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28 Amazing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera plant was discovered initially in Africa. It is basically found in dry and hot climates. Now it is grown across the globe due to its proven healthy aspects. The plant is found in abundance in the islands surrounding Indian Ocean and the Middle East. It is a succulent plant with 99% water inside it and this is why it is able to tolerate high temperatures. Aloe Vera plant care tips are even easy and hence one can grow this Plant at home easily. Aloe Vera plant belongs to the family ‘lily”. A famous Egyptian queen Cleopetra was fond of this plant and used it regularly as her beauty care regimen. Aloe Vera gel for hair, Aloe Vera Gel for skin are also available in market though the Aloe Vera gel can be applied topically to gain countless skin and hair benefits.  In this article we will learn some amazing aspects of Aloe Vera gel uses on human health, skin and hair.


 Aloe Vera Gel:

As we discussed above, the plant is succulent with plenty of water retained inside it. It is estimated that 99% of Aloe Vera plant is water. As the plant is squeezed, the gel emerges out. The gel is used extensively in making medicines, in making cosmetics and skin care products, hair care products etc. There are a lot of health benefits of Aloe Vera gel and in this article we will study how this amazing natural wonder helps to treat certain health concerns. The Aloe Vera gel uses are mentioned below:

aloe vera gelly

Aloe Vera Gel Uses:

Aloe Vera gel is proven natural remedy against so many inflammatory diseases. As discussed Below, the soothing nature of Aloe Vera makes it highly important in the treatment of certain types of burns including sun burns. The plant is known to boost up the immune system of the body which helps the body to fight against certain infections. The key health benefits of Aloe Vera include improvement in digestion and relieving certain gastro intestinal diseases, relieving constipation, fighting against ulcers and sores, acid reflux etc. In the same way the use of Aloe Vera gel for beauty purpose like for the treatment of skin problems and hair concerns is also in fashion. The use of Aloe Vera and its derivatives have been proven beneficial for skin and hair. In the article below we will discuss the role of Aloe Vera on skin and hair. Aloe Vera gel for Acne treatment has been in fashion since long. This was the short Aloe Vera gel review. Now we will study the beneficial aspects of Aloe Vera gel for face and hair.

28 Amazing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:

There are plenty of healthy aspects related to Aloe Vera gel. This is why the plant is used worldwide in making certain medicinal products. The proven health benefits of Aloe Vera gel are so many. The Aloe Vera medicinal uses in general however are mentioned below:

1-Aloe Vera Gel for Skin:

As we have discussed certain healthy aspects of Aloe Vera gel on human health. Aloe Vera gel benefits are not only restricted to body systems. Aloe Vera gel can be used ideally for the skin concerns. When the gel of this plant is squeezed out, it is considered to be ideal remedy against certain skin problems like sunburn, Hyper pigmentation, skin abrasions, wrinkles and dark spots, freckles and other signs of aging on the skin. This is one of the reasons why most of the skin care products contain Aloe Vera extracts inside them as an important constituent. You can use the gel directly on the skin as well to experience incredible radiance and glow.

Aloe Vera Gel for Skin

Use of Aloe Vera gel after sun exposure can reduce sun burns. In the same way Aloe Vera gel after sun can also help to reduce excessive melanin under the skin. How to use Aloe Vera on face? Rub the gel directly on the skin. Reductions of acne, blemishes, sun burn are some benefits of Aloe Vera on face overnight. How to use Aloe Vera on face for fairness? Apply Aloe Vera on face every day as a part of your skin care regimen. As it reduces the melanin under the skin and results in fairer complexion. Aloe Vera for face pimples and dermatitis is considered ideal though it is better to consult doctor if the symptoms fail to disappear. In order to use Aloe Vera for skin whitening, you need to apply the gel on the facial skin overnight.

2-Aloe Vera Gel for Acne:

For the people who are suffering from dermatitis, the use of Aloe Vera gel on face is significant.  The anti microbial activity of Aloe Vera gel on face makes it ideal for the treatment of dermatitis and acne breakouts. The best news regarding the skin care is that, there is no need to rely on expensive cosmetics, apply the gel of Aloe Vera on face and get rid of acne, acne scars, pimples, blemishes, blackheads etc. Aloe Vera gel for acne treatment can be applied directly on the skin. Best way to use Aloe Vera gel for Acne is to apply it on the skin at night and let it stay overnight. Wash it off the next morning and get some amazing outcomes. Aloe Vera gel benefits are countless either they are for skin, hair or for healthy body functioning.

