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How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on Feet with Home remedies ?

how to get rid of dead skin on feet

Dead skin on the feet is caused by many reasons; one of the key reasons is the lack of moisture. Taking good care of feet is as important as that of facial skin and there are some easy and fast remedies which can help us to get rid of dead cells from the feet. In this article we will offer you the solutions if you are worried about how to get rid of dead skin on feet.

What is dead skin and how is it formed?

When the dead skin is formed on feet in winter, it can result in much chapping. In summer when dead skin accumulates on the feet it is always embarrassing. There are some factors which contribute to the accumulation of dead skin on feet, these include; seasonal and climatic variations, wearing socks and shoes for longer time which deprive skin from easy and normal breathing. How to get rid of dead skin on feet? There are simple remedies to follow.

Causes of dead skin on your feet:

Before knowing how to get rid of dead skin on feet, it is essential to know the causes of dead skin formation:

People who stand for longer time have more dead skin accumulation on their feet.

Sometimes for bathing, we use some harsh kind of soaps which damage the skin and result in the formation of more dead cells.

Overweight and fat people have more dead skin as compared to slim people as feet of an overweight person is likely to carry more weight and hence more dead skin is formed.

When footwear is not good and comfortable it can result in accumulation of dead skin on feet. Especially females who wear high heels are more prone to dead skin on feet.

How to get rid of dead skin on feet with natural and homemade recipes ?

There are several fast and easy remedies for getting rid of dead skin on feet:

Warm water:

How to remove dead skin from feet? Here is the simplest and easiest recipe. Placing the feet in warm water is always helpful, it will not only loosen the dead skin cells but will also provide soothing effect if you are doing it in evening. Take a bucket of warm water and place your feet inside it for 15- 20 minutes. For additional benefits you can have a foot scrubber to remove traces of dead skin left behind after soaking. Dry your feet completely and apply a rich moisturizer. This will make your feet soft and beautiful.

Warm water for dead skin feed

Use of an efficient foot scrubber:

How to get rid of dead skin from feet? The use of scrubber cream or pumice stone is considered best for the removal of dead skin from feet. If you are looking for how to remove thick dead skin from feet? You can make use of a pumice stone after warm water treatment of the feet. The pumice stone will loosen and remove all the dead skin cells and make the feet softer.

Use of an efficient foot scrubber for dead skin feet


Paraffin wax:

If you have some allergic reaction to the use of pumice stone and you are searching for how to get rid of dead skin on feet without pumice stone, paraffin wax is another ideal substitute. When applied on feet it can lock the moisture within the feet ensuring lesser dryness, as this happens there is lesser chance of cracked feet. You can heat paraffin wax in microwave and add coconut or any essential oil in it. Apply it on feet and let it stay overnight. Wash it off next morning and get smoother and softer feet.

Paraffin wax for dead skin feet


Baking soda:

How to remove dead skin from feet using baking soda? Yes, baking soda is another popular home remedy for the removal of dead skin from feet. Take a little warm water, add vinegar in it along with some baking soda and soak your feet for 20 minutes. This method can be used effectively as foot soaked to remove dead skin and calluses will also help you to get rid of foul odor from feet. Foot soak to remove dead skin and vinegar will kill the odor producing germs from the feet.

Baking soda for dead skin feet



How to remove dead skin from feet with razor? Here is a simple way, get a nice foot shaver from the market. You can purchase this device easily from the foot care department of any drug store. It consists of a handle with blade in the middle. Before using it, soak your feet in warm water for few minutes, this will cause the dead skin on feet to loosen. Dry your feet, this is the time to make use of razor. Make it sure that the shaver you are using is hygienic, with the help of gentle motions, shave off the dead skin. You need to spend more time on heels as this is the part of feet with maximum dead skin. Once you are done with the shaving process, you can additionally use pumice stone to remove the traces of dead cells if any. Wash your feet and apply a good moisturizer to keep them soft and smooth.

razor for dead skin feet



This article is all about the causes of dead skin on feet and how to get rid of dead skin on feet. Simplest and easiest home recipes are given which one can easily perform at home to get rid of dead skin masses from the feet. Use of warm water, pumice stone, baking powder and vinegar, use of foot shaver are some of the most popular techniques if you are looking how to get rid of dead cells on feet.

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