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11 Natural Ways of Treatment of Baby Acne at Home

Baby Acne

Acne is one of the key skin concerns now days. It is a disorder of skin and is common in new born babies as well. some babies are born with mild to moderate acne while some are prone to it and the acne appear few weeks after their birth. The article is all about baby acne or rash, causes of baby acne and how to get rid of baby acne.

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What is Baby Acne ?

Baby acne is the pimples in the form of white or reddish bumps which are sometimes present at the time of birth. In some babies however the acne is likely to appear few days after their birth. Found at the time of birth or developed later, baby acne is one of the worrying concerns of the people. How long does baby acne last? It can take almost 3-4 weeks before the baby acne on face disappears completely. The appearance of acne in babies is almost similar to teenagers in appearance. The reddish skin along with red or white bumps is seen. Most of the times, acne is found at forehead or cheeks. In some babies, acne is common at the back as well. It is thought that the main causes of baby acne are

  • Irritation of the skin caused by saliva can result in baby acne on face
  • Milk spit up sometimes irritates the skin and cause baby acne on face.
  • Rough fabrics or any fabric which is washed improperly with a detergent.

It is important to note that all the blemishes on the face cannot be called acne always. A similar condition of the skin in new born babies is known as baby milia, it is in the form of small white bumps and is different in all aspects from acne. On the other hand if the baby’s skin has rashes, scales along with pimples the condition is normally known as eczema or a cradle cap.

Causes of Baby Acne:

There are several causes of acne in babies. The skin condition is common in babies still the exact cause in most of the cases remain unclear. In most of the cases, the acne clears itself up even if no prompt care is taken while sometimes you need to consult skin specialist. As the baby acne develops on the skin, some visible symptoms appear. These symptoms include:

Causes of Baby Acne

  • Reddish or whitish bumps on the skin particularly face, back and legs. Around these bumps or pimples the skin turns reddish.
  • On the facial skin the parts which are more prone to acne include cheeks and forehead. The acne often appears in clusters.
  • The baby suffering from acne becomes fussy.

How to Treat Baby Acne?

How to get rid of baby acne? In most of the cases, baby acne is likely to disappear even without any proper treatment. Sometimes, the condition stays for several months, this acne is known as stubborn acne and you need to consult a dermatologist or pediatrician for this purpose. Medically prescription includes some topical lotions or ointments which can clear up the acne in a little time. How to get rid of baby acne? As we know that the baby skin is too soft and delicate, you are not recommended to use acne clear face washes or lotions. Also at the early years of the life, skin is highly sensitive as well hence the use of harsh chemicals or ointments can cause more irritation on the skin. How to treat baby acne? The best possible answer to this is to rely on natural ingredients as they are free from side effects and will not add sensitivity to the skin. The medicated acne gels or ointments are fast in action but they are likely to cause some side effects and make the skin more prone to acne in future due to increased irritation.

Baby Acne Treatment by Natural Ways:

As discussed above, the use of medicated acne clarifying ointments can cause irritation in the skin of babies. It is better to rely on the natural treatment options. The natural or herbal remedies take long time in producing the outcomes but they are free from side effects. Baby acne treatment home remedies are considered ideal as they are free of side effects. How to get rid of baby acne?

Here are Some Common Natural Ways of Treatment of Baby Acne at Home:

  • Take care of Hygiene:

How to treat baby acne by natural means? Since acne is formed mainly due to skin irritation, when hygiene measures are adopted and followed strictly, there is always less chance of development of skin conditions like acne, pimples or eczemas. How to get rid of baby acne on face? Maintain hygienic conditions around the baby. Baby acne and proper hygiene are inversely related to each other.

Take care of Hygiene

  • Facial cleansing of Babies:

How to treat baby acne? You need to keep the skin of your baby clean. Wash it daily with a gentle mild wash. Take lukewarm water as it is soothing for babies. While selecting the soap of baby wash, check out for the content of moisture in it along with level of its mildness. If you are not certain about which body wash you need to select for your baby, consult your pediatrician and get his recommendation.

  • Skin Scrubbers are not for Babies:

It is important to wash the skin of your baby everyday with lukewarm water and baby wash. For skin cleansing purpose, many parents use face and body scrubbers for babies which are not recommended at all. While the skin is scrubbed with towel it can even aggravate the acne. If at all the scrubbing is needed, make use of a clean and soapy washcloth, and rub it on the face in very gentle and circular movements. Once you feel that scrubbing has removed the dead skin sufficiently, clean the skin with water and dry it with clean towel. Keep baby’s towel separate from others. Baby acne treatment by natural means is more effective though it is a long journey.

Skin Scrubbers

  • Do not use Baby Lotions:

One of the simple method of baby acne treatment is the use of skin ointments like lotions, baby creams is not recommended especially when the baby is getting acne as these products can aggravate the acne. Only a mild moisturizing lotion can be used if the skin is dry. Baby acne treatment lotions are present in market also some of which contain chemicals, try not to use these chemicals unless prescribed by paediatrician.

