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Common Side Effects of Xanax (Alprazolam)

side effects of xanax

Xanax is a benzodiazepine which is also known as alprazolam, a chemical which basically affects the chemical constituency of brain. An important thing to consider is that for the people who are suffering from anxiety normally has a chemical unbalance in the brain.

Xanax Uses:

Xanax is used for the treatment of anxiety and anxiety related disorders like depression, lack of adequate sleep, heart palpitations etc.


Why do people take Xanax?

Xanax is generally prescribed by the doctors to the patients who show anxiety and its related symptoms. One has to be careful while taking Xanax as only doctor’s prescription should be used and followed exactly. Due to its habit forming characteristic one has to be careful and keep the medicine safe. Xanax overdose can also result in death in some cases. While using the medicine if you feel the symptoms of anxiety aren’t fading away, talk to your health care provider. As you decide to quit the medicine you must talk to doctor as the drug if withheld all of a sudden can result in serious withdrawal symptoms.

Xanax high feeling:

Xanax is addictive to a great extent, it is never easy for a person to withhold the drug though the high is not that great with the use of Xanax but still you might feel drowsy and much relaxed. It causes slight euphoric effect.

Xanax effects high:

For the patients who are suffering from anxiety, the prescribed doses generally relieve them. The drug has ability to reduce tension and stress, restlessness and anxiety. But there are a lot of long term side effects of Xanax and you may also need frequent tests while on Xanax medication.

Side effects of Xanax:

Xanax is used to treat chemical unbalance of the brain which is reported to be the main cause of anxiety. There are some Xanax side effects however which are to be focused while prescribing Xanax medication to a patient. Some of the very commonly reported side effects of Xanax include:

  • Cognitive dysfunction and drowsiness
  • Poor decision making
  • Micturition troubles and digestive disorders
  • Skin rash and frequent weight gain
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Decreased libido
  • Poor memory

Xanax recreational:

For the recreational drug users, Xanax is always an attractive drug since it causes sedation and provides the feeling of wellbeing. It has been reported that many Americans suffering from anxiety often take Xanax, alprazolam every year to make them feel better. But since the Xanax has considerable side effects, doctor’s prescription is compulsory before taking the medicine. Side effects- Xanax are always considerable if a person is taking Xanax for recreational purposes.

Short term side effects of Xanax:

The short term Xanax side effects are often beneficial for an individual as the feeling of anxiety and depression is gone and person feels better. The drug has a potential to reduce restlessness, depression and tension.

The immediate side effects Xanax produce which are seen right after taking the medication are cognitive skills troubles and slurred speech. The use of Xanax in higher doses has some more drastic effects as people taking the medicine tend to get disoriented often.

Visible side effects- Xanax:

Besides, some visible side effects of Xanax medication are listed below, however it is to be kept in mind that these effects are not similar in all the patients and many other factors do count as far as appearance of side effects is concerned.

  • People taking Xanax medication are often drowsy and sleep more than needed.
  • Xanax medication is also related to more fatigue and headaches.
  • Person might feel difficulty in concentrating and makes slurred speeches.
  • Dizziness and dryness of the mouth is also commonly reported by the patients on Xanax medication.
  • There are a lot of changes in the sex drive of a person and he or she might be unable to perform sexually well.
  • Frequent changes in body mass index, some people might gain too much weight.
  • Stomach cramps and digestive disorders like diarrhea or constipation is caused more often.
  • Memory problems and difficulty in decision making.
  • Frequent mood swings are often seen in the patients who are getting Xanax treatment.

Long term Xanax side effects:

There are some serious long term side effects of Xanax medication in the people who use the medicine for longer period of time. Memory impairment is one of the key side effects of Xanax medication. Sedation is yet another long term side effects of Xanax medication. When a dose of Xanax is taken it might cause sedation which takes up to 4 days to last. On the other hand when mixed with alcohol, the effects are further intensified. This is one of the reasons that while advising Xanax to the patients, doctors advise them not to take alcohol. One of the similar medicines which act by changing the chemical constituency of brain is Latuda. Latuda side effects are similar to some extent as that of Xanax. The other similar medicines include escitalopram, sertraline, gabapentin etc.  Gabapentin side effects are somewhat similar to Xanax.

Dependency as Xanax side effects:

Since many people ask what are the side effects of Xanax? The simplest and most straight forward answer to this is the dependency which is caused by Xanax intake. When used over a long period of time the use of Xanax can result in dependency to the medication which is difficult to treat in extreme cases. The time when dependency is caused, the body fails to function well in the absence of the drug. Xanax side effects are hence horrific and a great deal of care is needed while being on this medication.

Tolerance as Xanax side effects:

Apart from anxiety, some people take Xanax as it gives a feeling of being high. When Xanax is taken, one might feel relaxed and sleep better and in this way it is easier to overcome anxiety, but at the same time when medicine is taken for a long period of time it might cause tolerance. Once the tolerance to the drug is produced in the body, the patient will need larger doses and that too in high frequency to achieve the desired outcomes.

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