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Common Side Effects of Risperdal (Risperidone) and Uses

risperidone side effects

Risperidone is a medicine which is generally used for the treatment of psychological disorders which mostly are related to moods and mentalities of a person. It is reported by the specialists that this medicine enables one to think clearly and actively participate in everyday life matters.

The class of drugs which is generally known as atypical antipsychotics to which risperidone belongs works by balancing the chemical equilibrium of the brain. Risperidone uses are therefore giving mental relief to the patients of acute anxiety and depression.

Risperidone uses:

There are some restrictions however while using such type of drugs and prior consultation with doctor is essential. Any addiction if caused might make a person psychotic and drug dependent. With combination of certain other medicines, it is also used for the treatment of acute depression.  There is however along with Risperidone uses some Side effects of Risperidal (risperidone) which we are going to discuss in this article.


Side effects of Risperidone:

Along with the uses and making the person feel well, there are some serious Side effects of Risperidone as reported by the manufacturers and health care providers. Hence it is always recommended to consult a doctor before deciding whether to take such medicines or not. Only a medical specialist can evaluate the condition of a patient and recommend the needed dose.  Some of the general Side effects of Risperidone include loss of body balance and as a result person feels dizzy, lightheadedness is also caused along with the drooling. The medicine is also reported to make a person nauseous. A person depending on such medicines tend to sleep more as a result of its intoxicating effect on the brain which is somewhat related to weight gain as well. One of the common Side effects of Risperidone is feeling fatigued for most of the times. All these risperidone side effects are normal but if you feel that any of the above mentioned symptoms are increasing in magnitude, you must consult the doctor immediately.

Risperidone side effects in detail:

There are some cases where the use of risperidone makes certain prominent changes in the body. Some of the serious risperidone side effects in human body are swallowing difficulties, spasm of muscles, tremors and shaking, frequent mood swings and in acute conditions person becomes restless and suffers from anxiety. However sometimes after the use of this medicine the blood sugar level of the person increases, this is too serious especially if a person is diabetic as it is likely to worsen the diabetes. Hence extra care is needed if a person is diabetic while using this medication. If you are suffering from diabetes and undergoing some changes in body like frequent urination and increased thirst, you must check the blood sugar level and report the doctor.

One of the risperidone side effects is a weight gain. The person sleeps a lot and most of the physical activities like walking or exercises are sometimes neglected which on the other hand cause high cholesterol or triglyceride levels in the body. As a result, a person taking such medicines is also at high risk of developing cardiac diseases.

side effects of risperidone

Risperidal side effects:

The side effects of Risperidal (risperidone) are sometimes permanent for example, tardive syskinesia is a permanent condition which is caused by risperidone overdose, in this condition there is an unusual movement across face, tongue, arms, lips or legs. Risperidone side effects in elderly people are more frequent as compared to young people. Risperidal weight gain is one of the commonly seen conditions whereby people become lazy and ultimately they gain too much body weight. Side effects of Risperidone 20 mg if taken daily under the prescription of doctor are few and possible to overcome while the medicine if taken in higher doses can result in some disastrous effects. The most commonly prescribed dose in young and too old people is risperidone 1mg to start with. As we have studied above that a person using Risperidal becomes sleepier, this sedation is considered to be an effect of Risperidal high which is normally caused after the medicine is used especially in high doses.


Side effects of risperidone in females:

In females the medicine is reported to increase the production of prolactin, a substance which facilitates the formation of breast milk. Females taking risperidone are sometimes seen with missed periods and if a female is looking to conceive this drug can be additionally troublesome. Hence we can say that Side effects of risperidone are numerous for females as well.

Risperidal side effects in males:

Side effects of risperidone are equally serious in both the genders, Risperidal side effects in males are reduction in their sexual ability with lower semen and sperm count. Risperidal side effects in males often result in the increase bulk around breasts making them awkwardly enlarged.

Side effects of risperidone are sometimes too serious like severe dizziness and fainting is caused along with seizures.

Some seriously occurring Side effects of Risperidal:

There are so many serious side effects while using Risperidal medication, one of the Side effects of risperidal is neurolepic malignant syndrome in which patient suffers from fever, stiffness of body and muscles especially around the neck and thighs, extreme fatigue and tiredness and irregular heartbeats, kidney disorders etc. immediate medical attention is needed if any of the mentioned conditions are felt along with the use of this medicine. One of the Side effects of risperidal is a long lasting male erection which is painful as well.

Side effects of Risperidal are some of the Risperidal withdrawal or risperidone withdrawal symptoms which are seen in the patients who try to withhold the drug. Considering Risperidal reviews it is evident that patients who used this medicine had difficulty while quitting the doses.

Risperidal long term use can make a person psychotic and Risperidal side effects elderly are more visible and frequent. It is advised to take the medicine under doctor’s prescription as Risperidal overdose can damage the heart and other vital body organs. In order to avoid Risperidal weight gain, patient is generally advised to walk or do some physical exercises.

Side effects of Risperidal can however be minimized if care is taken while using the medicine and doctor is consulted quite frequently.

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