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10 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is one of the important and nutrition packed oil which is known since long for the treatment of many skin related concerns. There are a lot of things which you can do and make with coconut oil. The oil can be used for different purposes because of the treasure of nutrients stored inside it. In this article we will discuss the health benefits of coconut oil especially its effect on hair. How to use coconut oil for hair is also discussed in this article.


Coconut oil for Hair:

Have you ever applied coconut oil on hair? How to use coconut oil for hair? Have you experienced an incredible shine and glow on the hair afterwards? Coconut oil is a treasure of nutrients which is used widely across the globe for hair treatment. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which make it ideal to be used as a moisturizer for hair, scalp and is considered the best remedy against dandruff. What does coconut oil do for your hair? The people using coconut oil as their hair care regimen are of the view that this wonderful natural miracle produces extra shine, softness and volume to the hair.

Nutrition in Coconut Oil for Hair:

The coconut oil is also known as copra oil. The oil is edible and is taken generally from the mature coconut meat also known as Kernel. There are a lot of applications of coconut oil since it has a lot of packed nourishment in it. Saturated fat content is too high in coconut oil. Also the rate of oxidation of these saturated fats is too slow; this is one of the reason that they last a long, for example, no spoiling of oil is expected for as long as six months if stored with care and at room temperature.  The oil is rich in Vitamins like Vitamin E, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and some other essential vitamins. All these ingredients are needed for proper nourishment and growth of hair. How to use coconut oil for hair? Read the content of the article below.

Nutrition in Coconut Oil for Hair

10 Amazing benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

How to use coconut oil for hair? Coconut oil is rich in some nutrients which are considered to essential for the proper growth of hair. The saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and other vitamins help to nourish the hair right from the scalp. Here are some amazing benefits one can get making use of coconut oil on hair:

1-Coconut Oil Reduces the Hair Breakage:

Have you experienced hair fall problem? How to use coconut oil on hair? As you brush your hair does it come back with so many fallen hairs? This hair fall is one of the main concerns of most of the people regardless of age and sex. For the hair breaking apart, the use of coconut oil is proven highly effective. The coconut oil penetrates deep in the hair roots and nourishes the scalp. As this happens, the hair gets nourishment from the root and in this way the coconut oil strengthens the hair and significantly reduces hair fall. How to use coconut oil for your hair? Apply it on all hair and brush the hair well to make it sure that the oil has evenly spread to all parts of the hair including scalp.

Coconut Oil Reduces the Hair Breakage

2-Coconut Oil is ideal for Fizzy Hair:

If you have a problem of fizzy and tangled hair and you are worried to solve this issue, Coconut oil in your hair is ideal for the reduction of frizz. How to use coconut oil on hair? The oil when applied to hair even after the shampoo makes a thin layer over the surface of hair which helps to reduce the frizz. More moisture is added and hence the hair remains free of tangles and frizz. You can apply hair at night; let it stay on your hair for whole night. Next day, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Coconut oil in your hair can also be used as a shine tonic for hair. How to use coconut oil on hair? A drop or two of coconut oil on hair after shampoo can soften the hair and is considered ideal for the treatment of fizzy hair.

3-Coconut oil for the Healthy Scalp:

If you have some issues like dandruff where tiny flakes appear on the scalp and hair, Seborrhic dermatitis which itself is a modified form of dandruff or Cradle cap which infects the children especially in their early six months of life. How to put coconut oil in your hair? The use of Coconut oil for your hair is ideal remedy against it. Since the nutritional ingredients in the coconut oil have ability of deep penetration in the scalp and hair follicles, less dandruff is produced when the hair is given proper oil treatment. How to put Coconut oil for your hair? For better scalp care, apply coconut oil on hair, use lukewarm towel to cover your hair and let it stay for one hour. Make use of a mild shampoo to wash it. The hot towel which is used opens the pores on the hair scalp which ensures further oil penetration, hence ensures nourishment supply to all parts of the hair. How to apply coconut oil to your hair? The ways of effective application of coconut oil are discussed below in the article.

Coconut oil for the Healthy Scalp

4-Coconut oil for Heat Damaged Hair:

How to use coconut oil to your hair? In modern era, the hair styling includes the use of blow dryers, curlers as well as hair straighteners etc. All these appliances heat up the hair for their functioning. The heat damages the hair as well. It is therefore important for those who use a lot of heating tools on hair to take proper care of their hair afterwards. For this purpose, coconut oil acts as a damage repair formula. Using coconut oil on hair prevents dryness of hair and reduces the effects of heat as well.

