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8 tips How To Make Your Period Come Made Simple ?

how to make your period come

Human female menstrual cycle is under control of hormones and the length of this cycle is approximately 23-27 days under normal circumstances. The cycle is repeated every month at almost regular intervals. There are some times however where women would want to make the periods come faster.

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 Ways to make your period come faster are normally considered if there is something important to attend like some event.  It is a general concern regarding menstruation cycle whether its speed could be altered and can have a speedier cycle. How to make your period come or how to make your periods come if it’s late? There are some ways which can trigger early menstruation. In this article we will study the remedies to make your periods come faster. How to make your period come? Menstrual cycle can be induced and here are some beneficial tips regarding it.

How To Make Your Period Come ?

Keep in mind the reason why periods are to be induced; here are some of the reasons why females would be worried about their periods: How to make your periods come immediately? Before reading out the ways, you must acknowledge these facts:

  • Pregnancy worries have a key impact. Make it sure you are pregnant before adopting any way regarding How to make your period come. Because if you are pregnant, periods are not supposed to come and using any technique while being pregnant can cause serious complications.
  • Before an important event which means a lot to you, you will definitely need to have periods. For example if you are contesting in a swimming event or any important party where menstruation will not let you enjoy it completely, you may be looking forward to get periods soon.
  • It generally takes 23-32 days for normal females to get their periods with plus and minus of few days. Menstruation therefore comes once in a month.
  • If you are looking for How to make your period come faster, keep in mind that if you are near to the age of menopause your menstruation can be affected. You need to consult your health care provider if there is some delay or no menstruation at all near the menopausal age.
  • The lactating mothers should not be much worried about menstruation as the time till they are breastfeeding they can expect their menstruation to stop altogether. However in case of something severe, you need to consult your health care provider.

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Tips for How To Make Your Period Come Faster:

If you are looking for How to make your period come faster, here are some tips which you can follow safely. However if you feel complication in any of the below mentioned techniques, you need to seek medical supervision soon.

  • The use of oral contraceptive pills:

Many of the people know that oral contraceptive pills are used as birth control precaution and their only task is to control conception. The modern study has revealed that since oral contraceptive pills keep the hormonal level balance, these can also be used to get periods soon. It is however advised to consult your doctor before using such pills as these pills are not prescribed to the females over 35 years of age. Hence before using oral contraceptive pills make sure to consult your doctor. The best way regarding how to make period come faster, home remedies are considered best as they are free of side effects.

The use of oral contraceptive pills

  • Vitamin C as menstrual booster:

Vitamin C can boost up the periods and can result in periods coming faster. It has been proven scientifically that Ascorbic acid or vitamin C can increase the estrogen level in the body and hence periods are induced earlier. The experiment was conducted on 20 ladies who were given vitamin C supplements and 16 ladies were seen with menstrual bleeding within three days of vitamin C dosage. When estrogen concentration in the body is high, the uterine contractions are likely to occur and this can bring the onset of periods. On the other hand, vitamin C decreases the level of progesterone in the body which helps in the maintenance of uterine linings. As this happens uterine linings are likely to undergo a breakdown brining in the onset of menstruation. How to make your period come faster? Use vitamin C in the form of parsley tea, cranberry juice, guavas, citrus fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables etc.

Vitamin C as menstrual booster

  • Herbal tea:

How to make your period come faster naturally? Herbs like parsley contain some chemicals which can induce menstruation. The chemicals inside the herbs like parsley can cause uterine linings to contract and bring about the menstruation. Also when herbal tea or remedies are taken, the hormonal imbalance is reduced which is essential for healthy menstrual cycle. For making herbal tea, you can use ginger or parsley. For better results use 2 times a day in morning and at night till you bleed.

Herbal tea

  • Work outs are helpful:

Physical exercise keeps the body active healthy and alert. Menstrual cycles are more regular and constant in the healthy females. Some exercises also act as a trigger to menstrual cycle. When you do some aerobics, the body and muscles are stimulated. Abdominal exercises are helpful too as they can result in the contraction of uterine muscles and can result in faster periods. How to make your periods come faster naturally? Exercise daily to stay fit. Read for STD infections list.

Work outs are helpful

  • Pineapple and mangoes:

Pineapple is one of the most popular fruit if you are considering the ways to make your period come. For this purpose, you can take fresh slices of pineapple or add the fruit in any of your favorite recipe. If you don’t like the taste of pineapple, you can instead try mangoes.

  • Papaya:

Papaya contains a chemical which is known as carotene, this chemical is known to stimulate the production of estrogen hormone and hence it can be consumed for early induction of periods. How to get your period faster in one day? Well, use papaya as it works wonder.


  • Fenugreek seeds:

How to make period come faster if it is running a bit late? The fenugreek seeds can be boiled in water to make a special herbal tea. For females who encounter menstrual discomforts like painful uterine contractions, they can also use fenugreek seeds. These are one of the fastest and safest ways to make your period come faster.

Fenugreek seeds


  • Reduction of unnecessary stress:

If you are looking out for ways to make your period come fast, stress reduction is a key. Acute stress can cause hormonal imbalance which is not considered safe for menstruation. Take out some time to get involved in physical exercises like yoga and aerobics as a part of your stress management program.

Reduction of unnecessary stress


If you are looking to get your periods come faster, there are some medicines as well. However the natural remedies are considered best as they are free of side effects and can be used at home. If you still encounter problems consult health care provider at your first priority.

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