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Hobo Spider Bite, Symptoms and Preventive Measures

hobo spider

One of the most common spiders seen in abundance in the Pacific North western state of USA are  known as a hobo spider. The pacific northwestern United States comprises of certain other states such as Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Washington. The rail road tracks are the places where these hobo spiders are found in abundance. This spider is also seen at other places such as rocks, cracks and holes, under debris and across certain foundation buildings. Hobo spider is also called aggressive house spider. It catches it’s pray and becomes aggressive when it is trapped against the skin of a person. It can also bite a person where it can be very annoying but in most of the cases these spiders run away before even biting. In this article we will discuss hobo spider bite and how to treat it.


 What is a Hobo Spider Bite:

Where do hobo spiders live? Where do hobo spiders live? Hobo spider is found in several states of USA around the rail tracks, in the building holes and grounds. The spider bite in past was considered very dangerous but now medical science has proven the bite to be harmless. Sometimes, these hobo spiders build their web around the human habitats; hobo spider web is like a typical spider web. You can also consult hobo spider bite pictures to confirm if you have the same spot on skin after the bite. hobo spider bite side effects are minor and you can take some home remedies to feel better.

 Appearance of Hobo Spider:

 It has a typical arachnid look with long legs and brownish body, the abdomen is grey with yellowish marks which are typically seen in other spiders as well. Till date more than 200 species of spider have been discovered. Most of hobo spiders are harmless and result in mild reaction when they bite. In past, hobo spider bite was considered deadly but now days it is proven that there are no harmful consequences of hobo spider bite.

Hobo Spider Bite Symptoms:

Most of the cases of hobo spider bites are common from the months July, August, and September. This is their breeding season and the time where most of the male spiders are in search of their female partners to reproduce. The hobo spider bite on the first day is painless and one even has no feeling of a bite. It sometimes feels like a pinprick with a little discomfort. Some people who experienced hobo spider bite reported slight to moderate pain, twitching of legs, redness around the bitten part. The hobo spider bite reactions are seen for as much as 10-12 hours.  The venom of hobo spider is not toxic as it was considered in the past. This is proven by centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The claim was made when few animals were tested with hobo spider venom and no influence or harmful reaction was seen on the skin of animals.

Hobo Spider Bite Symptoms

Hobo Spider Bite Treatment:

Are hobo spiders poisonous? The Hobo spider bite stages are various; the bite is painful like a pen prick and is not a serious health concern. However if any skin reaction is seen such as blister, painful reddish rashes which turn black, you need to consult your health care provider. There are many skin conditions which are caused by hobo spider bite. The anti allergic medicines are used in case of rash. Some hobo spider bite tests are also prescribed to find out the cause of allergy and redness of skin.

Hobo Spider Bite Home Treatment:

If you suspect a hobo spider bite effects, there are some home care remedies which you can do right away to rule out the risk of swelling and rash. If you have a hobo spider bite, how to treat it is the first question in mind.  Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Make use of mild soap or water to clean the bitten part of the skin.
  • If you have a hobo spider bite blister, apply cold compress or ice pack.
  • Apply a cold compress on the bitten part; this will help to remove pain and swelling.
  • If the hobo spider has bitten on the leg or arm, keep it elevated.

These are considered first line treatment options at home. Consult your doctor immediately and get a tetanus shot.

Hobo Spider Bite Outlook:

According to latest investigation, it is proved that hobo spider bite has no harmful consequences on human health. Only temporary and limited skin reactions are seen. Consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment if you are concerned about the possible skin reaction. Sometimes, another skin reaction such as rash, acne or allergy appears as a spider bite.

Prevention of Hobo Spider Bite:

The hobo spider bite can be prevented by some defense measures. The main preventive measures to rule out the risk of hobo spider bite are:

  • Discard rubbish and piles of wood near your home if any as they offer a shelter for spiders to grow and reproduce.
  • Keep knowledge about poisonous spiders and the place where they reside. Avoid going to such places where you doubt the presence of poisonous spiders.
  • The tools or instruments saved in garages especially in the plastic bags must be sealed properly.
  • While moving to the places where you suspect spiders, wear long sleeves shirts, long socks and gloves to keep the body covered and protected from spider bite.
  • Carefully shake out the items which you have not used for a long time. The items such as shoes and long boots, gloves are often hiding places for spiders.

The Bottom Line:

Hobo spiders in the past were considered dangerous and life threatening if they bite. Now days, it has been proven that hobo spider bite is not life harmful and either not painful. The bite of hobo spider feels like a needle prick. Under normal conditions you don’t need to consult your doctor for hobo spider bite but if you experience some adverse reactions such as redness or black skin around the bitten part, pain and pus accumulation etc you need to seek immediate medical supervision.

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