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15 Natural Remedies Regarding How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp

how to get rid of dry scalp

A scalp which is dry and itchy with white flakes is a most unwanted thing. The dryness of scalp is often linked to any infection, dandruff, eczema and excessive use of shampoo and products with harsh chemicals which tend to reduce the moisture content of the hair. The people suffering from dandruff and dryness of scalp experience more difficulty in winter as flakes appear too frequently due to the effect of cool weather. How to get rid of dry scalp? Read the article below.

Dry Scalp Causes:

How to get rid of dry scalp? Under normal circumstances, the sebaceous glands located just under the skin produce an oil containing substance which is known as sebum. This oily secretion keeps the skin and scalp moist. Some factors suppress the functioning of sebaceous glands which result in dryness of skin particularly scalp. In time treatment of scalp is needed or else the hair follicles become weak gradually and result in excessive hair fall. Dry itchy scalp remedies are discussed below:

Dry Scalp Causes

How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp?

Dryness of scalp is a serious concern as in extreme cases the result of dry scalp is hair loss. It is therefore important to take this issue into consideration. The best way to get rid of dryness is to keep the hair and scalp moisturized, the use of oil such as coconut oil, almond oil or any essential oil can restore the moisture content of hair and scalp making it easier to get rid of dryness.Some serums and oil replacement products are also available in market which keep the scalp moist preventing the appearance of flakes and dry scalp. Some medicated shampoos are also available which can be used as dry scalp remedy. However, there are so many natural products which are proven best to get rid of dandruff.

15 Natural Remedies regarding How to get rid of dry scalp ?

Some easy remedies to get rid of dandruff with the help of natural recipes are mentioned below:

  1. Tea tree oil:

How to get rid of dry scalp? Tea tree oil is antimicrobial in action and can kill the germs causing dryness of scalp. It can be added (few drops) in shampoo and conditioner to rinse the scalp and hair. Some other oils which can be used for the same purpose are jojoba oil, peppermint and argan oil. Tea tree oil is an ideal dry scalp remedy.

Tea tree oil

  1. Blending Some Essential oils:

You can blend some essential oils like two drops of all these oils and massage it on the scalp. The use of this mixture on scalp and hair twice a week is an ideal dry scalp remedy. This dry scalp remedy is proven effective besides it strengthens the hair as well. This is one of the most ideal extremely dry scalp home remedies,Read more Importance of essential oils

  1. Coconut oil:

How to get rid of scalp with coconut oil? Coconut oil is considered best for hair growth and dry scalp remedy. For dry scalp treatment, gently heat the oil and massage it well on the scalp. Let this oil stay in hair and scalp for overnight. Depending on the intensity of dandruff, you can repeat this procedure twice or thrice a week. read moreĀ How to apply coconut oil to hair

Coconut oil

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

The antimicrobial properties of apple cider vinegar make it an efficient tonic to fight against bacterial and fungal infections which are considered to be the root cause of dandruff. Important vitamins are also present in it to nourish the hair and scalp. It is better to dilute the vinegar before applying it on hair. Half cup of water and half cup of vinegar is an ideal dilution. Apply in on the scalp for 15-20 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and notice considerable reduction in dandruff.

  1. Witch Hazel:

Blow drying and hair color products normally result in dryness and for such issues witch Hazel is an ideal dry scalp remedy. Mix 1:2 of Witch Hazel and water respectively and apply the mixture on hair scalp, leave it on for few minutes ideally 20 minutes and rinse it off.

Witch Hazel

  1. Lemon:

Mixture of lemon and honey is considered ideal as a dry scalp remedy. Lemon can also be mixed with coconut oil to get equally effective results. Massage the mixture well on scalp and leave it for some time.

  1. Mayonnaise:

The ingredients of mayonnaise are egg and vinegar, egg nourishes the scalp while vinegar has antimicrobial properties. Applying it on hair and scalp can effectively reduce the dandruff.


  1. Egg yolk and Olive oil:

Both these products are beneficial for hair and scalp. In a bowl mix 2 egg yolks and few drops on olive oil. Apply it as a mask on hair particularly scalp and let this mask stay on hair for half an hour. Make use of a dry scalp shampoo to rinse it off.

  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel has soothing and cooling effect on hair scalp. Extract the gel and blend it well with few drops of tea tree oil or any other essential oil. Apply it on the hair scalp for half an hour. Repeat the procedure once a week for best results. Read MoreĀ Aloe vera gel review

Aloe Vera

  1. Avocado:

Avocados are treasures of certain important minerals as well as vitamins which are needed to cure dryness. Mashed avocados can be mixed with olive oil or any essential oil for better results.

  1. Sugar Scrub for scalp:

Removal of dead skin is important in order to get rid of dandruff. Brown sugar mixed with olive oil is best in this regard. Once the scrub is applied, massage it gently with finger tips and circular motions. Wash your hair with lukewarm water afterwards.

Sugar Scrub for scalp

  1. Hair treatment with beer:

When beer is mixed with apple cider vinegar, (beer = 2 cups, Vinegar 2 Tsp). After washing your hair with mild shampoo, apply it on hair and scalp.

  1. Listerine:

Listerine can be mixed well with baby oil and this mixture when applied on the scalp is an effective remedy to get rid of dandruff.

  1. Herbs:

Certain herbs like thyme, henna, rosemary, sage, basil, lilac leaves etc can be used ideally for strengthening the hair and getting rid of dandruff issues.



  1. Oatmeal:

One of the best ways to get rid of dandruff is by using oatmeal which is rich in Vitamin E. Oatmeal is mixed in water to make a paste, this paste is then applied on the hair. 30 minutes of time is needed before the hair is washed off. This process is highly effective dry scalp remedy.

Bottom Line:

There are certain factors which cause dryness of scalp. The excessive uses of shampoo, infection of sebaceous gland or scalp, extreme weather are some of the conditions which increase scalp dryness. It is important to get rid of this concern as it can result in excessive hair loss. There are certain simple dry scalp remedies which are proven effective.

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