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Causes of Dry Patches On Face and Their Treatment

dry patches on face

The dry patches on face and skin are caused by several reasons. The purpose of skin is to protect the body from temperature fluctuations and other hazards. A healthy skin makes a person confident about his general appearance.


What are dry patches on face?

Dryness of skin is a common problem which is faced by majority of the people. The problems on skin are generally due to changes in the external environment and life style. dry patches on face are more common during winters while for those who have excessively dry skin can experience red dry patches on face or skin throughout the year. These red dry patches on face are not easy to be concealed. When makeup is applied on the red dry patches on face it will further add to skin irritation and problem becomes worst. If you have red dry patches on face, how to get rid of such patches and dry peeling skin on face especially is definitely something you would be searching for everywhere.

Causes of red dry patches on face or skin?

Our skin contains sebaceous glands underneath it which produce its oily secretion known as sebum. It is that sebum which keeps our skin bit oily to prevent dehydration. When due to any environmental or internal reason, the sebum is produced in lesser amount; it results in red dry patches on face and skin. Dry skin patches on face is one of the common issues which people experience, luckily for dry skin patches on face, home remedies are available which are easy and safe to be used. The dry skin patches on face add an odd look to the skin either they are darker or lighter in contrast to the normal complexion. These dry skin patches on face often have reddish, purple or blue coloration and are itchy, flaky as well as sensitive. The key causes of dry skin patches on face include:

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  • Environmental changes:

Changes in the season affect the skin directly and can lead to dry skin patches on face. Cold winds are likely to affect our skin particularly facial skin as it is not covered, the moisture is lost and the condition results in dryness of the skin. Also during the winter months, the moisture content of the surrounding air is quite low hence the skin will not get proper moisture even from the external environment leading to dry skin patches on face.

  • Liver spots:

The liver spots are actually the brownish or blackish spots which appear on the skin on exposure to sunlight. Liver spots are also caused by aging and they normally appear after 40 years of age. These spots appear on the skin parts which are directly exposed to sunlight for long hours. Dry skin patches on face formed by the exposure to sunlight and can be treated by the use of proper sun block and skin fading agents like hydroquinone. In some extreme cases, laser treatment is the option against dry skin patches on face or liver spots.

Liver spots

  • Skin Eczema:

Another name for skin eczema is an atopic dermatitis. In this condition dry skin patches on face or skin appear which are due to cracks on the skin which later turn out to be rough and itchy. Dry red patches on face are caused by eczema and in extreme cases these dry red patches on face result in the appearance of blisters and release yellowish fluid. There are certain environmental as well as genetic factors which cause skin eczema. Microbial activity, temperature extremities, hormonal fluctuations, allergens are some other factors which result in dry red patches on face or eczema.

Skin Eczema

  • Psoriasis:

Dry red patches on face are also caused by psoriasis. It occurs at scalp, elbows, palms, knees, torso, feet etc. The general symptoms include dry red patches on face, itchy scales which are painful as well. Discoloration of nails and scalp crust is also a symptom of psoriasis.

  • Vitiligo:

It is another condition which results in the appearance of dry red patches on face is Vitiligo. It equally affects other parts of the skin as well. The Vitiligo appears as the melanin production in the skin stops. The condition is not contagious but such Dry red patches on face are often embarrassing for most of the people suffering from it.


Temporary causes of Dry patches on face:

The temporary Dry red patches on face or skin appear for short time as well and fade off with the passage of time even when no treatment is provided. For example, after hot water bath, swimming in a pool containing chlorinated water, the use of cosmetics which result in some allergic reactions of mild type etc.

Home remedies How to get rid of dry patches on face and skin?

How to treat dry skin on face is always a big concern. Dry peeling skin on face looks awkward. As we have studied dry skin on face causes in the content mentioned above, here are some remedies:

  • Use of Aloe Vera gel:

Aloe Vera is an important skin moisturizer. It can also be used to treat other skin conditions like sun burns. Apply the gel directly on the skin by gentle squeezing of a freshly taken Aloe Vera. If you have red dry patches on face that won’t go away with the use of moisturizers available in the market, this is an ideal home remedy. How to cure dry skin on face over night? Apply Aloe Vera gel as it works efficiently in restoring the skin’s moisture. Some chemical peels are also available if the problem persists after using all the home remedies. Read this info How to use Aloe vera on face ?

Use of Aloe Vera gel

  • Moisturizing the skin:

Moisturize your skin frequently, don’t let it dry. Especially in winter season when there is lack of moisture in the air, the skin is more prone to dryness. Wash and cleanse the skin with a mild soap or wash gel, apply moisturizer on the skin preferably the one which contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. For extreme dryness of the skin, you can also use petroleum jelly as well.  The dry patches on face are likely to disappear in a week if skin is kept well moisturized. How to get rid of dry flaky skin overnight? Apply Vitamin E enriched moisturizer.

Moisturizing the skin

  • Balanced diet:

Our skin is what we eat. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin and body hydrated. The diet rich in Vitamin E is essential for dry skin issues; add fish, avocados, nuts, olives in the diet. Fish liver oil is also helpful in overcoming skin dryness issues.

Balanced diet


Dry patches on skin is one of the main skin concerns, there are certain factors which cause dry flaky skin. However, the issue can be resolved by certain home remedies like use of Aloe Vera gel, moisturizers, some medicated ointments are also available which can overcome to issues regarding skin dryness.

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