Some commonly used Aloe Vera products in the market are patanjali aloe vera gel kesar chandan, mumuso Aloe Vera gel, Saundarya Aloe Vera gel, Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera gel. All these are absolutely herbal products and one can safely used them for the treatment of so many skin concerns.

Aloe Vera Gel for Acne

3-Aloe Vera Gel for Hair:

Aloe Vera gel for hair is considered one of the most ideal recipes for proper hair growth. When applied on hair, Aloe Vera gel is proven to add volume to hair along with a natural shine. The gel and other derivatives of Aloe Vera are helpful in the restoration of moisture content of the hair especially for the hair which is damaged by excessive use of styling tools with high heat. How to use Aloe Vera on hair? If you are experiencing hair fall problems, the application of Aloe Vera gel can reduce hair loss considerably along with the soothing effect on the scalp. For dandruff and dry scalp as well you can massage the freshly squeezed Aloe Vera gel on the hair and scalp, this aloe Vera hair mask has soothing effect on the scalp. The Aloe Vera cream also boost up the circulation of blood and in this way keeps the mental strain away. In men, who are under threat of baldness, can apply the gel of this plant on the scalp and it will promote hair regrowth. The use of herbal shampoos containing Aloe Vera cream for Hair is also is known to reduce pre mature graying of hair.

Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

4-Aloe Vera Drink:

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with plenty of water retained inside it. The gel obtained from Aloe Vera is used for its topical application on the skin and wounds where it aids in regeneration of damaged skin parts. In the same way the gel can be used as a part of diet as you can eat it along with some other substances for its seasoning like honey. One of the best ways to consume Aloe Vera is to make a fresh juice of it. A glass of juice containing Aloe Vera is effective in keeping the body healthy. Aloe Vera gel drink can be made at home as it takes few minutes.

To make Aloe Vera gel drink, you need the following ingredients:

  • One leaf of Aloe Vera (large sized)
  • A sharp blade or knife
  • Table spoon
  • Small bowl to store the gel when taken out
  • Blender
  • Fresh water almost 3 glasses.
  • How to make Aloe Vera juice?

In order to make juice, you need to cut a large sized leaf from Aloe Vera plant with a help of sharp blade or knife. Cut the leaf in such a way that its gel is exposed. With a help of spoon, collect the gel and place it in a bowl. Take a blender and add 3 cups of water in it and add freshly squeezed Aloe Vera extract into it, generally you need two big spoons of Aloe Vera in 3 cups of water to make juice of Aloe Vera. For seasoning you can add honey, lemon or ginger as well as these all ingredients have some additional benefits on human health. This juice is ideal for skin, hair, inner organs like heart, stomach, kidneys, liver and intestine. The Aloe Vera gel drink can be used as an effective remedy against certain diseases like weakness of eye sight, hypertension, and high blood cholesterol. The Aloe Vera gel review is mentioned below.

Aloe Vera Drink

5-Aloe Vera for Digestive Aid:

Aloe Vera juice is considered ideal remedy for the people suffering from certain gastric issues. The inflammation of digestive tract is considered to be the main cause of certain ailments. Aloe Vera gel has anti inflammatory characteristics and due to this it can be added in our diet. Taking Aloe Vera gel for leaky gut syndrome is medically proven effective. Aloe Vera digestive aid juice on Stomach has soothing action. The use of Aloe Vera is proven effective for digestion problems. Does Aloe Vera help your stomach? Yes, the compounds present in Aloe Vera clean up the stomach and act as anti inflammatory thereby improving the functioning of stomach. Likewise, the use of Aloe Vera for stomach gas is also effective.

6-Aloe Vera for Gut Disorders:

For the people experiencing the damage to the linings of intestine, Aloe Vera for gut inflammation has some magical healing aspects. It helps in healthy healing and thereby prevents the leaky gut disorder. The repair of gut linings is always important as otherwise all the toxins from intestine can enter in the blood which can be fatal.

Aloe Vera for Gut Disorders

7-Aloe Vera for Immune Booster:

Our immune system makes us able to combat certain infections. It is therefore important for our bodies to have healthy immune system. It is seen that immune system gets weaker with aging; as a result people at old age are more prone to infectious diseases. One of the important Aloe Vera gel uses is boosting up the immune system. Taking Aloe Vera in diet is important as it keeps the immune system healthy and functional. Also the healthy and functional immune system can delay the signs of aging.

8-Aloe Vera Relives Constipation and Maintains Regular Bowel Movements:

The gel of Aloe Vera acts as a laxative which lubricates the food and allows the wastes to pass out easily. The plant is filled with gel in abundance and this helps in the regulation of water content in the intestine. It also stimulates the intestinal linings to secrete mucus for further lubrication of food.

