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The A – Z Guide Of Side Effects of HGH

Side Effects of HGH

Human growth hormone released by pituitary gland has a lot of functions to control in the body, the main and foremost is control of growth and cellular regeneration. The people who are diagnosed with HGH deficiency tend to suffer from certain growth failures such as short stature, week bones, and cartilages, low memory etc. Leukemia is also considered to be associated with the deficiency of growth hormones in the body. Such medical conditions require immediate medical intervention and if left untreated, they can lead to some harmful consequences.

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 However, if you are suffering from any symptom as mentioned above, do seek medical attention before deciding to use any supplement of growth hormone. Because, if your body is having sufficient growth hormones in the body still you start taking supplements, you are likely to encounter some unwanted and unpleasant side effects such as abnormal bone growth, diabetes, improper development of heart, kidneys and liver, the increased quantity of growth hormones can also cause hardening of arterial wall the condition which is medically termed as sclerosis and ultimately results in high blood pressure. Hence if you are taking supplements, there is always a risk of side effects along with the desired effects and hence medical supervision is essential. Do not use any HGH supplement without the prescription of your doctor or else it can be disastrous for your body.

There are some serious side effects of using HGH in excess and one must consult doctor if suffering from one or more of these side effects at a time:

  • Lessening of touch sensation in the body.
  • Vision is affected and you get blurred vision.
  • Itching and numbness, excessive prickling (a feeling of pins and needles) etc in any part of the body.
  • Loss of conscious balance and dizziness.
  • Problems with hearing and ear infections, pounding sensation in ears.
  • Moderate to severe headaches.
  • Irregular heartbeat, sometimes too fast and sometimes it tends to get too slow.
  • Chest pain is sometimes also associated with abnormal level of human growth hormone in the body.
  • Pain in abdomen and gastric troubles including bloating and frequent diarrhea.
  • Sudden changes in your vision.
  • When a shot is given and it leaves depression on the skin,
  • Limp, nausea, vomits and other types of digestive disorders.
  • Sharp pain and swelling in a part of skin where injection was given.
  • Hip and knee pain which is generally high in the morning as compared to any other part of the day.
  • Itching and rash on the skin for no apparent reason.

Sometimes, few of the side effects disappear with the passage of time without any medical intervention while in some cases it is too important to consult a doctor to minimize the intensity of unwanted side effects. You need to consult the doctor if you experience these side effects and you find these effects to be bothering a lot to you.

  • Lower back pain and difficulty in changing posture.
  • Feeling too cold and getting chills.
  • Excessive mucus production which leads to excessive coughing.
  • Moderate to severe constipation.
  • Anxiety and depression along with frequent mood swings.
  • Breathlessness and other breathing difficulties.
  • Dizziness and difficulty in moving
  • Dryness of skin and hair with a lot of dandruff.
  • Ear congestion due to increased production of wax.
  • Fever and chills
  • Frequent loss of hair.
  • Husky voice which is also termed as hoarseness.
  • Loss of appetite and sudden changes in meal preferences.
  • Runny nose and shortness of breath.
  • Due to excessive mucus production, frequent flu, sore throat and runny nose is likely to happen.
  • Sweating, sneezing, stuffy nose and shivering.
  • Changes in the pattern of heart beat, too slow and too fast occasionally.
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Chest congestion.
  • Swelling across joints which tend to be painful with the time.
  • Excessive weight gain and fat masses in the body.

Side Effects of HGH.

Some less common to rare side effects of using HGH supplements without certain need include:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome where joints of hands and bones hurt a lot.
  • Enlargement of breasts in males
  • Feeling of emptiness and sadness for no apparent reason.
  • Birthmarks and their frequency of growth.
  • Irritability due to pain in joints.
  • Loss of interest in your favorite activities and a constant feeling of depression and anxiety.
  • Pain in muscles which causes cramps, stiffness of neck and other muscles.
  • Pain in skeleton.
  • Feeling sleepy most of the times
  • Abnormal and increased swelling in hands and feet along with lower legs.
  • Lack of concentration while doing any task.
  • Feeling weakness
  • Feeling unusually tired even without doing much work.

It is therefore advised that if you find yourself suffering from any of the above mentioned side effects and also you find that these effects are rather intensifying with time, you must not delay, consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor will recommend some blood tests to check the current level of HGH in the body and in case, if the current level is adequate enough, you will be asked to stop taking these supplements. The best thing about HGH is that you can rely on the natural boosters which can stimulate pituitary gland to produce more HGH in the body so that you won’t be requiring any supplement; this will ultimately keep you safe from undesired effects as well.

The best thing about utilizing normal items is they will trigger the body to create HGH and no symptoms are probably going to show up. Consequently, it is constantly prescribed to utilize normal triggers to keep your body dynamic and alarm. Make the most of your childhood now for quite a while with great and satisfactory generation of HGH in the body. Keep in mind to counsel a specialist especially that you discover anything badly arranged with respect to HGH supplements in the body.

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