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Deep cleaning teeth and overall health

Deep cleaning teeth

Cleaning the teeth is vital, it is not only useful for teeth but for healthy mind as well as body, you need to maintain the oral hygiene. Teeth are nature’s gift which aid in eating, it is essential to clean the teeth as a part of oral care routine.

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Deep cleaning Teeth:

Sometimes, brushing the teeth alone is not helpful and you need to see your doctor for in depth dental cleaning. Here is information about what to expect while you go to dentist for cleaning.

Sometimes, people have a misconception that mouth is a separate part from rest of your body, the reality however is, the mouth is connected to rest of the body and any problem that occasionally happens to mouth is considered a market for an underlying medical condition such as dementia, coronary diseases. Oral hygiene is essential to keep your mouth and rest of the body disease free.

Dental concerns:

Sorting your oral ailments is easier if you consider your family history. For example, if you belong to parents who have had dental issues like gum disorders, you are likely to suffer from several type of gum diseases. It is therefore recommended to talk to your doctor if you have a family history of gum disorders and oral ailments.

Alarms of your need for deep cleaning:

The oral hygienist may examine the teeth and gums and if following conditions are seen, he might recommend deep dental cleaning:

  • A probe is generally used to determine the depth of gum pockets, if these pockets are more than 4mm in length, they indicate periodontal disease.
  • Doctor may use x-ray to find out the bone loss and it is a representation of need for deep cleaning.
  • If your gums remain inflamed for a long time, they are indicator of some complex gum diseases and you may require visiting oral hygienist for deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning teeth

When you need antibiotic:

There are certain bacteria which live in our mouth, sometimes, they invade the blood stream, the condition is commonly known as bacteremia. However the people with healthy immune system successfully take over bacterial toxins and remain safe from harmful consequences. For the people with weak immune system, bacteremia can cause infection in any part of the body and under this condition, antibiotics are usually recommended.

Why oral hygiene is essential?

Oral health is integral for proper body functioning, we need periodontal cleaning for some reasons like;

  • To eliminate the chances of diabetes and heart diseases.
  • To avoid dental decay, this can ultimately result in loss of tooth.

When we clean our tooth, we usually remove the plaque and tarter layer from it. The dental plaque if stays for a long can cause dental caries and gum infections, while tarter is usually identified as a foreign substance that invaded in the body as infection and body will alert the immune system to fight against it.

What is meant by deep cleaning teeth?

If you need to clean your teeth professionally, you need to visit dentist at his clinic. The dentist will make use of tools which aid in removal of tarter or plaque from the teeth. Don’t forget to ask oral hygiene tips from your dentist and your other concerns if any.  You can even request your dentist to show you an oral camera so that you understand what is exactly wrong with your teeth.  Also expect your doctor to guide you about the basic brushing and flossing techniques in order to keep the teeth clean for a long time. Three processes are generally involved in dental cleaning depending on the gum infection.

  • Scaling in which teeth is cleaned and tarter is scraped out from above and below the gum line.
  • Root planning is done to smooth the root surfaces which aid in healing of gums.
  • The process of oral irrigation is often done which helps in directing liquid below the gum line, this ultimately helps in flushing out germs. It also helps in regenerating healthy tissues.

Gum diseases:

When excessive tarter is accumulated on teeth, it often results in the inflammation of gums and as a result of it, gums swell. If you have inflammation in gums, you need to talk to your doctor at first priority. Oral hygiene can help you to minimize the risk of certain cardiac ailments and diabetes, the health state of gums is particularly important in this regard, healthy and strong gums with no bleeding are symbol of good health. However, if you find conditions like swollen gums, bleeding or inflammation in gums make it sure that you don’t ignore these conditions.

Deep cleaning teeth

Oral infections and the treatments with deep teeth cleaning:

There are certain oral infections which need immediate medical treatment:

  • Gingivitis and its treatment:

one of the most common infection of gums is gingivitis which is seen in almost 80% of people living in United States. A person suffering from gingivitis will experience bleeding of gums on floss and even brushing. The person will also experience some itchy red patches at the point of junction of tooth to gum. On the other hand, the gums which are healthy will never bleed on slight touching.

You need careful and thorough brushing of teeth along with essential floss. You can seek help of a doctor regarding the exact way of brushing and flossing the teeth to maintain oral health. One very crucial aspect of oral hygiene is to change the tooth brush frequently. Old tooth brushes can increase the likelihood and frequency of infections.

  • Periodontitis:

When the gingivitis is left untreated, it can ultimately cause infection and damage the ligament which holds teeth to the gum, the condition where the ligament of tooth and gum is damaged in known as periodontitis. The symptoms are heavy bleeding, swollen and reddish gums with blood seeping out even on biting a food and minor brushing. The condition can be treated however if you get a deep cleaning of teeth and root canal. Deep teeth cleaning cost is different depending the specialist you are visiting, the equipments he is using as well as place.

  • Gum recession:

It is generally a condition characterized by pulling of gums down in such a way that they are separated from teeth. The condition can cause hyper-sensitivity as roots get exposed by pulled down gums. The condition is more miserable as no medical intervention and medical surgery can fix it.

Your doctor will have a deep insight into the oral health state and will decide for scaling or root planning. Generally, these processes are carried out in quarters, lower left, lower right, upper left and upper right and hence teeth deep cleaning is done in one or all of these portions. When you go for scaling, it also reduces the risk of tarter storage and its re-accumulation in the future, hence deep cleaning is essential for maintaining oral health.

Conditions promoting gum diseases:

Sometimes, temporary medical conditions can cause gum disorders, like hormonal changes in females during pregnancy can lead to gum bleeding, poor dentistry as well as improper root canal can also cause gum ailments though they are reversible. Teeth deep cleaning help to prevent these major discomforts.

The questions you need to ask your oral health hygienist:

  • About the classification of gum diseases you are doubt to have?
  • Depth of pockets if any?
  • Severity of gum recession if any.
  • Is your brushing effective?

Deep cleaning teeth

What should you look for after deep teeth cleaning?

Home care is essential for maintaining oral health, no matter how frequently you visit your doctor. Once you get a deep cleaning of your teeth, you may also need to get some follow up visits. For proper oral hygiene you need to brush and floss your teeth after every meal an particularly after sugary meals, generally it is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day. A diet which is rich in vitamins normally strengthens our gums as vegetables are treasures of Vitamin C (essential for healing of wounds and gums health). For maintaining best oral health, you should consult a dentist after every six months if you are not suffering from any dental disorder, while if you have some concerns, you need frequent visits to your DENTAL HEALTH care provider.

Side effects of deep cleaning:

When you go for deep cleaning of your teeth, do consider the primary discomforts which are associated with it. You might experience slight pain or pressure during the procedure and swelling in the gums for a day or two after the procedure. But these are temporary and will go away after sometime.

Deep cleaning costs:

The dental cleaning is also known as prophylaxis and it is an expensive procedure. You may need $75 to $85 while if you are looking for scaling and root planning the cost may be as high as $180 to $1000.

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