Aloe Vera Relives Constipation

9-Aloe Vera for Detoxification:

Since Aloe Vera gel contain anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties, it speeds up the process of removal of toxins from the body. The process is known as detoxification and it is extremely important for body to detoxify the metabolic wastes soon after their production. The process is mainly conducted in liver and Aloe Vera gel therefore is healthy food for liver. Aloe Vera gel for skin is also ideal as it purifies the skin from deeper layers.

10-Aloe Vera Fight Against Hyperacidity and Heart Burn:

Aloe Vera for stomach can considerably reduce the acid reflux. People suffering from GERD can use Aloe Vera drinks in their diet. The soothing effect of this juice will help to prevent heart burns caused by hyperacidity.

11-Aloe Vera for Ideal for Burns:

Aloe Vera gel is considered ideal for all types of burns including sun burn, since it stimulates the process of healing. It can be applied topically on burns to get the soothing effect. Aloe Vera for skin is ideal as it can penetrate in the skin to stimulate cellular regeneration.

Aloe Vera for Ideal for Burns

12-Aloe Vera Gel Fights Against Dental Plaque:

Aloe Vera gel is considered ideal for the treatment of dental decay, dental caries and plaque. Most of the tooth pastes contain Aloe Vera gel as it can be used effectively for teeth whitening. Due to anti microbial properties, the Aloe Vera gel or juice if used in mouth wash can be ideal to treat bad breath by killing bacteria causing bad breath.

13-Aloe Vera for Treatment of Ulcers and Sores:

Canker sores, ulcers, mouth ulcers are some of the conditions which people experience at some stage of their life. It has been shown via certain researches that applying Aloe Vera gel on sores can provide fast relief.

14-Lowers Blood Sugar Level:

The Aloe Vera plant has been in use since long for the treatment of diabetes. It enhances the sensitivity of insulin and hence it can lower the blood sugar level. In ancient times, Aloe Vera was used by doctors as a remedy for diabetes.

15-For irregular Periods and Menstrual Cramps:

Aloe Vera gel is proven effective in the treatment of Irregular periods. It has been proven that the use of Aloe Vera in diet has significantly improved the period’s frequency and consistency. For the females who are suffering from menstrual cramps, they can take Aloe Vera juice at the onset of menstruation to Get rid of cramps.

Menstrual Cramps

16-Aloe Vera Improves Vision:

In our everyday life, vision is perhaps the most important aspect. The use of cell phones and computers excessively damages the vision and eye sight. Luckily, Aloe Vera gel can be used as it can be mixed with honey and walnuts to improve vision and eye concerns. The use of Aloe Vera and its juice is magical for eyes.

17-Aloe Vera for Fertility Concerns:

Aloe Vera gel has been proven effective in the treatment of fertility issues. For the females who are trying to conceive can add Aloe Vera juice in their diet. Since, the ingredients of Aloe Vera helps to restore the hormonal balance, the juice has very positive and healthy impact on ovaries and concerned hormones and in this way females have better chances to conceive. Can Aloe Vera clear infertility? Yes, It can be used effectively since it is healthy for the functioning of reproductive organs in both male and females. Does Aloe Vera clean the womb? Yes, since the compounds present in Aloe Vera are responsible for detoxification, Aloe Vera can be used for cleansing of womb. Aloe Vera benefits for uterus in the same way can be helpful in conceiving. Use of Aloe Vera for blocked fallopian tubes is also recommended.

Aloe Vera for Fertility Concerns

18-Aloe Vera gel as Anti-Carcinogenic:

It has been proven that the growth of cancerous cells is halted with the use of Aloe Vera. Due to this, the extract of Aloe Vera is now being used extensively in the cancer therapies. It also protects the body from oxidative stress.

19-Aloe Vera for kidney Stones:

Aloe Vera and its derivatives have been proven significant to prevent the formation of stones in kidneys and bladder by keeping the body from the harmful effects of oxalates.

Aloe Vera for kidney Stones

20-Aloe Vera for High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is caused by high cholesterol in the body and stressed mode of life. The use of Aloe Vera in diet is proven effective to treat the root cause of high blood pressure. It also boosts up the body’s endurance and cardiovascular performance.

21-Aloe Vera for Arthritis:

Aloe Vera and its extract can be used for the treatment of joint disorders. With aging, a person is likely to suffer from certain conditions like pain and stiffness of joints, swelling across the joints which make movement of body or body parts difficult. The use of Aloe Vera gel is important in the treatment of certain joint disorders. Aloe Vera contains certain chemicals like salicylic acid which is known to reduce inflammation across the joints. Some important vitamins are also present in Aloe Vera gel, these are rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory substances which are known to reduce inflammation across the joints particularly knee and ankle joints. An important compound glucosamine is found in Aloe Vera which reduces the joint stiffness. Minerals and micro minerals are present in Aloe Vera gels which are healthy for bone health.

