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Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear for Cleaning

hydrogen peroxide in ear

Ears are needed to be cleaned when too much ear wax is seen accumulated. The condition where ear wax is produced in excess and blocks the opening of an ear is known as cerumen impaction of an ear and results in pain in ear, feeling of fullness in ear along with a feeling that something has been plugged in the ear. In this article we will learn the ear cleaning procedure with the help of hydrogen peroxide in ear in safe and easiest way. Hydrogen peroxide ear wax removal is an old technique of getting rid of excessive ear wax.

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Ear Cleaning and use of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear:

Ears produce plenty of wax which stays inside the canal and serves as a protective barrier and prevents the entry of microbes, water and dust particles to enter the ear. Medically, it is never suggested to remove ear wax as it is a natural way to keep the ears protected from infections but sometimes when the excessive wax gets accumulated in the ears, it can be an annoying and uncomfortable situation and you may need to clear up the excessive wax.

Ear Cleaning and use of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear Drops:

Many ear drops are available in the market to soften the ear wax so that it can be taken out easily. These ear drops are generally fortified with hydrogen peroxide which has remarkable ability to soften the ear wax. Why does hydrogen peroxide bubble in ears? As it acts on wax and disintegrates them with its effervescence effect.  As the ear drops containing hydrogen peroxide are used, the wax dispels on its own. Hydrogen peroxide in ears benefits are it acts as disinfectant as well and clears up all the excessive ear wax. Also hydrogen peroxide kills ear infections. You can use hydrogen peroxide in ear pain as well. in the same way hydrogen peroxide in ear tinnitus is proven effective.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear Drops

Research Regarding Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear:

For many years, hydrogen peroxide is used for the removal of excessive ear wax as the compound has remarkable properties of softening the wax. One of the most common method of clearing the ear wax is irrigation however the use of ear drops containing hydrogen peroxide are beneficial as well. You can try using such ear drops at home without any need to stay in doctor’s office for long time. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used in ear infection as it acts a disinfectant and also hydrogen peroxide eats ear mites.

Later it was proven by several doctors that ear drops containing hydrogen peroxide in clogged ear is the most efficient ways of getting rid of excessive ear wax. Now days it is proven that regardless of its effectiveness the ear wax irrigation method can result in some complications as well. Hence the use of ear drops containing hydrogen peroxide is considered as the safest and efficient solution since hydrogen peroxide eats ear wax.

Distilled Water Instead of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear:

It has been proven by many doctors and ENT specialists that use of distilled water is ideal for the removal of excessive ear wax. The distilled water efficiently disintegrates the ear wax and can provide relief against cerumen ear compaction. Hence if you feel compacted ear, you can try using distilled water at home for the removal of excessive wax. Some people also use alcohol in ear to clear up excessive wax. Hydrogen peroxide in ear for cold can open up the clogged ear. Also the use of hydrogen peroxide in ear causes vertigo hence a great deal of care is needed before using it.

Distilled Water Instead of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear?

There are many solutions which are available in market containing hydrogen peroxide as a key compound. It helps in the bubbling up of wax and softens it thereby making it easier to be removed. Murine, Deborax are some of the ear wax removing products containing hydrogen peroxide and are considered most efficient in the treatment of compacted ear. Hydrogen peroxide for swimmers ear (as more wax is produced to keep water away from entering the ear) is an ideal remedy for removal of extra wax.

You can use hydrogen peroxide in ear ache for the removal of ear wax by simple procedure mentioned below:

  • Lie on a side with one ear facing up.
  • Add some drops of solution containing hydrogen peroxide in ear and fill all the ear canal with it.
  • Stay in the same position for few minutes.
  • Now sit and blot the content of outer ear with a clean cloth, cotton or a tissue.
  • Repeat the same procedure for other ear as well.

As you purchase the ear drops, directions are mentioned, you need to follow the directions strictly. Hydrogen peroxide in ear how many times? If the wax is too hard, you may need to carry out the procedure for some more days.

Risk and Warnings of Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear in Ear

Risk and Warnings of Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear in Ear:

Is hydrogen peroxide harmful for ear? No, it is not direct hydrogen peroxide which damages the ears; it is improper way of picking out the wax. Before putting hydrogen peroxide in your ear you need to follow the directions mentioned on the box carefully or else you will encounter hydrogen peroxide in ear side effects. In case you feel that you have ended up in injuring your ear, contact your health care provider immediately and stop using ear drops. Any injury in the ear can also result in some serious ear infections. Do not use hydrogen peroxide in ear infection. Also avoid using any sharp or pointed object to remove ear wax as it can damage your hear and can result in irreparable loss of hearing. Hence if you feel any problem while removing ear wax, consultation with doctor is recommended.

The bottom Line:

Ear wax is a natural defense system of the body to keep the ear protected from external particles like dust and germs from entering in the ear. In some cases ear wax is produced in excess and can cause discomfort. There are several ways to get rid of excessive ear wax; one of the most efficient methods in this regard is the use of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide in ears is an efficient ear wax softener. On the other hand you need to be careful while using hydrogen peroxide at home as it can damage the ear as well. If you feel any damage to your ear after the use of hydrogen peroxide, get immediate medical supervision. If hydrogen peroxide in ear hurts, you may need to consult your doctor as it might be some allergic response.

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