5- Coconut Oil for Split Ends:

How to use coconut oil in hair for split ends? Split ends are also one of the main hair concerns. The dry and damaged hair is likely to end up in split ends which reduce the hair growth as well. For those people who are experiencing split end issues, coconut oil is an ideal solution. For the treatment of split ends, you need to take a little coconut oil in a saucepan or any utensil, mix a little amount of lavender oil in it. Heat the oil at low heat for three to five minutes. Remove the heat and pour the mixture in a large bowl. Apply the mixture on the split ends of your hair with finger tips or any brush. You can also dip the hair with split ends in the bowl directly. Once you are sure that enough oil is applied, wrap the hair with lukewarm towel or a plastic wrap. Let it stay for half an hour. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and notice a visible difference Using coconut oil on hair. How to use coconut oil in hair? The detailed method is discussed in the article below.

Coconut Oil for Split Ends

6-Coconut Oil for Dull Hair:

Uses of certain harsh chemicals, heating tools for hair styling the hair, environmental impacts are some of the factors which damage the hair and also affect the shine. How to put coconut oil in hair?For the dull hair which looks lifeless, you need to apply coconut oil as a hair care regimen. Apply coconut oil on the hair and let it stay on your hair overnight. Wash it off the next morning with cold water. When hair is washed with cold water, the shafts of the hair normally contract. This makes the hair smoother and softer. Avoid washing your hair in hot water as it further reduces the moisture content from the hair and cause more dullness to hair.

7-Coconut Oil for Color Damaged Hair:

When you get your hair dye, the chemicals in the hair dye are normally harsh and they make the hair dull. These chemicals open the shaft of hairs and as a result of it the hair becomes porous. Once this happens, hair turns brittle and breaks as well. One of the main causes of dullness of hair and hair fall is the frequent use of low grade dyes containing ammonia. In order to fix this issue, you need to moisturize your hair regularly. How to put coconut oil in hair? Massage the oil well to get better results. Make use of coconut oil at least twice a week for better results. The ingredients in coconut oil are likely to nourish the hair and make them shine.

Coconut Oil for Color Damaged Hair

8-Coconut Oil for Gray Hair:

Gray hair was one time considered as a badge of honor. In many cases now as we have seen pre mature graying of hair is more common. Even several teens suffer from pre mature hair graying. The graying of hair can be cured if proper hair care methods are practiced. Putting coconut oil in your hair regularly has proven to reduce pre mature hair graying. Putting coconut oil in your hair can also solve the dullness of gray hair if you are facing this concern.

9-Coconut Oil for Seborrhic Dermatitis:

For Seborrhic dermatitis it is not recommended putting coconut oil in hair directly on the scalp. As the nutrients in coconut oil might help and promote the growth of fungus. One of the significant aspects of coconut oil is that it contains caprylic acid which is a form of fatty acid. This caprlyic acid is unique in nature and proven to be highly effective against malassezia. Use coconut oil in hair after consulting with doctor or dermatologist. Can you put coconut oil in your hair if you are suffering from Seborrhic dermatitis? Consult your doctor.

Coconut Oil for Seborrhic Dermatitis

10-Coconut Oil for Baldness:

Baldness is one of the most serious hair concerns especially in men.  Excessive hair fall is likely to end up in baldness. Certain environmental as well as genetic factors are contributes to the hair fall and baldness. Luckily, the hair fall and baldness can be treated with the help of coconut oil. Use coconut oil in hair to reduce hair fall. If you are experiencing the baldness concerns due to rapid hair fall. Oil your hair and scalp well, this will nourish the hair and its follicles. How to coconut oil hair? The coconut oil has ability to penetrate deep into the follicles and protect hair against certain environmental and heat damage. Also the coconut oil is rich in antioxidants which boost up the process of hair regrowth. Regrow thinning hair with coconut oil. Coconut oil for hair loss vs. olive oil to prevent hair fall? Well, the answer is both oils are full of nutrients and you can make use of both these oils to get desired hair.

How to Use Coconut Oil on Hair or How to apply the Coconut Oil on Hair?

Since we have studied the amazing aspects of coconut oil for almost all common type of hair concerns, it is important to know how coconut oil should be applied on hair to solve the hair related issues. Applying coconut oil to hair is recommended to ensure proper hair care.  Make it sure that you apply the coconut oil properly and correctly on the hair. Hot coconut oil is considered good, but sometimes, people mistakenly heat the oil a lot which in place of nourishing and moisturizing the hair end up in damaging and taking the moisture off. It is therefore highly important to apply coconut oil correctly on the hair. Selection of a good brand of coconut oil also is a key. In market, many types of coconut oil are available from different brands. The selection of coconut oil often makes you confuse. Do check out for the reviews of users before selecting a coconut oil of specific brand. Coconut oil for hair is proven remedy against so many hair concerns.  How to apply coconut oil for hair? Here are the simple answers.

