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7 Natural and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ringworm Infection

how to get rid of ring worm

How to get rid of ringworm fast in humans? Ringworm is a fungal infection which is very common infection of skin, tinea is a medical term used for ringworm, and the naming of infection depends on the part of skin where the infection is found. For example when foot is infected the infection is said to be tenea pedis, for jock itch is commonly known as tinea cruis. How long does ringworm last? Depending on the severity of infection and ringworm rash, it can last from weeks to month. In this article we will learn about the Ring worm causes and prevention and How to get rid of ringworm home remedies?


Ring worm infection:

Ring worm is a common skin infection medically known as tinea. A rash is produced on the skin which is scaly, reddish and rounded in shape. These patches are sometimes itchy and if such patches are formed at scalp they result in hair loss as well. Ultimately they form lesions which appear mainly like blisters. The infection is highly contagious and preventive measures are strictly needed if a close relative or a friend catches this infection. There are certain fungicides to treat this infection which are prescribed by doctor either for oral use or topical application. How to get rid of ringworm permanently? Read some easy measures mentioned below.

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Causes of ringworm infection:

How do you get ringworm? Our atmosphere is densely surrounded by certain molds, yeasts, and fungi. The fungus which lives on human skin is known as dermatophytes and they result in several skin infection. The fungal skin infection is medically known as dermatophytosis. Initially fungi settle on the upper dead skin “keratin” containing layer and at later stages they invade deeply and result in acute infections. Since the infections caused by most of these dermatophytes are contagious, great deal of care is needed to prevent such infections. Strict hygiene measures are needed as a preventive step against ringworm infection.

Causes of ringworm infection

How to get rid of ring worm infection by 7 natural and effective ways

How to get rid of ring worm on body? There are easy and proven ways to get rid of ringworm infection. The simple ways to get rid of ringworm infection are mentioned below:

  1. Fungicidal ointments:

How to get rid of ringworm in 24 hours? In most of the cases, the ringworm infections are easier to be treated at home. You can find a lot of topical fungicidal ointments and over the counter medications to destroy fungal growth. Several fungicidal ointments are prepared in such a way to speed up the process of healing. How to get rid of ring worm bumps? Terninafine, Clortimazole, Miconzole are some of the famous and well known fungicidal ointments to cure ringworm infection. Read the instructions mentioned on the medicine and follow these instructions carefully. Continue applying the ointments unless the fungus disappears completely.

Fungicidal ointments

  1. Do not cover the skin:

Allow the skin to breathe by keeping it open, the bandage can spread the infection as moisture favors the growth of fungus. Wear loose fitting clothes so that air can pass freely and less sweat is produced. How to get rid of ring worm around groin? Or, how to get rid of ring worm around anus? Wear loose clothes and keep the areas dry, in case of infection, apply topical ointments.

  1. Bedding Hygiene:

Since the fungal infections particularly ringworm infection is contagious, it is important to wash the bed sheet on regular basis as the spores of fungus can be shed on bed sheets and comforters. These spores can become active and can result in infection later if the bed sheets are not washed properly. Use a mild disinfectant and hot water to wash the bed sheets. How to get rid of ringworm with bleach? Bleach also acts as a disinfectant and destroys fungal spores hence bleach can be used to wash the contaminated fabrics.

  1. Change the undergarments regularly:

Since more sweat is produced in some parts of the body such as groin, feet, underarms, it is important to change the under garments and regularly and wash them thoroughly with detergent or disinfectant. In the same way, don’t wear sweaty socks for a long time as they can result in foot and foot nail infection.

  1. Antifungal shampoo:

How to get rid of ring worm from scalp? Ringworm can also develop in the scalp and can result in intense itching and loss of hair from the infected patches. There are certain medicated, antifungal shampoos which can be proven effective to get rid of such infections. For better results, you need to massage the shampoo well on your scalp with finger tips and let it stay for few minutes to make sure that infection is killed. These shampoos are available at pharmacy stores. If the problem is intense and some boils are there on the scalp it is important to seek medical supervision.

Antifungal shampoo

  1. Antifungal medication:

There are certain antifungal medicines which can effectively kill fungus. Use the medicines, ointments or shampoos till the infection disappears completely. How to get rid of ring worm on back? Apply medicine regularly on the infected parts of body till the rashes disappear. Make it sure that there are no sign of rashes left as infection can re-grow. If you feel that symptoms are not fading away, you should consult your doctor. If the infection is severe, doctor might advise the use of medicine for weeks or even month. How to get rid of ring worm during pregnancy? Follow the hygiene measures and apply topical ointments regularly.

  1. Safeguards:

There are certain safeguards, though ringworm is not a serious health concern but immediate steps are needed to treat it. There are certain precautionary measures against fungal infections. Follow the measures mentioned below strictly:

  • Take good care of your hygiene
  • Do not share personal care items which come in direct contact with skin.
  • Take shower regularly
  • Wear loose fitting clothes so that less sweat is produced


Bottom line:

Ringworm infection is known as tinea cruis and is a common skin infection caused by fungus. The special group of fungi known as dermatophytes, cause human skin infections and result in the appearance of reddish itchy patches on skin and scalp. How to get rid of ring worm forever? Hygiene is the key to prevent such infections. Ringworm infection is caused mainly in the people who remain sweaty for long time. Certain antifungal over the counter medicines are available for ringworm treatment.

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