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How to Get Rid of Pimple in Ear Fast

Pimple in Ear

One of the key issues of adolescence is acne and is a common concern in the people of different age groups. Everywhere across the globe it is regarded as the main skin concern, acne can appear anytime and anywhere in any form; however the parts of the skin with more sebaceous glands are more prone to get acne and pimples. Face and back generally are the parts where more sebaceous glands are located. In this article we will discuss the pimple in ear or pimple on ear lobe and how to get rid of pimple in ear by simple ways.

Pimple in ear Canal:

As discussed in the start, acne is one of the most common skin concerns in the people from across the globe. Pimple in ear cartilage or blind pimple in ear canal are also much common and cause a great discomfort. Generally pimples of small size can be treated at home by simple ways however for the treatment of large pimples you need to consult your doctor. In this article we will discuss how to treat a pimple in ear canal and how to pop a pimple in ear canal.

Ear Structure and Pimple in Ear:

How to get rid of pimple in your ear canal? You must know the structure of ear and associated cartilages. Acne is a skin condition which can appear at any time and in any form. Acne ranges from severe pus containing pimples to whiteheads and blackheads, cysts and nodules are also termed as skin acne. In the same way acne can also appear in ears, pimple in ear is likely to appear in external canal of ear and auricle. The outer ear is provided with a thin skin which cushions the cartilages and small amount of fat is also present for additional protection. Since the glands inside ear produce wax, tiny hair are also present which act as a filter and trap the dust particles thereby giving protection to the middle and inner ear which are too delicate. Ear acne treatment needs a great deal of care.

Pimple in ear Canal

What Causes Pimple in Ear?

The glands inside the ear sometimes produce excessive oil due to infection or inflammation which results in pimple in ear or ear acne. Sometimes, there is an accumulation of dead cells along with bacteria in the pores which result in the development of pimples in the ear. The dead cells and bacteria prevent ear oil from coming out due to pore clogging, the pores consequently open wide to let the oil pass and in this way there is more risk of infection and inflammation. Bacterial growth in the ear is supported by unhygienic head phones and inserting finger repeatedly in the ear etc. Pimple in ear canal with painful swelling is an indication of infection.

Pimple in ear canal causes great discomfort. Acne is also caused due to hormonal imbalance, stress and allergy. Since ears are too delicate, a great deal of care is needed to treat ear acne or pimple like bumps in the ear at home. Pimple in outer ear or blackhead ear are however easy to be cured.

How to Get Rid of Pimple in Ear?

There are certain ways of getting rid of pimple in ears or furuncles in ears. Some are as easy to be performed at home. The simple ways of getting rid of ear acne are:

  1. Warm Compress:

If pimple in outer ear hurts, applying warm compress is effective for ear pimples as the flow of blood softens the pimples. Also due to heat the pus is brought near the surface and it becomes easy to drain it out. It is necessary to drain out the pus and stop the bleeding immediately or else it can cause more infection. Painful pimples in ear canal can be treated by applying warm compress.

  1. Topical Ointments:

There are some medicines which are available for their topical application; these ointments generally contain retinol (vitamin A), one of the most common ointments prescribed for this purpose is Tretinoin.

Topical Ointments

  1. Benzoyl Peroxide:

There are certain ointments containing benzoyl peroxide. You can use the solution of benzoyl peroxide for mild acne. However if the ear pimples are big and painful, it is necessary to seek medical supervision.

  1. Antibiotics:

If the pimple in ear are large and are painful with pus and swelling, you need to consult doctor. Doctors might prescribe some antibiotics to treat the infectious ear. The commonly used antibiotics for this purpse are doxycycline and minocycline.

  1. Other drugs:

Some other drugs are there which contain retinol, when a person is suffering from cystic acne; doctors recommend the use of such drugs. There are several side-effects of such drugs as well hence you should not use these drugs without the prescription of doctor.

How to Pop Pimple in Ear?

Ear pimple on lobes and pimple on outer ear are easy to be cured, while pimple near the cartilages or blind pimple in ear, furuncle in ear and painful bump in the ear are difficult to treat. You can simple pop the ear. Wash your hands, apply warm compress, pop the ear as it is heated and drain out the pus immediately.

How to Pop Pimple in Ear?

Is it Safe to Pop a Pimple in your Ear?

Popping a simple is generally not recommended as it can result in blemish and pimple sometimes also gets worst. As you squeeze the pimple, pus and bacteria can penetrate down into the ear and deep into the pores and this can also cause more complication. There is more risk of infection, inflammation and irritation of the ear as you try to pop it. Sometimes a scar develops as well due to this traumatic popping of the ear pimple.

Sometimes due to more infection in the pimple and its surrounding parts, the pimple turns into a boil. Hence you should avoid popping the pimple in ear and pimple in ear canal as it can result in trauma causing more infection and inflammation. Once the infection becomes serious with the accumulation of more pus, you will suffer from intense pain and prescription antibiotics are needed for the treatment.

Bottom Line:

Pimple in ear and pimple in ear canal are Caused by infection and inflammation of underlying sebaceous glands. Ear pimples can be treated if they are at outer ear, ear lobes and ear cartilage easily at home. While sometimes the pimples in the ear canals are difficult to treat as they are more painful as well. You need to consult your doctor for this purpose.

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