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Healthy Aspects of Sitz Bath

Sitz Bath

A shallow and warm bath which is basically aimed to clean the perineum and genitals is known as Sitz bath. People suffering from genital itching, pain in rectum or genitals (vulva or scrotum) can get faster relief from this kind of bath. In this article we will study the healthy aspects of Sitz bath and conditions where sitz bath is recommended.

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    What is Sitz Bath?

As we discussed above, it is a warm and shallow bath which is used to get fast relief from genital pains and itching. It can also be helpful to cure the pain in rectum and perineum. Sitz bath for hemorrhoids is in use since long as it provides soothing and calming effect. In the same way, Sitz bath after birth can help women to recover fast. The sitz bath recipe is very simple and comprises of warm water along with some sitz bath salts.

  • Procedure of Sitz Bath:

 The procedure is very simple; all you need is a bathing tub along with a plastic kit which can be adjusted on your toilet seat. The rounded kit and often comes with a shallow basin along with a bag having a large tubing at its one end. The bag is normally filled with warm water. Where to buy sitz bath? You can get this kit from nearby pharmacies and medical stores.

  • Uses of Sitz bath:

Under normal conditions, you don’t need doctor’s prescription for sitz bath. It is healthy practice to clean the rectal and genital areas. When sitz bath is taken, it will not only allow the genital and rectal cleaning, the warm water ensures faster flow of blood towards the genitals and hence one can get faster healing and healthy genitals. Sitz bath is also used to get instant relief from genital itching and pain, irritation and minor infections. When in sitz bath, baking soda is added it can result in faster healing.

  • Why to Choose Sitz Bath?

There are so many reasons why people consider taking sitz bath. Some of the main reasons of selecting this bath are:

  • Surgical removal of hemorrhoids
  • Natural birth
  • Vaginal surgeries
  • Acute constipation can cause hemorrhoids and sitz bath can be used to get relief from this discomfort.
  • Problems with bowel movements.

The bath is for people of any age group, though strict parental supervision is needed if children are getting this bath. Is sitz bath just warm water? It is a warm water bath where some substances can be added to fortify its effect.

  • Things to be Added in Sitz Bath:

In some of the cases, some additives or medicines are also recommended by doctors to make this sitz bath further effective. Normally, povidone iodine is added in the bath which has antimicrobial properties. In the same way, at home, you can add some natural ingredients; the homemade sitz bath consists of simpler substances such as salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar to get better results. Sitz bath with Epsom salt is also common in use.

  • How to Get Sitz Bath?

Sitz bath can only be taken with warm water. It is important to follow some steps while taking sitz bath. Sitz bath directions are mentioned below:

  • Cleanse the tub thoroughly before taking sitz bath
  • Take half gallon of water and mix two tablespoon of bleach to scrub the bath tub and rinse it well after it.
  • Take warm water and fill it in a Sitz bath basin, make it sure water is adequately warm not too hot to produce any burn or discomfort. Put few drops of warm water at your wrist to check the temperature.
  • Once you are sure that water is suitably warm, sit in it and soak your perineum for sitz bath length which is approximately 20 The sitz bath contents like salt, baking soda can result in faster healing. Sitz bath method is simple and easiest way to get soothing effect.
  • Pat yourself dry as you come out of the bath tub; take a clean towel to dry your genitals. Avoid scrubbing the area as it can cause scratches in the skin which can further increase pain and irritation.
  • Rinse the bath tub thoroughly after it.
  • Risk Factors Involved in Sitz Bath:

There are some risk factors involved in the sitz bath as well. You need to be very careful while taking sitz bath as hygiene is a key, if the bath tub is unhygienic and septic it can result in infection of perineum as well though the condition is not much common. In the same way, you should avoid using sitz bath if the genital pain and itching intensifies after it. Consult your health care provider immediately if you feel puffiness and redness in the perineum. On the other hand, if you feel better after taking sitz bath, your doctor might advise you to take more baths for as long as four to five days unless you get the desired outcomes. You can return to your normal activities after sitz bath.

  • Sitz Bath After Care:

There are certain after care aspects of sitz bath which include:

  • Use of clean cotton towel to clean and dry the perineum.
  • Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the genitals as it can injure the skin which normally is very soft and tender after sitz bath.
  • You can apply a gentle moisturizer at the genitals.
  • Avoid adding any potential allergen in your sitz bath solution.
  • Sitz Bath Benefits:

Some healthy benefits of sitz bath include:

  • Good hygiene of genitals can prevent the risk of infections and unpleasant odor.
  • Sitz bath can also help to relieve the discomforts caused by genital infections.
  • Sometimes, females tend to produce more vaginal discharge due to problem in Bartholin’s glands and sitz bath can provide relief from it.
  • Sitz bath in women can provide comfort especially after natural birth.
  • Sitz bath for herpes is also proven highly effective.
  • In the same way, men who are at increased risk of genital infections can make use of sitz bath to get relief from itching and pain.
  • Bottom Line:

Sitz bath is healthy as it can provide relief from some rectal and genital pains and itching. On the other hand, while taking sitz bath one has to make sure that the tools used are clean and hygienic and water must be warm enough to sooth the perineum. You need to follow all the sitz bath instructions as you purchase it from the nearby store. Females after childbirth, men with genital infections and people of all age group can use this bath to keep their genitals clean.

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