  • Baby acne & Coconut Oil:

When baby is getting acne, it is important for you to select some moisturizing and skin hydrating formula. It is better to use organic products which aren’t refined. The synthetic products can make the condition worst since they sometimes carry harsh chemicals. For hydrating and moisturizing, one of the most recommended products is coconut oil. For better results, extra virgin coconut oil is best; you can apply it on the acne patches several times a day. The best thing about the use of coconut oil is that it is 100% natural and free of chemicals. You will notice a considerable change in the skin of your baby after using coconut oil. It hydrates the skin and keeps it smoother. If your baby is suffering from cradle cap, the use of coconut oil is best. What to do for baby acne? Use extra virgin coconut oil as it is considered best remedy against infant acne. Learn more How to use coconut oil ?

Baby acne & Coconut Oil

  • Use of Corn Starch:

If coconut oil fails to produce the desired outcomes, what to do for baby acne? The use of corn starch is sometimes effective as well. When corn starch is mixed with water to form a paste, it can be applied on the skin to treat acne and cradle cap. The sebaceous glands under the skin secrete oily substance which is known as sebum. Sebum keeps the skin moist and hydrated. Irritation or inflammation of sebaceous glands results in too much or too little production of sebum. Both these conditions can result in acne and increased sensitivity to the skin. The use of corn starch is considered one of the best remedies to naturally treat the sensitivity of sebaceous glands. Apply the mixture of corn starch and water on the face or back or at any place with acne. Keep this mixture on the skin for sometime nearly an hour and then make use of lukewarm water to wash it. Use this recipe everyday as long as the acne fades away. You won’t get immediate results but sooner or later you will see the baby skin clearing up. How to get rid of baby acne on face? Apply corn starch and water paste and notice quick fading of infant pimples.

  • Baby Acne & Breast Milk:

Breast milk is a natural treasure of some very important products like antibodies. The beast milk can be used for the treatment of baby or infant acne. For this purpose you need to take a small amount of fresh breast milk in a bowl, dip a clean cotton ball inside it and then apply it on the skin of your baby. You can repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day. As soon as you start this treatment, you will notice considerable change in the skin of your baby. How to get rid of baby acne fast? Apply breast milk on baby acne and get immediate results.

Baby Acne & Breast Milk

  • Change in dietary habits of breastfeeding mothers:

What to do for baby acne? If your baby has acne issues, it can also be an indication of something in your diet is improper. The use of citrus fruits can result in skin irritation due to acidic content of the food. If you are experiencing acne problem in your baby, it is better to change the everyday diet plan. Take dandelion tea in diet as it is proven to be effective for the treatment of baby acne issues. In the same way, decrease in sugar intake, refuse chocolates and dairy products and you will notice prominent change in the baby pimples.

  • Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals:

Harsh chemicals can cause more irritation on the skin. When the baby fabric is washed in detergent and soaked in fabric softener or conditioner, some part of chemical sticks to the cloth and can result in irritation in the baby’s skin. It is therefore important to stay away from chemicals as much as possible. In the same way, if baby has acne, the use of moisturizer can be stopped for some time. You can make use of wet cotton ball to wipe the baby’s skin. You will see considerable reduction in baby pimples by following these measures.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

  • Use organic Cotton Fabric for Babies:

In modern era, the fabrics which we are using are synthetic. Some cotton made fabrics even contain germicidal sprays. It is therefore recommended to make use of organic cotton as it is 100% natural and has no side effects. It is free of chemicals and hence the baby’s skin remains protected from harsh chemicals. For baby skin issues like acne and baby pimples, it is better to use 100% natural products.

All these natural remedies have been proven effective though these all take some time to clear up the baby pimples. It is therefore extremely important for you to keep calm and wait patiently for the desired results.

  • What to for Baby Acne if it still persists?

When does baby acne clear up? Baby acne normally clears up within two to three weeks. When you feel that all the natural remedies have failed to produce the desired results, and there is no considerable reduction in the skin condition, it is better to consult a pediatrician. You can schedule a visit to doctor and ask about all your queries related to acne. Doctor will recommend some medicated ointments which can resolve the matter fast. Your pediatrician will also find out if the acne is simply an allergic response or eczema. Once you find out if it is baby acne or eczema certain allergic tests are also recommended to determine the potential allergens. Use of probiotics is also significant in the treatment of baby acne.

Bottom Line:

Infant acne or baby acne is one of the key skin concerns of the babies. It is important to reply on natural products and herbal remedies like those listed above. The use of coconut oil is proven effective as it is mild and coconut also contains some antimicrobial substances inside it. The homemade remedies are perfect for baby skin but if you don’t see any prominent result and acne is not clearing up, you can consult pediatrician

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