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10 Health Benefits of Prune Juice

prune juice

Hydration is a key to human health, water content in the body helps to protect the main body organs. The recommended intake of water per day is almost 2-3 liters to keep the body cells well hydrated. Some people find it difficult to take in this much water and hence they add some flavors to make their drinks better to satisfy their taste (as prune juice tastes great) and fulfill the daily liquid requirements.  One of the drinks is a prune juice which is made from prunes. The prune juice is nutritious as well as an ideal way to stay hydrated. It is also a reasonable source of energy. In this article we will study certain prune juice benefits.


Prune Juice and Heath:

Prune juice is made from fresh or dry prunes and is a good source of energy for the body. The juice also fulfills the liquid requirements of the body. There are certain healthy aspects of prune juice which makes it important. One of the best thing related to prune juice is that it normally don’t result in increase in the level of blood sugar. Some of the proven health benefits of prune juice are mentioned below in the article.

Prune Juice Benefits:

Prune juice is proven significant for human health in variety of ways. Fresh juices fulfill the nutritional and liquid requirements of the body. Some of the proven health benefits of prune juice use are mentioned below:

  1. Speeds Up Digestion:

Prunes contain high fiber content which is known to speed up digestion and help to prevent constipation. The concentration of sorbitol which acts as a laxative is high inside the prune juice which makes it ideal for the patients of constipation. If taken regularly, it helps to cleanse the bowels and maintains healthy intestinal activity. Prune juice for weight loss is equally effective.

  1. Urination urge control:

When the bladder is hyperactive, it is not easy to control it. The intake of high fiber diet is a natural way to keep the bladder functioning normal. Also constipation results in extra pressure on bladder, the intake of prune juice provide fiber which prevents constipation and hence there is no such pressure on intestine and bladder and hence the urge to urination can be controlled. In pregnancy, when the urge of urination increases due to the extra pressure of fetus on bladder, the intake of prune juice is helpful.

  1. High Potassium content:

Prunes are rich in potassium which is considered as an ideal electrolyte in various functions of the body. How long does prune juice take to work? Potassium helps to speed up the rate of digestion, rate of heart beat and muscular contractions when taken regularly. It also helps to control blood pressure. Also you can take prune juice smoothie for the same results.

  1. Multivitamins:

Prunes are also rich in vitamins. Some important vitamins are present in prune such as Vitamin K which helps in blood clotting, Vitamin A for healthy eyes and vision, Riboflavin for prevention of migraine headaches, Vitamin B6 to assist blood clotting and is a part of certain co-enzymes along with niacin to control blood cholesterol level. The treasure of vitamins present inside prune juice makes it important for healthy body functions.

  1. Iron Source:

Prune juice nutrition content is far high. It contains iron which helps in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Prune juice is normally recommended to anemic patients or patients with breathing difficulties and mild anemia. How to make prune juice? The recipe is simple and involves prunes and water with a little honey or sugar.

  1. Muscles and Bones:

Important mineral called boron is present inside the dried and fresh prunes which help to build strong muscles and bones. The same mineral also helps in muscle co-ordination. Patients of osteoarthritis are therefore advised to take prunes or prune juice in diet to make up their boron deficiency. Prune juice for babies is helpful for the growth of strong bones and muscles.

  1. Reduction of blood cholesterol level:

Stored fats in the body are sometimes collected in arteries in the form of plaque where it blocks the flow of blood and result in atherosclerosis. If the condition is left untreated it can result in heart attack and stroke. The prune juice can considerably reduce fats in the body and hence it is considered an ideal remedy for sclerosis. Also the juice is rich in antioxidants and therefore it acts as anti-cancer.

  1. Regulation of Blood Pressure:

Since, potassium is present in high amount inside the prunes and prune juice, drinking a glass of prune juice helps to lower the blood pressure immediately. If taken regularly the patients of high blood pressure can feel relieved. Prune juice before bed time is ideal to lower the blood pressure.

  1. Appetite Suppression:

Prune juice can reduce appetite and hence it is ideal for the people who are looking for some easy and effective weight loss tips. Prune juice is good for fitness as well.

  1. Ideal remedy for Respiratory Disorders:

Prune juice is considered ideal for the treatment of certain respiratory health concerns such as emphysema, pulmonary diseases and other breathing difficulties. Since the juice is rich in antioxidants, it can also help to fight against the free radicals thereby preventing certain forms of cancer in the body especially lung cancer.

Prune Juice Side Effects:

If taken in large amount, prune juice has certain side effects as well. Some commonly reported side effects of prune juice are mentioned below:

Prune Juice Side Effects

  1. Due to the presence of sorbitol, the intake of prune juice can result in bloating and gas. Prune juice alternatives can be taken in case if the problem becomes severe.
  2. Taking high fiber diet means, you need to drink plenty of water or else it can result in constipation. Hence, while taking prune juice make it sure that you drink plenty of water to keep your bowel movements regular. Prune juice and constipation are apparently two separate things but if a body is dehydrated after the intake of prune juice, it is likely to end up in constipation.
  • The Bottom Line:

Prune juice is rich in fiber and vitamins. It is considered healthy for the body in variety of ways. When taken regularly prune juice effects to reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol, prevents constipation and maintains healthy bowels. On the other hand, prune juice is also associated with some side effects such as bloating and gas.

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