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Dicyclomine Uses and Side effects


Dicyclomine is also known as dicycloverine and is one of the most famous prescription medicine used to treat muscle spasms especially in digestive tract. The mechanism involved in reliving muscle spasm is the relaxation of smooth muscles with its known anti-cholingeric side effect. In this article we will study what is Dicyclomine prescribed for? And side effects of Dicyclomine and the ways to use it effectively.


What is Dicyclomine?

Dicyclomine is an oral medicine in the form of tablet; it is a prescription drug which is classified as generic drugs which are relatively less costly. It is also present in the form of capsule or Dicyclomine liquid hence one can take it orally and in the form of injection only under the prescription of doctor. There are different Dicyclomine brand names and compositions in the market.

Dicyclomine Uses:

Dicyclomine is used mainly to treat muscle spasms especially in gastric walls and other Gastro intestinal disorders. It is also used to treat some concerns of digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome. In many combination therapies the use of Dicyclomine is proven effective for example Dicyclomine hydrochloride and paracetamol. You can safely take it with other prescribed medicines. Dicyclomine dosage is prescribed by doctor and one should avoid Dicyclomine abuse or overuse due to various side effects.

Dicyclomine Mechanism of Action:

Dicyclomine drug class is anticholingeric, these anticholingeric drugs functions in a similar pattern. Some similar conditions can also be treated with the help of these drugs. Our digestive tract is made up of several smooth muscles; the drug has direct affect on these smooth muscles of stomach and intestine and helps to get relief from muscular spasm which is caused mainly by disorders of bowel. Dicyclomine benefits the gastro intestinal smooth muscles and relive the spasm of these muscles.


The drug is generally safe to use but there are some considerable warnings associated with it as well also there are some Dicyclomine long term effects.


Dicyclomine and Central Nervous System:

Dicyclomine can affect your brain and hence makes you feel confused and weak in decision making. The long term use of this drug result in hallucinations, insomnia, anxiety or euphoria and short term memory loss, slurred speech and blur vision in some cases. A patient taking this drug can also suffer from loss of muscle coordination especially in arm and legs.

Dicyclomine and intestinal obstruction:

If you have any blockage in intestine, the use of this drug can worsen the condition. The patients with part of their digestive tract removed are at increased risk of intestinal obstruction. The intake of drug for too long can result in diarrhea and is a symptom of blocked intestine.

Dicyclomine and Heat Stroke:

The drug minimizes the production of sweat. Under extreme hot weather if you don’t perspire well enough, it can generate excessive heat in the body which might result in heat stroke. The condition results in tiredness, dizziness and muscle fatigue with faster heart beat. You need to contact your doctor immediately if you are on this drug and experience these symptoms.

Side-effects of Dicyclomine:

The tablets of Dicyclomine when taken make you feel dizzy. The everyday functions where mental alertness is needed are disturbed. The patients of Dicyclomine are advised not to drive and operate machinery. Some common side effects of this drug are:

  • Dryness of mouth and chapped skin around lips
  • Dizziness, Dicyclomine blurred vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue and weakness in the body particularly in legs
  • Sleepy and nervous after taking Dicyclomine capsule or Dicyclomine drops

Though these are mild Dicyclomine effects and normally disappear after few days. On the other hand if the symptoms persist, you need to consult your health care provider for change in medicine.

  • Adverse Reactions:

Sometimes the use of Dicyclomine for pain relieving action is linked with serious side effects. You need to consult your doctor immediately or else the symptoms might turn life threatening. Some of the seriously reported reactions of the drug are:

  • Fast heart beat which is abnormally high
  • Vision related problems such as blurred vision, difficulty in making eye movements, extreme sensitivity to light and headache.
  • Some allergic reactions such as swelling in face, throat, tongue, arms and legs.
  • Pain in deep breathing and swallowing food and saliva.
  • Skin rash and hives
  • Short term memory loss and temporary mental disabilities.
  • Irritation of skin and other body organs.
  • Confusion and mood swings
  • Dicyclomine pills can cause delusions and disorientations
  • Hallucinations, anxiety or euphoria at a same time which means mood can be extremely happy to sad.
  • Decreased production of milk in lactating mothers
  • Some skin problems such as allergy, rash, redness and inflammation with hot flashes.
  • Under the action of Dicyclomine liver and its cells are often affected.
  • Interaction with Other Medicines:

The drug “Dicyclomine” interacts with other medicines as well. You need to discuss with your doctor if you are taking this drug along with some other medicines. Doctor will also check the intensity of your health concern before prescribing Dicyclomine normal dose. Avoid Dicyclomine overdose; consult your doctor to rule out the risk of side effects. The drug interacts with benzodiazepine and other antipsychotic agents, nitrates and antihistamines hence consultation of doctor is needed before starting the medicine.

  • Bottom Line:

Dicyclomine is a prescription drug which is used to treat muscle spasm especially the spasms of smooth muscles of gastro intestinal tract. The drug has some serious side effects involved which can affect brain, eyes, skin and behavior. It is advised to consult doctor before starting this medicine as the drug interacts with other medicines as well. If the side reactions are adverse, the doctor will prescribe Dicyclomine substitute

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