How to Use Coconut Oil on Hair

Since heated coconut oil is ideal for the growth of hair, you need to make sure that you heat the oil well and properly. Does coconut oil help your hair? Yes it does but when heated at direct heat, it will damage the nutrients inside the coconut oil and hence your hair will be deprived of some important nutrients. Hence it is not recommended to heat coconut oil for a long time, also avoid heating it directly. How to heat coconut oil for hair? The best method of heating coconut oil is mentioned below:

  1. Take a utensil and fill it with water
  2. Put it on stove and let the water boil
  • Take a glass bowl with coconut oil in it.
  1. Heat the coconut oil by placing it in boiling water and you will see the melting of coconut oil. Once all the coconut oil melts, this is an ideal time to use and apply it on the hair.

Here are some ways of applying coconut oil on hair which are helpful to get full use of the ingredients found in it. How to apply coconut oil for hair?

  • Take an adequate amount of coconut oil for scalp and Hair:

Selection of coconut oil in adequate amount is a key. Too much oil is not even helpful as most of the people after applying excessive oil end up in a lot of shampooing which despite of benefiting the hair will further damage the hair and take away its moisture. How to apply coconut oil for hair? Also keep it in mind that a bit damp hair are ideal for applying coconut oil as the oil will glide easily through the hair when they are little wet. The amount of oil you select for applying it on hair depends directly on volume as well as length of your hair.

  • Brushing or combing the hair after applying coconut oil:

Once you apply the coconut oil on hair, it is important to spread it to all parts of hair and also to the scalp. You can make use of a brush with wide tooth to comb it well on the oiled hair. This will help the oil to spread evenly across the hair. For people who are facing problem of hair fall, scalp dryness, dandruff etc, the combing of hair after oiling is important as it spreads oil evenly throughout the hair and also increases the blood circulation to the scalp.

  • Massaging the hair well:

Massage is one of the ways to ensure that oil is supplied equally across the hair. A mild to bit stronger massage also ensures faster blood circulation and in this way the scalp gets more nourishment. For people facing dandruff problems, massaging the oil preferably coconut oil can work wonders for them. Coconut oil for hair loss vs. olive oil? The preferred choice is using coconut oil as it has more nutritional value as compared to olive oil.

Massaging the hair well

  • Making use of a shower cap to keep the hair covered:

To tuck in all of the hair, you need to place a shower cap on the head. The shower cap when worn ensures the even distribution of oil on the hair. This will ensure extra shine and life to the hair. Once after applying the oil, cover the hair with plastic shower cap for half an hour. For much better results, you can use it overnight as well. oil of coconut thickens the hair.

  • The shampooing techniques:

You need to rinse the coconut oil off once you feel that it has been on hair for enough time. For this purpose make use of a mild shampoo. Herbal shampoos are generally free of harsh chemicals and hence they are preferred. You can use slightly warm water as cold water might not help to remove the oil well from the hair. Use shampoo twice if you feel that oil is not completely removed from the hair. Keep it in mind that excessive shampooing can also damage the hair and reduce the moisture content of the hair. So avoid using shampoo in excess. Coconut oil causes hair loss is one of the misconception among few people.

  • Conditioner:

Once you are done with shampoo, it is important to apply a good moisturizing shampoo. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off. Conditioners form a coating on the surface of hair and reduce frizz and tangles.

Apply coconut oil on the hair regularly, preferably twice a week to get soft and shiny hair. Along with softness and shine, the coconut oil also adds volume to the hair. If you have a passion for long hair, coconut oil can ensure rapid hair growth and you can get desired results in less time.

Now that we have already discussed the healthy and beneficial aspects of coconut oil for your hair. It is important to take good care of your hair to add more shine and life to them. Selection of right brand of coconut oil is also important. There are a lot of chemical containing serums present in the market with a claim of softening your hair. We advise you to stick yourself to the natural products like coconut oil, olive oil or lavender oil for your hair care and proper hair growth.

Bottom line:

Coconut oil is a treasure of many important saturated and unsaturated fats, some vitamins like vitamin E and K. coconut oil is proven an effective remedy against so many hair concerns. It is important to add coconut oil as a part of your everyday hair care routine. The oil can be applied at home with gentle heating and this ensures incredible shine and volume to the hair.

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