health care provider suspects fracture, bone spurs you will be advised to get an x-ray of the foot.
  • For the diagnosis of conditions such as gout, you will be advised to get blood tests.
  • In case of any suspect regarding damage of the peroneal nerve you will be ordered MRI.

Treatment Options:

The foot supports body weight hence any injury to the foot can be sensitive if left untreated. Try pain on top of foot remedies at home as first line treatment option and the pain normally goes within a week. However, if pain on top of foot near toes or shin lasts for more than a week you need to get medical supervision.

The options of treatment for pain at the top of foot include:

  • Physio therapy for the treatment of conditions such as extensor tendonitis, peripheral neuropathy and peronneal nerve damage
  • Walking boot for injuries like fractures and broken bones.
  • Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • The use of hot compress and other home treatment options.

The Bottom Line:

Burning pain at the top of foot is caused by several factors, as foot has to lift our entire body weight. The pain at the top of foot is caused by number of factors such as fractures, peroneal nerve dysfunction, gout etc. The pain goes off within a week by simple home remedies, however if the condition gets worst with time, you need to consult your health care provider for medical treatment. Pain on top of foot cure at home involves application of hot and cold compress.

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