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How to Exercise to Lose Lower Back Fat In a Matter of Few Days

How to get rid of lower back fat

Obesity is always a bad news as far as your health is concerned. The accumulation of fat on any part of body tends to make the overall looks odd and end up in spoiling the overall looks and personality of a person. It has been proven via a lot of researches that obesity is one of the deadliest causes of certain diseases including high blood pressure, heart diseases and risks of strokes. More than these physical impacts of obesity, there are a lot of psychological impacts associated with obesity, as it damages self confidence and belief. These all impacts altogether cause negative effects on the body. The modern mechanized life has introduced certain short cuts to make life easier. Fast food, fizzy drinks and over work all contribute to obesity. The associated side effects of obesity make it extremely vital to lose excessive fat and keep the body slim.

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How to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat Quickly?

There are some low fat recipes, low calorie diets as well as some exercises which are proven effective to reduce your back far. In this article we will discuss the ways of reducing lower back fat particularly to make your figure attractive. One must keep in mind that losing fat from specific location is not an easy task; you have to work hard and keep calm for a long time before you get the desired results.

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While you perform several workouts like cobras, side bends, twists and dead lifts, these all work in toning up entire body and overall weight reduction. It is not possible exactly to get rid of fats only from lower back region. In order to burn fat, you need to burn more calories than the amount of calories you are taking in. It is practically not possible to massage, melt the fat away from a specific body part.

How to get rid of lower back fat

How To Get Rid of Back Fat and Love Handles Fast:

In order to get rid of fats from your lower back, you need to cut down your calorie intake and total body percentage of body fat. You can however speed the fat burning process by aggregating it with some physical exercises. You know, it is not easy for you to spot reduce fats. How to get rid of lower back fat? Here are some dietary tips to get rid of body fat.

  • Use of low calorie intake.
  • Avoid use of fizzy drinks as they contain a lot of sugar as well as soda, these substances are proven to be the main cause of obesity besides there are certain health factors associated with these carbonated fizzy drinks.
  • While taking meals, arrange your meal in proportions, this ensures you take in all essential nutrients like good proportion of proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are needed for healthy body functioning.
  • Avoid use of red meat, pork, cheese and other deep fried foods; they end up giving a fat bulk in the body.
  • Find out some rich and healthy carbohydrate sources like brown flour, brown rice and brown sugar etc.
  • Don’t forget to eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Stay hydrated, you need to take in minimum of three liters of liquid in diet.
  • You can make use of a calorie calculator to keep a daily record of your calorie intake.

Exercises to Get Rid of Back Fat and Love Handles:

When you learn to perform body strengthening exercises, they help you to reduce weight faster and also provide strength to the body. Several cardiovascular exercises are proven to speed up the process of calorie burning. In a week aim for doing 150 minutes of exercises which include brisk walk for a significant reduction of weight. If you want to get rid of much weight you can even perform 250 minutes exercise in a week and you will get evident results. According to a research conducted by American College of Sports Medicine, people with 250 minutes of exercise per week have shown noticeable weight loss in a month.

How to get rid of lower back fat home? We suggest you the dietary changes as well as 250 minutes of work out. Avoid taking too much stress as stress can result in fat accumulation around certain organs. Take plenty of sleep, yoga and hot water bath as these are proven to lower the body weight.

How to get rid of lower back fat

Effect of exercise:

If you have a stubborn fat accumulation on the lower back, you need to do some exercises and wait patiently; it will ultimately result in fat loss. Here are some exercises which can be performed easily:

  • Pull-ups:

Pull ups causes the muscles at back to tone up and sculpt well. you need to do this two times in a set consisting of ten steps.

  • Pushups:

Pushups seem like you are working on toning up your chest, but in reality, it is equally good for lower back as well.

  • Rowing machine:

These machines are very much in fashion after being proven significant for the reduction of weight from lower back. The rowing movement of the machine well targets the lower back removing stubborn fats from the place.

  • Yoga:

Yoga is best as along with workout it provides relief from the stress as well. It is also known to strengthen the body’s immune system, keeping the body flexible and to get all round fitness. 30 minutes of Yoga per day can cause noticeable results in few months.

How to get rid of lower body fat? Well, the answer lies in the article, eat smart, workout more, avoid stress and keep your body well hydrated. All these factors contribute to significant reduction in weight. You can also take green tea as it speeds up the calorie burning in the body and acts as a perfect antioxidant by fighting against the free radicals in the body.

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