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8 Natural Ways of Treatment of Pimple on Eyelid

pimple on eyelid

A small pimple around the edge of an eyelid is known as chalazia or stye. These pimples are painful and irritating. Though they are not an indication of some serious medical condition but since they are annoying hence it is important to get rid of these pimples or styes. Pimple on eye lid is actually caused due to some infection which results in the appearance of tiny little bump which is red or white in color and is seen at edge of an eyelid. This article is about the causes of reddish to small white pimple on eyelid and easy methods of treatment of this non serious but annoying condition.


What is Pimple on Eyelid?

The pimples on eyelids are generally painful and they appear on the edges of eyelids. The blockage of underlying skin’s sebaceous glands and bacterial growth are the main causes of pimple on eyelid. Once these pimples appear on the eyes or eyelids they take their time and go away on their own even when no prompt medical treatment is given. There are however some conditions where pimple on the eyelid results in changes in vision, extreme pain and pus accumulation etc. when you encounter such conditions it is essential to get medical supervision. In some cases, lump on eyelid and cancer symptoms are similar, this is why when pimples, cysts or lumps are taking long time you need to consult doctor.

Types of Pimple on the Eyelid:

Pimple on the eyelid is of three types commonly. These are styes, chalazia or Xanthelasma. Styes are the result of bacterial growth on the eyelids and make their appearance just near the eye-lashes. On the other hand, the Chalazion is generally a lesion which is produced due to the inflammation of underlying sebaceous glands. Xanthelasma are yellowish pimples which are caused in elder people mostly and are indication of high level of cholesterol in the body. Pimple on the eye lid or eyelid cyst is an annoying condition though harmless in most of the cases.

Types of Pimple on the Eyelid

Causes of Pimple on Eyelid:

There are several causes of pimple on the eyelid. The most common reason of appearance of pimple on the eye lid is the inflammation of sebaceous glands. Another medical condition which results in the appearance of pimple on the eyelid is known as blepharitis which is characterized by the inflammation of the follicles of eyelash. The oil glands blockage result in the formation of Chalazion while the styes when fail to drain their content properly turn into Chalazia. Sometimes the accumulation of excessive fats under the skin result in the formation of pimple on the eyelid and this is generally considered as an indication of high cholesterol level in the body and diabetes.

8 Natural Ways of Treatment of Pimple on Eyelid:

White pimple on eye lid or pimple on upper eyelid can be treated easily at home by simple remedies. Some of the proven effective remedies to get rid of pimple on upper eyelid (or lower eyelid) are mentioned below:

  1. Warm compress:

When a warm compress is applied on the affected part of an eye especially if there is a white bump on eyelid, it increases the blood circulation as a result of which the content of the pimple is likely to dissolve away. It is however important not to overheat the cloth which you are going to apply. Also you should not try to squeeze the pimple to drain out its content.

Warm compress

  1. Mild soap:

You can make use of a mild soap or salt to wash your eyelids and eyelid bump. Make use of a clean swab to drain out the content. You can wash your eyelids with mild soap or shampoo twice a day. This remedy is equally effective for bump on upper eyelid or lower eyelid.

  1. Use of Tea bags:

Tea bags can be used for the treatment of white pimple on eyelid. As with warm compress, the warm tea bags will increase the circulation of the blood. It can ideally reduce swelling of the eyelids. Pimple inside the eyelid can be treated with the help of this remedy.

Use of Tea bags

  1. Massage the eye and surrounding areas:

Massaging is another way to increase blood circulation to the eye. Before massaging the surrounding parts of eye make it sure that your hands are clean. Rub the palm of your hands and place it on your eyes gently. The heat results in blood circulation and pimple on upper eyelid can be treated easily with this simple procedure.

  1. Garlic:

Chemicals inside garlic act as antimicrobial and antiseptic. You can apply garlic on the pimple on upper eye lid or pimple on lower eyelid. It is one of the proven remedies against pimples on the eye lid especially white pimple on eyelid.


  1. Coriander seeds:

The seeds of coriander reduce inflammation and swelling. Boil some coriander seeds in water and let it cool down. Wash your eyes several times a day with this mixture and get instant relief from pimple on upper eyelid or pimple on lower eyelid. For white pimple on eyelid, this is an ideal remedy.

  1. Turmeric:

Add a little turmeric in water and boil it well. Make use of a clean cloth to stain the mixture. Wash your eyes with this solution. Since Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, the use of turmeric is considered ideal for the treatment of white pimple on eyelid.


  1. Aloe Vera gel:

The gel of freshly squeezed Aloe Vera is one of the proven and highly significant remedies against white pimple on eyelid or reddish pimple on eyelid. Rub the gel on the affected part of an eye and get instant relief from swelling and pain. Learn more Aloe vera for face pimples

When to See doctor?

When you see that home remedies are not much effective in the treatment of pimple on the eyelid and they are happening recurrently, it is a time to get medical supervision. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and anti-fungal topical ointments along with mild pain killers. For white pimple on eyelid which is too large in size, sometimes under local anesthesia these types of pimples are cut and their content is drained.

Bottom Line:

White pimple on eyelid (or red pimple on eyelid) is caused by many factors such as blockage of underlying sebaceous glands, bacterial or fungal growth. There are many easy home remedies to get rid of pimple on the eyelid. The use of warm compress, tea bags, massage can boost blood circulation and drain the pimple content. In the same way the use of turmeric, coriander, turmeric and Aloe Vera Gel are some easiest remedies. If the pimples are appearing recurrently you need to consult doctor. Also when pimples are causing excessive pain and swelling, change in vision, you need to talk to your doctor.

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