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Causes Of Pain In Right Side Under Ribs And Treatment

pain in right side under ribs

Pain in right side under ribs is a horrible experience as some of the most vital body organs are protected by ribs. Pains across ribs are most of the times mistaken as chest pains and serious upper abdominal aches. Some people who suffer from sharp and stabbing pain in right side under ribs may also be concerned about the cardiac arrest.


What is Pain In Right Side Under Ribs?

Pain in right side under ribs or pain under right rib cage is a sharp stabbing pain which is caused by number of different factors. The most common causes of pain in right side under ribs are stones in gall bladder or kidneys, hepatic diseases, appendicitis, gas pains etc. Pneumonia is also one of the most common condition which results in pain in right side under rib cage. Sometimes an accident or trauma also results in pain under right rib cage.

Although all types of pain under the rib cage are not serious yet consultation with doctor is always recommended. This article is about the causes of pain under rib cage and what are the possible treatment options.

Causes of Pain In Right Side Under Ribs:

There are several causes of pain in right side under ribs, some of the key causes are mentioned below:

  • Stones in gall bladder:

If you have ever experienced sharp and stabbing pain in under rib cage which comes all of a sudden, it is an indication of an underlying infection of gall bladder. Gall bladder along with liver helps in the digestion of food especially fats. Pain on right side of ribs towards back is mainly due to gall stones. In the same way pain under right rib when breathing is also an indication of stones or either infections of the gall bladder. Some people also experience dull rib cage pain which is an indication of infection in gall bladder.

Stones in gall bladder

  • Liver diseases:

Sudden sharp pain under right rib cage is an indication of some underlying hepatic concerns. The inflammation of liver (hepatitis) can cause rib cage pain. it is important to consult the doctor if you experience sharp stabbing rib cage pain as hepatitis if left untreated can result in cirrhosis of liver which is a serious condition and fatal in most of the cases. Rib pain on right side tender to touch generally indicates liver ailments.

  • Stones in kidney or nephritis:

Rib cage pain is also considered to be due to kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed when mineral and few salts are deposited somewhere in kidneys. As a result of this, a person suffers from acute abdominal pain and rib cage pain. Dull pain under right rib cage that comes and goes and increases after dehydration possibly indicates the presence of stones inside kidneys. Rib cage pain in some cases is a serious condition and it is therefore advised to seek immediate medical supervision if the rib cage pain persists for more than two to three days.

Stones in kidney or nephritis

  • Pancreatitis:

Inflammation of pancreas is known as pancreatitis. The pain under rib cage is caused when there is some infection or stone inside the pancreas. Pancreas is an important gland inside the body which helps in the digestion of food by producing pancreatic juice. Pancreas also helps to maintain the sugar level in the body by producing an important hormone known as “insulin”. There are certain factors which trigger pancreatic problems; these are excessive intake of alcohol, dehydration, prolonged intake of certain medicines etc. Pain under right ribs after eating food generally indicates the presence of certain infectious agents inside the pancreas. Any pain under rib cage which stays for more than two days is therefore advised to be discussed with doctor. Even if you are suffering from mild pancreatitis the pain under rib cage would be too intense accompanied with nausea. Call your doctor as soon as possible if you experience acute nausea and vomiting along with pain under rib cage. Pancreatic cancer sometimes also results in rib cage pain.

  • Appendicitis:

A dull pain under rib cage which sharpens with time can be due to inflammation of appendix which is medically known as appendicitis. It is a serious condition which needs immediate consultation with doctor.


  • Gas pains:

One of the less serious conditions which result in pain under rib cage is a gas which is released due to improperly digested food. As per latest research, a gas when accumulated on the right side of the colon can result in acute pain which is similar to the pain caused by pancreatitis. Some herbal recipes are considered best to get rid of excessive gas from the body. The commonly used herbal recipes for treatment of gas problems at home include the use of chamomile tea, ginger or peppermint tea.

  • Lung diseases or Pneumonia:

Pain under rib cage is also caused due to infections of lungs. The pain under rib cage on breathing is normally due to ailments of lungs and it is advised to consult doctor without any delay. The excessive fluid built up inside the lungs known as pleurisy is also a cause of sharp and acute pain under rib cage. Presence of tumor in the lungs can also result in sharp pain under rib cage. If you experience pain in ribs accompanied with excessive coughing and having blood in it, feeling fatigued, loss of appetite along with considerable reduction in body weight, it is mainly due to lung cancer.

Lung diseases or Pneumonia

  • Trauma:

Any injury which damages the ribs can also result in sharp and acute pain under ribs. The pain might be mild or intense depending on the severity of trauma.

Treatment of Pain In Right Side Under Ribs:

The pain under rib cage is caused due to several reasons as we discussed above. Don’t delay your visit to doctor if you experience this pain for two or three consecutive days. The treatment depends on the cause and doctor will ask further tests to diagnose the exact reason of pain under rib cage before providing the treatment.

The bottom line:

Pain under rib cage is caused by several reasons such as liver or pancreatic infections, hepatitis or pancreatitis, inflammation of appendix, lungs infection or pleurisy. Besides, gas is also the cause of pain under rib cage. In time consultation with doctor is essential to rule out the risk of serious health concerns.

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