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10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Cramps When You’re On Your Period


Period or menstrual cramps are common in more than half of the females. The pain is due to the contraction of uterus and is known medically as dysmenorrhea. Though this is not a serious concern but for the females experiencing this pain or discomfort is one of the worst experiences. In this article we will study How to get rid of period cramps fast.


What are Menstrual cramps?

How to get rid of stomach cramps from period? Before going to the remedies we must know what the menstrual cramps are and what cause these cramps. The pain or discomfort usually at the onset of periods or menstruation is known as menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea. The pain is generally in the lower abdomen and in most of the cases the pain is too intense to interfere with routine activities of the females at least for a day or two. In some females however it is in the form of a dull backache.

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10 Easy Ways Regarding How to Get Rid of Period Cramps Fast?

How to get rid of stomach cramps from period? Period’s pain or Cramping during menstruation is quite a common discomfort which is experienced by more than half of the females. There are some ways to ease the pain fast. However if you experience the symptoms getting worst, you need to get a medical supervision to rule out the risk of serious concerns regarding health. How to get rid of period cramps fast?  And how to get rid of period cramps with home remedies? Here are the easy and effective ways:

  1. Dietary changes:

There are some particular dietary habits which are related to period cramps. Reducing the intake of high fat diet and increasing the uptake of vegetables is one of the easy ways to get rid of period cramps fast and naturally. In the same way, diet rich in multivitamins and minerals is important for you if you are suffering from period cramps. How to get rid of stomach cramps from period? Take low fat and high fiber diet.

Dietary changes

  1. Pain killers:

How to get rid of stomach cramps from period? In some cases when pain is too intense, you can take mild pain killers especially non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines which are also known as NSAIDs, these include ibuprofen and naproxen. Menstrual cramps are caused when the prostaglandins are released in the lower abdominal region, the use of such medication can decrease the level of prostaglandins. You can also consult gynecologist to get a proper prescription. How to get rid of period cramps at school? Take any mild pain killer.

  1. Black or Green Tea:

How to get rid of bad period cramps? Or how to make period cramps stop? Herbal tea is one of the effective remedies against period cramps. It is believed that the onset of menstruation causes congestion in the pelvic areas. As you drink more tea (either green or black) it results in faster circulation of blood. Consuming green tea or peppermint tea is a natural and quick way to reduce period cramps. How to get rid of period cramps at school? Or how to get rid of period cramps at night? Take tea or any hot beverage and get immediate pain relief.

Black or Green Tea

  1. Fish Liver Oil and Multivitamins:

Some supplements containing fish liver oil, multivitamins particularly vitamin B12 is proven effective to get rid of period cramps. 500 mg of fish liver oil every day is considered ideal remedy against menstrual cramps. How to get rid of bad period cramps? Take fish liver oil and mineral supplements regularly.

  1. Acupuncture:

How to get rid of bad period cramps? Acupuncture is a Japanese way of relieving pain by the use of needles. As reported by doctors, acupuncture increases the flow of blood to the internal organs and reduces inflammation. It is proven via investigations that acupuncture is equal in action to that of painkillers in relieving the pain.


  1. Massage Therapy with the Help of Essential oils:

Lower abdominal massage with essential oil has soothing effect on the internal organs especially uterus. Cyprus oil is important in this regard as the massage of this oil helps in improving the blood circulation. It can be mixed with lavender oil and peppermint oil for additional benefits. How to get rid of period cramps without medicine? Massage gently with essential oils.

  1. Warm compress:

How to get rid of bad period cramps? Warm compress also improves the circulation of blood. An iron warm cloth can be used for this purpose; heated water bottle can be pressed at the lower abdomen to get rid of period cramps. A warm bath also has a soothing effect and can alleviate the pain. How to get rid of period cramps at school? Or how to stop period cramps fast without medicine? Water is available everywhere, hence you can use this remedy to get rid of period cramps.

Warm compress

  1. Magnesium Rich Diet:

A diet which is rich in minerals particularly magnesium is also helpful in getting rid of period cramps. Magnesium helps in the proper nerve and muscle functioning. You can consult your health care provider for best magnesium supplement.

  1. Aerobics and stretching:

Best thing to combat period cramps is to exercise. When abdominal muscles are stretched during exercise it will help to reduce pain. Also during exercise, endorphins are released by brain which makes you feel better. Swimming and long walk are also best activities to alleviate the menstrual pain.

  1. Stay hydrated:

Water is needed to carry out major functions in the body; it is helpful in the treatment of bloating symptoms leading to pain. Take as much water as possible to keep the body hydrated. Dehydration can make the period cramps worst. You can add mint or lemon in water if period cramps are making you nauseous. How to stop period cramps at school? Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

How to Get Rid of Period Cramps by Dietary Changes?

Choice of food is one of the key factor in determining your overall health and fitness. A diet which is rich in fats such as French fries, chocolates, pies, cakes etc are bad for your health. Switching on to low fat and high fiber diet is a key to health. If you are suffering from menstrual problems like period cramps, irregular menstruation, and increased or decreased blood flow during menstruation, you need to reconsider your dietary habits. Take a diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin rich diet is a natural and long term way of getting rid of menstrual cramps.

Bottom Line:

Period cramps are one of the most frequent problems reported by the females during menstruation. Period cramps are not a serious health concern in general but they are highly uncomfortable. In some females, the pain is so intense that they can’t follow their everyday schedule. It is therefore important to take some measures in order to get rid of period cramps. The use of pain killers, intake of more water, acupuncture, exercise are instant remedies to get rid of period cramps. On the other hand dietary changes provide long term relief. The use of magnesium, zinc and fish liver oil has been reported to cure period cramps.

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