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Sugar Pregnancy Test: How It Works & How Accurate It Is?

Sugar Pregnancy Test

If you have already missed your periods and getting a feeling of being pregnant, this is a perfect time to carry out a pregnancy test so that you can take a good care of you and your little bundle of joy. You can simply conduct a pregnancy test at home though several times home pregnancy tests are not absolute. Furthermore, finding positive pregnancy test is something which must force you to see your doctor or a nearest health care provider. Your doctor will confirm your result with latest medical methods to determine pregnancy.

A Simple and Easy DIY Sugar Pregnancy Test:

It is a simple and cheapest method of determining pregnancy. Normally the females who have limited budget take this test to confirm their pregnancy. You need to take a few table spoons of white crystalline sugar in a clean and hygienic utensil. The better is to use a sterilized bowl to ensure that it is free from germs and other sort of contaminants. Once you sterilize the utensil or a bowl, place two tea spoons of white and crystalline sugar in it. You are also suggested not to use brown sugar as it might alter the outcomes. Secondly, pour a part of urine on sugar crystals, the positive pregnancy test will cause sugar to clump with urine while the negative pregnancy test results in sugar crystals being dissolved in urine. When you drop a urine sample on sugar, it reacts immediately. The positive sugar pregnancy test will result in clumping of sugar even after several minutes or mixing urine sample in the box containing sugar. However, the results could be different if the utensil is not hygienic and sterilized, as some contaminants might cause clumping of sugar or either dissolution of sugar in urine. Hence the first thing before conducting homemade tests is to keep the utensil sterilized for accuracy.

When to Take a Sugar Pregnancy Test ?

Wait for a missed period, once this happens, you can check yourself for pregnancy. The accuracy of result is much more when the home pregnancy test is conducted after missed period, either it is after a first day of a missed period.

Why Should I Wait for a Missed Period Before Pregnancy Test?

When embryo implants itself in the womb of mother, it releases a hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). During the pregnancy test, this hormone is supposed to react with the medium used for testing to indicate pregnancy. The level of HCG is quite less during the initial phases, while with the passage of time and once after you missed the periods, this is the time when HCG is found abundantly in the body. Hence, you are advised to wait for 10 days after implantation of embryo in womb.


  • What Should I Do if The Sugar Pregnancy Test is Positive?

In case, if you find a positive home pregnancy test, you must see your doctor for adequate prenatal care. This will help you and your baby to stay healthy during the course of pregnancy.

  • How Do the Pregnancy Tests Work?

No matter which type of tests you are conducting at home, it involves the reaction of HCG with a sample. The urine or blood of a pregnant woman contains plenty of Human chorionic gonadotropin. Also to remember that this particular hormone is produced in the blood after implantation of embryo in the womb, hence these pregnancy tests cannot be conducted right after intercourse or fertilization. A woman is supposed to wait for a missed period at least.

  • What is a Best Time to Take Sugar Pregnancy Test?

The level of HCG in urine is generally high in the urine which is passed in the early morning, hence better is to take this sample for determining pregnancy. As urine will be high in HCG, there is a more chance of results to be accurate on the other hand the low HCG level in the urine can cause deviation in the result.

  • What is the Best Pregnancy Test to Take at Home?

There are several home pregnancy tests which are always debatable as far as their accuracy is concerned. The reason why women chose these tests is because they are safe and economical and you are not supposed to purchase costly strips for determining pregnancy. Some of the homemade pregnancy tests are in fashion since ancient times, these tests include, tooth-paste pregnancy test, bleach pregnancy test, dandelion pregnancy test, pine sol pregnancy test, vinegar pregnancy test etc.

  • Why to Use Home Pregnancy Test?

These homemade pregnancy tests are cheap and you can take these tests easily at home. If you are living in an area where it is not easy to approach health care provider, such tests can be helpful to a great extent. The accuracy of these tests however is always a question.


  • What Are the Disadvantages of Home Pregnancy Tests?

The tests conducted at home definitely lack scientific and modern data; hence the accuracy of these tests is still not 100% sure. But at the same time, we cannot deny these tests as old wives do had some scientific basis. You may need to follow strict rules while conducting homemade tests, like sterilization of a bowl or utensil where you will check the reaction of urine sample and material being used for test. The home pregnancy tests actually depend on the reaction of human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine with sugar, vinegar, bleach or toothpaste. It is also advised you to wait for at least 10 days following implantation of embryo in the womb, as HCG will be released in the blood and urine after implantation. 10 days after an implantation is a time when there will be adequate HCG in the blood and hence the accuracy of the test is more likely.

Once the homemade tests are conducted and they indicate pregnancy, women should immediately consult a health care provider and start proper prenatal care which is essential for mother as well the developing baby.

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