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Toothpaste Pregnancy Test: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Tooth Paste Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are conducted to find out the presence of a subunit of beta in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The hormone is produced by the embryo right after implantation. The presence of HCG in urine or blood is hence a test for the detection of pregnancy in human females. Implantation of embryo takes place after six to twelve days following fertilization and hence the hormone can only be detected once the embryo has successfully implanted itself in the uterus.

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Does Tooth Paste Pregnancy Test Work?

Many females find pregnancy tests difficult to afford or sometimes they try to keep it personal, hence some customary tests for pregnancy are available. The dependency of the tests is still a question but in ancient times, these customary tests were considered accurate and acceptable.

It has been found that these tests conducted for pregnancy are still viable; they are cheap and much safe. You can find many substances in your kitchen which will aid you to determine your pregnancy.  Especially if you are living at a remote area, where you can’t access the facilities of medical stores, these tests are best for you. Also there are few people who cannot manage to afford the costly pregnancy tests. Subsequently, hand crafted tests are reasonable and you require not stress to open your wallet each time you question the pregnancy.

How Long to Wait for this Test?

This test can be conducted any time after the embryo implants itself in the uterine linings. The most recommended time however is two days after a missed period.

A simplest Test to Confirm Pregnancy:

It is considered best and easiest tests which can be conducted at home, the test is most dependable as well. The procedure is simple and easy. All you need to do is to take a little fraction of toothpaste and place it on a clean utensil like plate or either a cup. The drops of urine are then dropped on the paste, in case of pregnancy, there will be an obvious change in coloration as well as texture of tooth paste, on the other hand no change in color or texture indicates no pregnancy. It is said that the presence of HCG in urine of a pregnant women can alter the chemical composition of tooth paste. It is one of the oldest methods for the determination of pregnancy with most reliable and accurate results. The modern tests for pregnancy are costly and you may need more dollars. For those who love to save finances and budget, such simpler tests are most recommended.

The viability of Tooth Paste Pregnancy Test:

It is a custom and ancient method of determining pregnancy, medical boards and doctors have never done any investigation to prove or disprove it viability. Likewise, it is not easy to say that the test is 100% accurate. Also at home, you ignore several factors like, white tooth paste, unhygienic utensil which is already contaminated by certain other chemical. Whatever the outcome is, at least it will make it sure that you start taking care of your body and the developing baby inside it. You can confirm the results later when you get a time and appointment with your ob/gyn.


Why Homemade Tests?

It has been reported by several ladies living in rural areas, that the tooth paste pregnancy test is a sure key for the detection of pregnancy. As they have been using this test and later they got similar results when they met their doctors. Moreover, the females are also of the view that the way pregnancy detection stick react to the urine of pregnant female, the chemical in a tooth paste shows the same effect and it must be considered similar. Hence the females who reliably used this tooth paste pregnancy test report that they are quite satisfied with the results of this test as it helped them to save finances as well as time. They can in time detect the pregnancy and start extra care of their bodies, intake of folic acid, adequate rest and alcohol withdrawal etc.

How Tooth Taste Pregnancy Test Works?

The working of tooth paste pregnancy test is simple:

  • Take a utensil preferably well washed and hygienic and make sure that it is free from any sort of chemical or contaminant. Also, use white tooth paste for the successful test.
  • Now pour a fraction of tooth-paste on it. Tooth paste must be white in color; any colored tooth paste with colors added might not be able to give successful results. It is also considered at colored tooth paste fails to react with human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and hence it can disrupt the results.
  • Few drops of fresh urine (or stored for less than 4-5 hours), and check out for the possible changes in the color and texture of urine.
  • If the coloration of the white tooth paste changes to blue, or even if there is a change in its texture, for example, the froth appears, it is considered an indication of pregnancy.
  • If you don’t find any change in color or a texture of a paste, it means a negative pregnancy test.
  • These home tests are considered accurate, but you must consult your health care provider to keep you and your baby safe.

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While conducting the pregnancy test, especially if you are conducting the tests at initial stages, make it sure to collect first urine of the morning, as it is considered to be high in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The higher concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin can easily react with tooth paste or pregnancy strip and hence more accuracy is ensured.

tooth paste pregnancy test

What are Other Options for Homemade Pregnancy Tests?

Similarly, there are some other tests which are conducted to detect pregnancy at home without using costly pregnancy strips. Your kitchen can help you in this regard, the other custom methods of pregnancy tests include, sugar or glucose pregnancy test, Tylenol pregnancy test, vinegar pregnancy test, baking soda pregnancy test, bleach pregnancy test etc. But at the end, we must recommend you to consult your health care provider if you find these tests positive or in case if you suspect the accuracy of these tests. Also in the beginning of pregnancy the amount of HCG is quite less which can alter the accuracy of these tests. Hence, the best option always is to see your doctor.

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