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Dental care and Braces before and after use

before and after braces

In the recent years, the dental braces have changed a lot; there is however some wrong concepts regarding braces and specialist dentist you approach. Here are some main things which you need to know before taking orthodontic treatment.

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It is generally considered that orthodontic braces are best used in teen age, but it is seen that adults are equally making use of dental braces, hence it can be said that dental braces are not restricted to certain age, you can get benefit of dental braces as long as your gums and teeth are healthy. The state of gums and teeth is always significant while you decide for braces, if you have dental ailments; doctor will not recommend the use of braces as braces exert extra pressure on gums and can cause certain complications. There are certain reasons why people wear braces at adult age, for example;

  • Braces are costly and some parents could not afford the procedure.
  • While you are adult, you will probably be more conscious about your personality, smile and grooming and hence you might opt for braces.
  • Poor dental health in kids sometimes is a reason of not using braces.

The cost of braces is different in different parts of the world. Ceramic or special brackets cost more while invisalign treatment costs a little more. The expert level of dentist also determines the cost of braces.

  • Dentist might evaluate your bite:

Braces are not only meant to make the teeth move little back, but the reality is they do much more than that,  your bite is too important, dentist will evaluate your bite, as the bite indicates the way your top and bottom teeth meet. Along with bite, there are other factors which your orthodontist will consider, these include; straightness of teeth, they way upper and lower teeth meet, hurting of jaws, gaps among the teeth or their crowding, health state of gums an teeth.

before and after braces

  • Orthodontist vs Dentist:

Dentist has a limited knowledge and might offer braces at much cheaper rates, while when you consult orthodontist, you need to spend more money as orthodontist is highly specialized person. It is therefore recommended to consult an orthodontist for braces and other dental concerns. On the other hand, some dentists are also highly experienced in dental treatments including braces. When you opt for braces, they are not only meant to make your teeth straight, they indeed change the mechanics of jaws and the way you bite. Hence, to be on a safer side, you must consult an orthodontist.

  • Free consultation:

When you get a referral to orthodontist, you might fear the charges and consultation fee; however, in majority of cases, the consultation is generally free. Hence, if you doubt the skills of an orthodontist, you can seek a second opinion. During a consultation, your specialist will examine your oral health and will guide you about the further steps for improvement. Orthodontist can also guide you about the type of braces that will suit you and what outcomes could be expected and how long will it take to get the desired results. Orthodontist also gets a mold of your teeth, specialized x-rays and highly technical tools for your oral care.

  • Braces before and after and importance of braces:

Everyone is not fit for Invisalign treatment, for plastic aligners, only few people are considered fit. You may need metal brackets which are quite traditional besides, some other colored braces are also available which are least conspicuous and function equally well as metal brackets. Only an orthodontist can examine, which type of brackets will work best for you considering your current oral health state.

before and after braces

  • Cost and treatment time of braces is variable:

As we discussed above, braces are expensive. The cost can be as high as $3, 00 0 to $6,000 however it depends on the skills of orthodontist and the place where you are living. Invisalign costs much more than traditional brackets used.  It is good to save money but not at the risk of your health. So be on a payment plan as it will help you a lot while you are getting consultancy from dentist or an orthodontist.

The time of braces installed in the mouth is also variable, on average, it may take 24 months, but there are certain ways which facilitate the teeth movement faster, again in this regard, an orthodontist will guide you about how long you need to put in braces. Special care and instructions for Braces before and after use are given by specialists.  Sometimes a six months method is also adopted, which basically include surgical invasion of jaws to achieve the desired results. The safest method however is to be patient and wait for two years for braces to work.

  • Do braces hurt:

Right after getting braces, they definitely will hurt you; it will make the teeth to feel under pressure and some soreness. The braces are also likely to rub against your lips as well as gums and can cause discomfort and mouth sores. So at first, it is an unpleasant experience. But the good news here is that, these all conditions will fade away after two to three weeks.  Nature has blessed us with high adaptability, sooner or later, scar tissues will be formed inside the oral cavity and braces will not hurt more. When you get braces, at start, your orthodontist will recommend rinsing your mouth will saline water every four hours. You will also be advised to take some mild painkillers at the beginning. Lip balms also help to protect lips from sores. Don’t forget to take soft food right after the installation of braces and chew slowly. With patience, the entire primary discomforts associate with braces will go and you will feel much better later. Before and after braces care might help you to lessen the associated discomforts.

  • Allergic reactions:

Do find out if you are prone to certain kind of allergies, for example, some people have nickel allergy while other suffers from latex allergy. Before you go for dental procedure, you need to tell your specialist about your problems. Options are always available for specialists to minimize the risks. Sometimes, you get sensitivity and allergic reaction against a substance which you never had earlier, sudden development of allergy at anytime is always a thing to consider. In case of sudden allergy, you may need to visit an emergency room. It is recommended not to take allergy lightly; they may be fatal as well.

braces before and after adults

Before and after braces care:

When the desired results are obtained, your orthodontist will recommend molds of mouth along with a set of retainers. In some cases, the specialists recommend a bonded permanent retainer to prevent teeth from moving back. Along with it, two other types of retainers are used:

  • Hawley retainer:

It is composed of acrylic and a metallic substance. The metal is adjusted in front of teeth while acrylic moves back of the teeth in a direction opposite to the upper palate. It is very efficient retainer and majority of orthodontists recommend this retainer for more safety.

  • Essix retainer:

It is a form of invisalign aligner tray which is made up of a clear plastic. Though it is invisible but there are certain drawbacks of using this retainer, since this retainer is associated with coverage of teeth biting surface, teeth fail to settle properly once the treatment is one. Sometimes, the specialists recommend both kind of retainers at a same time, Essix to be used in a day time so that they are not visible while Hawley at night while asleep for better and fast outcomes.

The type of retainer used is not crucial, the most significant factor is the way you exactly wear it as recommended by your orthodontist. Sometimes orthodontists recommend the use of retainers for all the time in the initial six months, while later on, you can only use them at night.
Wearing retainers for a long time guarantees that the teeth will not move back to the initial position, so never mind if you have to wear the retainers for a long time or even forever.

Retainer care:

Retainers are costly an special care is needed, besides, you need retainers to be hygienic or else they can cause infections. You will be given a retainer case to keep them safe and protected, never wrap the retainer in a newspaper or a tissue. Keeping the retainers clean is equally important as wearing the retainers; you may be given some mild antiseptic so that you can wash your set of retainers every night to rule out the risk of bacterial growth. These retainers might cost as much as $300, so keep them safe and protected.

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