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10 Simple Ways Regarding How to Get Rid of Corns

There are often thickened skin pouches in the form of small hard circles known as corns, they generally appear on feet. The main cause of corns on the skin is the exposure of skin to either friction or pressure. The most common parts of the body where these corns are likely to appear are between toes and their sides, soles of feet etc. They can develop in other parts of body as well. In this article we will study the corns, causes of corns and how to get rid of corns on toes permanently?

What are Corns ?

These are tiny circles with hardened skin and normally appear in the feet. The pressure and heat are general factors which stimulate the formation of such corns. They are more abundant on feet but they can grow on other parts of the body as well. Sometimes, they are also related to aging. How to get rid of seed corns? In this article, simple and effective remedies are shared.

Causes of Corns:

Before finding ways to remove corns on feet overnight, it is essential to know the causes of these corns. There are several causes which result in the formation of corns on feet and other body parts:

  • Walking bare-footed, or not wearing socks while wearing shoes so that more sweat and heat is produced in the feet
  • Running or exercising in ill fitting shoes.
  • Long hours of standing along with wearing tight fitting shoes.
  • High heels
  • Damaged sweat glands, warts on feet
  • In short, any such foot wear which results in more friction and sweat on feet can result in the formation of corns. How to get rid of corns on bottom of foot? There are some easy remedies.

Causes of Corns

Which Body Parts are prone to Corn Formation?

How to get rid of corns on toes fast? Corns generally appear on toes and soles of feet. Any part of the body where more friction or pressure is exerted is more prone to the development of corns. The areas of skin which are smooth and hairless are also prone to the formation of corns. How to remove corns from toes? Read the simple remedies given blow to find corn on foot treatment.

10 simple Ways Regarding How to Get Rid of Corns:

How to get rid of corns and calluses? There are some easy and effective home remedies which are helpful in getting rid of corns.  Some of the proven effective remedies are mentioned below:

  1. Synthetic vinegar:

Synthetic vinegar is acidic and it helps to soften the skin. The vinegar is antibacterial and antifungal as well. Dilute the vinegar and apply it on the corn, cover it with bandage and leave it on the skin for night. Next morning, apply any gentle moisturizer on the skin. How to get rid of corns completely? Apply vinegar as mentioned.

Synthetic vinegar

  1. Papaya:

Papaya contains enzymes which help to slough off the hardened skin and the dead cells around. Apply raw papaya on the feet and cover it with tape. Wash it off the next morning and repeat till the corn disappears completely.

  1. Turpentine oil:

It is an effective antiseptic. It can effectively penetrate in the skin. Apply turpentine oil on the corn containing part and cover it with bandage. Repeat this procedure every night until the corn is fallen off. How to get rid of corns home remedies need permanent attention and regularity in application of the remedies. How to get rid of hand corns? This recipe can work wonders.

  1. Lemon:

How to get rid of corns easily? How to get rid of corns with lemon juice? Lemon is an ideal remedy for corns. Since the acid helps to soften the dead skin, applying fresh lemon juice on corns is helpful in this regard. Repeat the procedure unless the corn eventually falls off.


  1. Garlic:

How to get rid of corns with garlic? How to get rid of corns by natural remedies? The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial characteristics of garlic make it best remedy for the treatment of corns. Rub the garlic on the corns, wear socks or cover the corn containing part with bandage after it. Leave it for three days, as the bandage is removed, the corn will fall off.

  1. Licorice:

Since it has amazing healing characteristics, it can be used for the treatment of corns. Make a paste of mustard oil and licorice. Apply this paste on the corn and cover the affected part with bandage. Wash it with lukewarm water the next morning and repeat the procedure unless the corn shrinks and shrivels off.

  1. Baking soda:

It is an exfoliating substance and can help in the removal of dead skin. How to get rid of deep corns?  Take warm water, add three tablespoons of baking powder in it and soak your feet in the solution. Now use the pumice stone and rub is gently around the feet especially corn containing parts. Repeat the procedure everyday till the corns disappear completely.

Baking soda

  1. Pumice stone:

How to get rid of corns and calluses permanently? One of the most effective remedy is massaging the foot and corn with the help of pumice stone. As you do so, the hardened and dead skin is removed and you get immediate relief.    Take lukewarm water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes in it. This will soften the dead cells and hardened skin. Rub the pumice stone gently around the toes or soles with corns. Apply any oil and wear socks so that oil stays on the corns. Wash your feet the next morning. how to get rid of corns between toes? Use this remedy.

  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric and honey mixture is ideal for the treatment of corns at home. Apply the paste on corns and wait until it dries. Repeat it every day and corn will fall off eventually.


  1. Pineapple:

Pineapple can effectively clear the corns. Apply the fresh peel of pineapple on the corn. The skin softening enzymes are present in papaya which can soften the corns as well. Place a peel of pineapple on the corn and cover it with bandage, leave it overnight and wash your feet the next morning.

Bottom Line:

How to get rid of corns at home? Corns are the hardened skin cells which are formed generally in the parts of skin which are exposed to heat, friction and pressure. People wearing sweaty shoes and tight fitting shoes are at increased risk of developing these corns. There are some home remedies which can help to soften the skin and can be used effectively to get rid of corns at home. The recipes such as lemon, vinegar, turmeric, licorice and pumice stone can resolve the problem permanently. How to get rid of corns and keep them off?  Taking care of foot hygiene is the key to prevent such unwanted structures to appear.

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