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Causes and Treatment of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

pinched nerve in shoulder blade

A condition which arises due to excessive pressure on the tissues surrounding nerves and bones is known as pinched nerve. Muscles and cartilages are also involved in this condition sometimes. In the case where pinched nerve affects the shoulder blade or pectoral girdle, a person suffers from intense pain. In this article we will study the causes and symptoms of pinched nerve in shoulder blade along with How to get rid of pinched nerve in shoulder.

What is Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade?

Due to intense pressure on the tissues surrounding shoulder blade or pectoral girdle the condition develops which is known as pinched nerve in shoulder blade and arm. As the name indicates, the compression of the nerve can result in this condition. The condition is highly painful and uncomfortable and is generally temporary. Pinched nerve in shoulder blade pinched and elbow often interferes with the signal transmission process from brain to nerve. The situation is not fatal but it can greatly affect our everyday life. How to treat trapped nerve in shoulder? Some simple treatment options are mentioned below.

Causes of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade:

Pinched nerve in shoulder blade and chest pain along with pain in shoulder and arm is caused by many factors but some conditions increase its likelihood.

Causes of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

  • Females with heavy and large breasts often develop this condition due to excessive pressure and poor posture of carrying heavy breasts. This result in pinched nerve in shoulder blade hurts to breathe.
  • Excessive shoulder blade movement can also result in nerve compression which can lead to pinched nerve in pinched nerve in shoulder blade area.
  • Nerve compression is caused due to overexertion of arms as well along with pinched nerve in shoulder blade from sleeping in improper position is often reported.
  • People who are obese are at high risk of developing this condition due to the additional pressure of their weight on nerves.
  • As the fetus grows inside the uterus, the pressure of expanding uterus on some other organs can result in nerve compression and ultimately a pinched nerve in shoulder blade.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome as well as rheumatoid arthritis can also result in pinched nerve in shoulder blade.

 Symptoms of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade:

There are some common symptoms which are associated with the pinched shoulder blade nerve. These are mentioned below:

  1. Pain:

When the nerve in shoulder blade gets pinched, it results in burning sensation around arm and shoulder, strong and painful spasm of muscle due to compression of nerve. Any pain that is in the shoulder is an indicator of inflammation or compression of nerve in the area. If not treated in time, the condition can cause permanent damage to nerve which results in chronic pain. Some simple exercises are there which can help to realign the body and can provide some relief.

  1. Weakness of Body Muscles and Bones:

When the bones and muscles become weaker, the conditions like nerve compression and pinched nerves are more likely to happen. Sometimes, the weakness of muscles results in total muscular malfunction and is characterized by inability to lift the arm above head. If you encounter such condition, it is recommended to seek immediate medical supervision. Pinched nerve in shoulder blade cure methods are mentioned below.

Weakness of Body Muscles and Bones

  1. Tingling sensation and partial numbness:

Another symptom associated with pinched nerve in shoulder blade and neck is tingling and numbness around the shoulder blade. A sensation is like some part of the shoulder girdle is falling asleep, this sensation sometimes radiates to the arm. Depending on the damage of nerve, the symptoms appear as pins and needles sometimes. Proper rest is needed to get relief from the condition. However if the symptoms persist, you need to get medical supervision.

Treatment of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade:

The options of treatment of this condition depend on the root cause and intensity of compression. Some effective ways of treating the condition are mentioned below:

  1. Adequate rest:

Adequate rest is the best option and is considered as a first line treatment option. You need lying on a flat surface on your back as this posture can relieve some pressure from muscles and tissues. Some other resting positions are advised by doctor to make you feel better. Pinched nerve in shoulder blade and headache can be controlled significantly by proper rest.

Adequate rest

  1. Warm or cold compress:

The use of cold or either hot compress is one of the best pinched nerve in shoulder blade home remedy and can provide immediate relief from the pain. You can alternatively use warm and hot compress at the shoulder blade to reduce inflammation and pain. The method is very simple; you need to put an ice pack for 10 minutes followed by a hot pack again for the period of 10 minutes. Keep doing this unless there is significant reduction in pain. Also for pinched nerve in shoulder blade massage is effective in most of the cases. For pinched nerve in shoulder blade chiropractor treatment can be effective as well.

  1. Over the counter medicines under doctor’s prescription:

There are some pain killers which are highly effective in relieving the pain. You can consult doctor for detailed analysis of your affected part. For pain relieving, you can take Tylenol, naproxen and ibuprofen. There are some advanced medicines which can relieve nerve pain such as Lyrica or Neurontin. Only a doctor can prescribe such pain killers and muscle relaxants.

  1. Exercises and physio-therapy:

Some physical work outs can also help to relieve the pain, you can do some simple exercises like stretching, strengthening and slight movements across the shoulder girdle, these pinched nerves in shoulder exercises are simple yet highly effective in reducing pressure on the nerve and hence you can get a fast relief.

Exercises and physio-therapy

  1. Invasive surgeries:

Some injections like cortisone can provide immediate relief if the pain is too intense. But for damaged and excessively pinched nerve or Constant pinched nerve in shoulder blade, the surgery is the ultimate option. Doctors normally ask for invasive surgeries when no other treatment option turns effective.

Bottom Line:

Pinched nerve in shoulder blade is mainly caused due to intense pressure on the tissues surrounding shoulder or pectoral girdle. The main cause of pinched nerve in shoulder blade is excessive weight and poor posture. The symptoms include intense pain and burning sensation around shoulder and arm. The pinched nerve in shoulder blade diagnosis is made depending on the symptoms. The pain reliving methods such as hot and cold compress, pain killers and injections can be used for treatment but if no other option works, the doctors normally advise surgery of the affected part.

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