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Causes of Rash on Inner Thigh and Treatment

Rashes on inner thighs

Rashes appear at any part of the skin due to heat and moisture. Rashes on inner thighs is not an ailment or a disease, it is an ordinary skin condition which is causes due to overheated skin part with plenty of moisture around. These rashes turn red and inflamed and can cause moderate to intense itch.

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What are rashes on inner thighs?

Rashes on the skin appear as some red itchy patches on the skin. They can appear on any part of the body. these rashes when appear on inner thighs are tough to treat as this part of the skin is generally covered and air contact with these rashes is quite low while moisture is in abundance, all these conditions trigger the formation of rash. When these rashes are formed on any other part of the skin, it is always easy to treat them as some parts of the skin are exposed and can be kept dry.

What are the causes of rashes on inner thighs?

Sometimes, the thighs are exposed to some allergic stuff or chemicals, for example, the chemicals which we generally use as detergents to wash clothes, the shower gels, soaps contain some allergens, and the rashes are likely to appear. Sometimes the soaps or detergents which are used to wash our undergarments can cause allergy and rashes. People who have heavy thighs often suffer from rash as thighs rub as they walk and this result in irritation which appears in the form of reddish patches on inner thighs. The condition is called intertrigo Rash on outer thigh is also caused due to allergic reaction against some detergents.

Some plants even can cause skin irritation, for example poison ivy though all the people suffering from this condition might have some different response. Whatever the reason of rashes on inner thighs is, the ultimate goal is to find out best possible treatment and immediate relied. Inner thigh rash in females or rash on inner thigh near groin in female is caused to the sweaty panties and condition can be avoided by maintaining the hygienic conditions and use of panties made up of organic cotton.

Some of the key causes of rash on inner thigh are:


Cycling results in friction and as a result of it, heat is produced. The sores produced are known as saddle sores. If the initially formed rashes are ignored and no curative measure is taken, they become intense and turn into folliculitis which is generally filled with pus. When pus is accumulated in these rashes they become painful and irritating. If at this stage, proper treatment is given the folliculitis symptoms will fade away in a matter of week or so. If still left untreated they will assume the form of larger bumps and turn into abscess and only remedy is the surgical invasion.



Another similar condition is jogging which can result in inner thigh rashes. As one jogs, the undergarments rub with the delicate skin of thighs, if the undergarments are packed with moisture, they will trigger the rash formation. People living in hot and humid conditions are more prone to rashes on inner thighs. These type of rashes can be avoided if loose clothes are used so that air can pass easily and maintaining the hygienic conditions around thighs and genitals. Rashes on thighs home remedies therefore include the use of Vaseline or petroleum gel which form a thin film around the thighs and do not let the inner garments come in contact with the skin. Also Vaseline acts as a lubricant and reduces friction. Another home remedy for itching between thighs is the use of some oil which serves as a lubricant to reduce friction and hence heat due to the rubbing of thighs.

Tinea curis

Tinea curis is also known as Jock itch, in jock itch inner thighs are affected and they normally appear around the genitals, inner thighs and buttocks, it is one of the common conditions in men and boys when they reach puberty. The infection results in the formation of itchy patches which need immediate medical supervision. Rash on outer thigh STD rash on inner thigh are also caused by Tinea Curis.

Tinea curis

Fungal infections

Fungal infections like Candida can cause rash on inner thighs and groin. The fungus candida grows on the skin and gives rise to rashes and itchy patches on the skin forming lesions. The people living under unhygienic conditions are more prone to fungal infections. The possible treatment of Candida includes, keeping the skin dry as much as possible, use of antifungal ointments or powders, certain herbs along with some antibiotics.

Fungal infections

Nappy rash

Nappy rash in kids and new born babies is also common concern. These rashes make the children irritable. If the diaper of baby is left unchecked for hours with plenty of urine and excreta inside it, the skin gets infected and rash is formed. Changing the diapers after every few hours is therefore essential. Simpler home remedies can be used like application of oil, Vaseline or nappy rash creams along with maintaining hygiene of the kid.

When to see doctor?

Under normal conditions or when rash has just made appearance, if some curative methods are taken like use of some home remedies etc, they can be fruitful. However, if you ever feel pus accumulation in the itchy rashes and slight bleeding, you must take it serious and consult a dermatologist. A doctor will evaluate the type of rash and will prescribe the essential treatment.


Rash on thighs along with some other parts of the skin is a common condition for the people living in hot and humid areas, the condition is common in sportsmen and athletes as well. However the condition can be cured if prompt medical supervision is acquired.

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