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Prozac Uses, Dosage, Side Effects , Warnings and Medication

Side effects of Prozac.

The class of drugs which are known as Serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI are generally used to cure anxiety and depression. For the treatment of depression and anxiety along with the obsessive compulsory disorder and panic attacks Prozac is mainly prescribed the doctors.

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Eli Lilly in 1988 was the first one to introduce the medicine in the market and later on it was approved by FDA, now it is most commonly used antidepressant medicines in the markets. For the serotonin syndromes, Prozac is the most commonly prescribed medicine.

What does prozac do?

The neurotransmitters, serotonin absorption are blocked by the medicine. When the serotonin amount is regulated, the brain cells can transmit messages to each other and as a result mood remains stable and person feels good. Prozac benefits include stability of mood and general well being. Since the medicine gives a feeling of well being, people tend to use it without the doctor’s prescription and end up in some long term health concerns. Before taking any medicine especially antidepressants you must consult your doctor for the right medicine in right dose. Any one taking medicine at higher doses is likely to get much harmful consequences over a long haul.

Availability of Drug:

The drug is mainly available in the form of liquid, capsule, tablets etc and as per requirement; the health care provider will prescribe the dose.

Mechanism of Prozac:

When a Prozac (fluoxentine HCl) treatment is recommended, it results in more neurons in the brain region which is commonly known as dentate gyrus. The drug has its stimulating effect on the generation of some specialized cells known as neural amplifying progenitors. FDA has now approved the Prozac dose for the treatment of depression as according to some doctors it is best anxiety medicines available in the market now days.

Prozac and weight gain:

As it is seen that many medications for anxiety result in weight gain, Prozac has the similar effect, hence if you are struggling to reduce weight, it is advised to talk to doctor about the potential outcomes.

Side effects of Prozac

Side effects of Prozac:

As we have discussed above that Prozac belongs to a class called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, the medicine is used for the treatment of depression, anxiety and panic disorders. Some side effects of Prozac include:

  • Person on a Prozac dose often feels nauseous.
  • The initial few doses of Prozac are often seen related to stomach cramps and slight gastric pain.
  • One may also suffer from constipation.
  • Headaches are frequently reported in the patients with Prozac treatment.
  • Prozac treatment might also make the patient insomniac.
  • Along with some other side effects, some patients of Prozac treatment also report drowsiness, dizziness and nervousness.
  • Like with other antidepressants, patients taking Prozac dose also suffer from frequent heart palpitations and drastic changes in their body weight.
  • In high doses, the decreased sex drive or impotence is also reported; the same effects may also be due to prolonged treatment.
  • Prozac and alcohol taken together can also result in liver cirrhosis and hence patients who are getting Prozac treatment are recommended to use alcohol in limited doses.
  • The usual Prozac dose is 20 to 80 mg; the Prozac 20 mg side effects however are lower as compared to higher Prozac doses like 60 to 80 mg.
  • Some of the less common Prozax Fluoxetine side effects are allergy, skin rash, dryness and swelling around lips tongue and throat.
  • Side effects of Prozac withdrawal are nervousness, insomnia, nausea, that is why you must consult the doctor before quitting the medicine.
  • Some pregnant females getting Prozac high doses have reported some lung problems in their newly born babies. Prozac also can pass on to the breast milk and as a result baby is likely to suffer from the probable side effects.
  • Sometimes while trying to quit the medicine person also suffers from acute mood swings, panic attacks and sleeping disorders, there might be some hostile and aggressive feelings as well. However if you encounter any of such conditions like acute depression and thoughts to hurt yourself, you must consult your doctor.
  • People taking Prozac medication also suffer from hallucinations and Prozac high feeling is also one of the side effects. It is also recommended to inform doctor if you are taking some other medication along with Prozac especially blood pressure and weight loss medicines.
  • If you get side effects like loss of appetite, vomit, diarrhea, fainting, difficulty in breathing, you must talk to your health care provider as these signs are clear indication that drug is not suitable for you.

Less frequent side effects of Prozac are:

  • Prozac and high blood pressure are also seen to be linked as higher Prozac doses can elevate the blood pressure slightly.
  • Prozac high doses can also result in frequent sneezing, sore throat and stuffy nose.
  • Increase in appetite which results in weight gain.
  • Sleeping problems particularly insomnia are among less frequent Prozac side effects as reported by patients.
  • As far as sexual life of a person taking Prozac medication is concerned, there is always a risk of long term sexual complications as decreased sexual urge, impotency and difficulty in getting orgasms.
  • Mouth ulcers and dryness of mouth are among less frequently reported side effects of Prozac.
  • In some patients, the Prozac treatments result in loss of appetite and as a result one of the uncommon Prozac side effects is a weight loss though very uncommon.

Prozac recreational use:

Prozac is not at all recreational and so are the other antidepressants which are available in the market. a great deal of care is needed before starting the doses as antidepressants function directly on our central nervous system. One may need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it. Keeping in mind the side effects of Prozac Fluoxetine, all along the treatment course, one must consult doctor at least once a month for detailed check up along with some tests to check up the liver and kidney functions.

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