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Causes and Treatment Of Tingling In Face

tingling in face

Have you ever experienced a feeling of being pierced by pins around face? There are so many factors which cause facial tingling. Sometimes long exposure to cold or low temperature results in the tingling in face while in majority of the cases nerve damage is the main cause of facial tingling. The article is all about the tingling in face and the probable causes.


What is Tingling In Face?

Tingling in face is a sensation where you feel being pierced by some needle or sharp pin. It is considered to be caused by nerve damage. Sometimes the sensation of face tingling is faced only when touched however most of the people suffering from this condition experience tingling in face even without touch. Tingling in face around mouth is mainly considered to be caused by nerve damage. The face tingling due to anxiety is also one of the common medical conditions now days. Face tingling can affect all the face or some of its parts like tingling in face and lips.

What are the Causes of Tingling In Face?

Facial tingling is a sensation which is also referred as paresthesia where one gets a feeling of numbness or pins and needles across face or some of its parts. It is considered that sensory nerve when damaged can bring about this sensation. Here are the possible causes of face tingling.

  • Anxiety or stress:

One of the main reason of face tingling is anxiety or stress. When a person is suffering from acute anxiety, the tingling in cheek under eye, tingling in face and arms, tingling in face and head are common conditions. When face tingling gets worst it is sometimes also linked with multiple sclerosis though the condition is not too common. It is therefore recommended to consult your doctor if you experience face tingling for a long time. The acute tingling in face also results in reddening of face, lips bleeding, dilation of pupil etc. it is therefore important to lower the anxiety as much as possible to get relief.

Anxiety or stress

  • Problems in nerves:

An injury to trigeminal nerve can also result in face tingling. The condition is medically known as trigeminal neuralgia which results in pain across face or some of its restricted parts. When some people visit their dental care practitioners, or brushing the teeth harshly they often suffer from trigeminal neuralgia due to abscessed tooth. The symptoms include phases of sharp and intense pain especially while shaving or applying makeup.  It is also believed that multiple sclerosis or tumors can damage the nerves.

  • Cerebro-vascular accidents:

A medical term used to describe stroke is cerebro vascular accident. It can also result in face tingling. When the blood vessel supplying blood to cerebral regions is damaged the facial tingling in the outcome. However the symptoms and extent of damage due to stroke are different for different people. The most prominent symptoms include; the numbness around face, face tingling and headache, blurred vision, nausea, loss of body balance and co-ordination. If you are experiencing facial tingling accompanied by headaches and nausea it is often a serious medical condition and immediate medical supervision is needed.

Cerebro-vascular accidents

  • Temperature extremities:

Exposing a body to high or even too low temperature can also result in facial tingling. The tingling is temporary and a person feels better as temperature gets moderate. Face tingling due to extremely high or low temperature is generally not a reason to worry.

  • Multiple sclerosis:

The condition when the brain or spinal cord is damaged is known as multiple sclerosis. It is a condition in which our immune system attacks the myelin sheath (a protective coating to keep the nerve fibers safe). Nerve damage is the outcome of multiple sclerosis. The initial symptoms include blurred vision, tingling and numbness in face and head, stiffness of neck or some body parts and problems in urination. If you experience from the conditions like prolong double vision, dizziness and fatigue, tingling in face and hands, slurred speech, loss of body balance etc consult your doctor immediately.

  • Exposure to chemicals:

When exposed to certain chemicals like dimethyl-hydrazine, sodium monofluroacetate, DDT and DDD etc, the numbness and tingling in the face is commonly caused.

  • Brain tumor:

When a tumor presses the nerve near the face, it can also result in tingling sensation. There is no exact known cause of brain tumor but some risk factors are there which are considered to trigger the formation of tumors. People with radiation treatment especially kids are more prone to brain tumors, in the same way certain genetic conditions like Li-Fraumeni also result in the formation of tumor in brain.

Brain tumor

  • Some common causes:

There are some other causes which are not related to serious health conditions but they are responsible for facial tingling. These include deficiencies of certain important vitamins in the body such as vitamin B complex, the deficiency of vitamins result in inefficient muscular contractions and hence facial tingling is common. Head injury is also one of the key cause of face tingling. Migraines and medicines etc can also result in tingling in face. Menopause is also one of the conditions where the ovaries of females end to produce egg, hot flashes and tingling in face is often caused at the age of menopause in females.

What Are The Possible Treatments Of Tingling In Face?

Tingling in face as we have discussed is caused by certain conditions and the options of treatment are therefore different depending on the exact cause. Facial tingling can be an indication of some serious health concern, hence immediate medical supervision is needed.

The bottom line:

Tingling in face is caused due to several factors like brain tumor, exposure to extremely high or low temperatures, and exposure to certain chemicals, migraines, and menopause as well as nerve damage. The numbness and tingling in face is caused in face and some associated parts and can sometimes be painful. Immediate medical supervision is needed for in time diagnosis and efficient treatment of the problem.

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