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How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast and Naturally ?

how to get rid of bruises

Any injury which leads to skin discoloration is commonly known as bruises. It is actually the internal bleeding due to the damaged blood cells which are just beneath the skin. The injury causing bruises generally end up in bluish black mark on the skin.


What is a bruise?

A bruise is generally an injury which results in bleeding just under the surface of the skin and due to the accumulation of blood at a particular place one gets a characteristic mark which is normally bluish to black in coloration. How to get rid of bruises fast is the main aim of this article and we will study all the possible causes and symptoms of bruise occurrence on the skin.

Causes of a Bruise:

Before we study the details regarding, how to get rid of bruises fast ? There are many known causes of bruises on the skin. Generally people get these bruises when something bumps into them accidentally which results in minor internal bleeding due to the damage of tiny blood vessels located just under the surface of skin. The probable causes of bruises are listed below:

  • In athletes who have to perform heavy exercises and lift weight, these bruises are common. The tiny blood vessels under the skin are damaged and internal bleeding takes place.
  • If someone is getting unexplained bruises it might be due to underlying bleeding disorder. If you ever experience nosebleeds or unexplained bleeding of gums along with the appearance of bruises, it is due to the bleeding disorder or acute deficiency of vitamin C in the body.
  • Some times as something hits you accidentally and bruises appear on the skin and thigh it might also be due to failure to recall the injury. On the other hand, if these bruises are too frequent and you don’t find any appropriate reason for it, you need to get medical supervision.
  • As we age, the skin gets thinner and this result in more appearance of bruises.
  • The fragility of the tissues which are under the surface of skin also results in the appearance of bruises.
  • For the people who are taking blood thinners, they are more prone to get bruises.

how to get rid of bruises fast

Symptoms of bruises:

There are some symptoms of bruises and one has to keep an eye on the cause and frequency of these bruises.

  • The bruise when formed initially appears red in color due to the fresh blood which accumulates under the skin. However, after few hours it turns greenish or yellowish as it takes time to heal.
  • The bruises formed are tender normally, they are painful as well in the beginning but with the passage of time as the damaged blood vessels heal up, the pain goes away and also the color of bruises fades away.
  • There is no risk of any kind of infection when bruise is formed as skin is not broken.

How to get rid of bruises fast?

When there is some kind of trauma or skin injury, the bruises are formed. The blood vessels located under the skin burst as a result of some sharp blow to the body. These bruises normally disappear in some time but there are some ways to minimize the pain and disappearance of bruises. How to get rid of bruises quickly? The fast and natural methods are given below:

How to get rid of bruises quickly by natural ways?

 When a bruise is formed on the skin, the only thing which strikes the mind is how to get rid of bruises in 24 hours or how to make bruises go away in one day? Here are some easy ways:

  • The ice compress:

How to get rid of bruises quickly? Try an ice therapy. On injury, apply ice immediately to the damaged part to reduce the bleeding. As the ice is placed it will result in faster blood clotting as well as narrowing the damaged blood vessels, both these factors reduce bleeding. The ice therapy is the best way if you are looking for how to get rid of bruises in 24 hours. It reduces the swelling around the bruises as well. For best results, use ice pack and place it on a bruise for 10 minutes or so. Reapply it after 20 minutes if needed. Bruises are common on legs. If you are looking for how to get rid of bruises on legs, this ice treatment works best.

The ice compress

  • Heat:

Heat boosts up the circulation of blood by increasing the flow of blood to the body. When the bruise is formed it is an indication of a trapped blood at the site of injury, the heat compress will help to clear these bruises in short time. If you are thinking about how to get rid of old bruises? This can be an efficient treatment. For this purpose, heat pad or hot water bottle is recommended. However another good option is soaking in a hot water bath.

  • Elastic bandage for compression:

When an elastic bandage is wrapped across the bruised area, the tissues will be squeezed and further leaking of blood from the damaged blood vessels will be prevented. The severity of a bruise is reduced by use of these bandage compresses. The bandage also eases pain and removes swelling if any. Among the ways to make bruises go away faster, this is one of the best considered options. How to get rid of bruises in 24 hours? Try elastic bandage compress.

  • Elevation of the bruised area:

Elevate the bruised part of the body. It helps in draining the fluid away from the bruised parts and relieves the pain. How to get rid of bruises quickly? Elevate the bruised part.

  • Mouth wash:

How to get rid of bruises with mouth wash? Mouth wash work wonders for the treatment of bruises. Apply the mouth wash on the mark, just dab it on and you will notice the purplish bruises fading away with in no time.

  • Vinegar for bruises:

Vinegar increases the flow of blood near the surface of the skin and in this way. Rinse the damaged part with vinegar by dabbing it on, it will allow the bruises to fade away fast. How to get rid of bruises in 24 hours? Apply vinegar and see the magic.

Vinegar for bruises

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