Aloe Vera for Arthritis

22-Aloe Vera gel and side effects of Radioactive Therapy:

Radiotherapy is given to cancer patients to kill the cancerous cells in the body. As this therapy is given there are plenty of side effects which cancer patients are likely to encounter. The use of Aloe Vera gel topically has been effective to reduce the side effects especially at the place where radiotherapy had been provided. When Aloe Vera gel is applied topically, it immediately produces the soothing effect on the skin and hence speeds up the process of healing. For the burns which are produced as a result of radiotherapy the use of Aloe Vera juice has been proven significant since it speeds up the process of healing. The use of Aloe Vera gel for skin with burns is ideal for speedy recovery.

23-Aloe Vera for Healing of Wounds:

Aloe Vera and its extracts are considered ideal natural healers. The time since this miracle plant was discovered, it has been used for the treatment of wounds since ages. The topical application of Aloe Vera gel has some magical outcomes as it gives immediate soothing effect on the wounds, it is considered ideal for the dressing of wounds as it will enhance the process of healing. The wounds of tissue injuries as well as gun shots can be cured effectively with the help of Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel for skin is important as it enhances cellular regeneration.

Aloe Vera for Healing of Wounds

24-Aloe Vera to Control Nausea and Vomits:

When the contaminated food is taken up, it is likely to result in acute diarrhea and nausea. Luckily both the conditions can be treated with the help of Aloe Vera gel. Cancer patients who are given chemotherapies suffer from frequent nausea.  Aloe Vera drinks can be consumed to combat this condition. The juice is considered best for the disorders of stomach and gut. When a glass of Aloe Vera juice is taken, it results in feeling of calmness inside the body. Hence, if you are suffering from nausea the use of Aloe Vera is effective. It is important to note that for pregnant women the use of Aloe Vera can cause some complications, hence if you are pregnant and suffering from nausea due to morning sickness, you are not advised to take Aloe Vera juice.

25-Aloe Vera Reduces the oxidative Stress of the body:

Certain important nutrients, minerals and vitamins are found in abundance in Aloe Vera. Some of the important vitamins include Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Along with vitamins folic acid and niacin is also present in Aloe Vera. These all substances are needed for the proper body functioning. The regular intake of Aloe Vera reduces the oxidative stress of the body and boosts up the immune system.

Aloe Vera Reduces the oxidative Stress of the body

26-Aloe Vera for Bad Cholesterol:

When Aloe Vera is added in the diet, it helps to boost up the immune system and helps in the proper body functioning. The use of Aloe Vera is proven effective for the improvement of blood quality by regulating the amount of sugar and cholesterol in it, when taken regularly it reduces the cholesterol and triglycerides which are considered extremely harmful for cardiovascular health.

27-Aloe Vera Enhances the Blood Oxygenation:

When the proper oxygenation of blood occurs, more carbon dioxide is taken away from the body. Aloe Vera when taken up regularly in diet helps in the speedy oxygenation of the blood and likewise it helps in blood circulation producing overall healthy impact on the body.

28-Aloe Vera Plant Delays Aging:

Aloe Vera gel and its derivatives result in some healthy outcomes in the body like boosting up of immune system, reduction of oxidative stress, reduction of inflammation and hence it plays considerable role in the reduction of process of aging. On the skin, its impacts are even healthier as it helps to maintain the youthful look. For a skin free of freckles, blemishes and wrinkles you need to apply Aloe Vera gel topically on the skin or either by taking in Aloe Vera juice or its supplements. These amazing properties of Aloe Vera make it an ideal and most efficient skin tonic as it can diffuse deep down the skin into certain layers and helps in the cellular regeneration.  It has to be kept in consideration that Aloe Vera side effects are also there if taken in excess.

Aloe Vera Plant Delays Aging

Aloe Vera Gel Review:

Aloe Vera is an important plant from medicinal point of view. The plant is succulent in nature with plenty of water stored inside it. As discussed above the Aloe Vera gel is used in the treatment of so many health concerns. For the people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, hyperglycemia, decreased hepatic function, arthritis etc the use of Aloe Vera and its derivatives is an ideal remedy. The gel can be taken in the diet; it can also be used to make juice. However for skin and hair the gel can be applied topically as the compounds present in Aloe Vera extract are proven to be skin and hair friendly.

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