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Causes and Treatment of Pain Between Shoulder Blade and Spine

pain between shoulder blades

Most of the people have experience of pain between shoulder blades while breathing and apparently there is no serious concern regarding this pain, many factors could be responsible for this sort of pain such as a rough sleeping pattern at night, Muscle pain between shoulder blades, over work, wrong body posture or some physical stress etc. On the other hand, the pain between shoulder blade and spine in upper back is sometimes related to muscular and joints weakness. In this article we will study the pain between shoulder blade and spine, the causes of burning pain between shoulder blade and spine and ways of its treatment.

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What is Pain between Shoulder Blade and Spine?

Pain between shoulder blade and spine is caused by number of different factors such as improper body posture, rough sleeping pattern at night (Back pain between shoulder blades after sleeping), Upper back pain between shoulders, weakness of muscles and joints etc. Generally speaking there are no serious health concerns related to simple pain but in some cases this pain between shoulder blade and spine can be an indication of a serious health concerns like swelling of facet joints, herniated discs, gall stones resulting in the blockage of bile ducts etc.

pain between shoulder blade and spine

Causes of Pain between Shoulder Blades and Spine:

Since modern mechanized life has resulted in sedentary life style at home and offices, the pain is much common in adults. Back pain or pain between shoulder blade and chest are frequently reported pains in adults. The pain in shoulder blade and spine is caused by many factors and it is important to keep an eye on such pains and immediate medical supervision is needed to get Shoulder blade pain relief and proper treatment.

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  • Improper body posture:

It is important to sit straight, as the people with improper body posture and those who hunch over tend to exert more pressure on the backside muscles so as to carry the displaced load. As a result of this excessive pressure the muscular inflammation and fatigue is caused. Sitting straight up can prevent such sort of pains. Pain between shoulder blades at night is caused due to rough night sleep; some other causes of pain between shoulder blades are body building, and lifting excessive weight.

  • Herniation of discs:

Due to the breakdown of one or more discs in the vertebrae, the pain is caused which is generally acute in the lower back. The condition is medically known as herniated disc. Sometimes the damage to cervical disc result in pain in the upper back as well. The Pain between shoulder blades herniated disc requires some changes in lifestyle patterns as well.

Herniation of discs

  • Signal of heart attack:

This is one of the most life threatening conditions, the pain between shoulder blade that comes and goes can be an early warning of heart attack though not always but still it is important to get immediate medical attention if you are having high blood pressure or other cardiac issues. In time consultation with doctor can help you to manage the pain nicely. Pain between shoulder blades causing chest pain is always an attention seeking pain.

  • Spinal stenosis:

This is the narrowing of spinal cord and its associated parts. The narrowing or spinal stenosis is more common near the cervical area and lower back. The pain between shoulder blades every night and the pain which spreads from lower back to legs is mainly due to stenosis and is a serious medical condition where urgent medical supervision is needed.

Spinal stenosis

  • Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is one of the main causes of pain between shoulder blade and spine and results in the stiffness around shoulders and cervical areas. Pain between shoulder blades from lifting can also be an early indication of osteoarthritis.

  • Traumatic injuries:

Any sharp blow or traumatic injury can result in pain between shoulder blades and the possible reason of it could be fracture in the shoulder blade or scapula. Immediate medical supervision is therefore needed if you experience such pain after accident.

  • Cancer:

Some tumors can also result in pain between shoulder blades as they exert pressure on the nearby nerves. Lymphomas, mesothelioma and liver cancer results in acute pain between shoulder blade and spine. Sometimes, in females the reason of pain between shoulder blades is breast cancer

  • Acid reflux:

Due to acid reflux the esophageal sphincter fail to close properly and as a result acids from stomach flow back to the esophagus. The condition is known as GERD and results in heart burn and intense pain between shoulder blades and hurt burn. If left untreated, GERD can result in the formation of tumor. Pain between shoulder blades and nausea or pain between shoulder blades gas are the characteristic symptoms of acid reflux.

  • Pulmonary embolus:

Deep vein thrombosis results in the travelling of a blood clot or clots into the lungs. This is a life threatening condition and can result in sharp pain along with shortness of breath and pain between shoulder blade and spine. Immediate medical supervision is needed in this case. Pain between shoulder blades below neck is generally an indication of pulmonary embolus.

Pulmonary embolus

Treatment options for pain between shoulder blades:

Several treatment options are there depending on the exact cause of pain and intensity of the condition. Some muscular pains can be treated by performing simple exercises at home which involves the stretching of the upper back area by pushing the spine back. Warm compresses can also be helpful if the pain is due to improper body posture and muscular sprain. In case of serious conditions, medical supervision is needed, for example for herniated discs and tumors, you need to talk to your health care provider. For some infections doctors prescribe antibiotics while some acute conditions also require invasive surgeries.

The conclusion:

Pain between shoulder blades is generally caused due to improper body posture and rough sleeping pattern at night and is not a serious health concern. On the other hand, sometimes the pain between shoulder blade and spine is due to some serious underlying health conditions such as stenosis, herniated discs, pulmonary embolus, GERD and tumors. It is therefore important to keep an eye on such pains and talk to your doctor for in time diagnosis.

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