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Easy Tips Regarding How to Make your Hair Grow Faster (Men and Women)

how to make your hair grow

Shiny, long and silky hair is not only women’s desire but men also love to have healthy, shiny and well textured hair. Normally, the hair growth is controlled genetically and every month our hair grows from a quarter to an inch depending on overall health of hair. Long and luscious hair is a dream of many people around us. How long does it take for a guy’s hair to grow? In this article we will learn How to make hair grow faster for men overnight and in few days?


Hair Growth and Genes:

How long for a guy to grow long hair? Our hair growth mainly depends on genetic factor along with environmental factors such as atmosphere, our diet, lifestyle etc.  The hair growth is one of the main processes which are regulated by genes and several genetic factors make up our hair color, texture and density. Any genetic or hereditary disorder is likely to affect hair and their appearance. How to grow hair faster black male? Read and find some easy and natural hair care recipes.

10 Natural Ways Regarding How to Make your Hair Grow Faster (Men and Women):

There are some natural ways which can considerably improve the rate of hair growth, some of the tips to make your hair grow faster are mentioned below:

  1. Application of Hair Masks:

How to grow out your hair fast? Our hair need several nutrients for their growth, sometimes when the hair look lifeless and dull, there is a need of providing more nutrition to them and this can be done by applying several hair masks. One of the very important hair masks is the mixture of honey, egg yolk with few drops of olive oil. Massage this well on the hair root and spread it to all hair. Wait for half an hour so that nutrients get diffused into the hair follicles. Wash your hair and apply a moisturizing conditioner, you will notice a considerable shine and volume in your hair afterwards.

Application of Hair Masks

In the same way another mask of coconut oil, honey and sweet almond oil in equal proportions can be highly nutritious for hair and can make your hair grow faster. Make sure that as you apply any mask, it is important to cover up hair roots. How to grow hair overnight for guys? Apply hair care masks.

  1. Protein rich diet for hair growth:

Proteins are the building blocks of our body and important structures like skin, hair, nails etc. If you are facing hair problems such as improper hair growth and thickness, hair fall, baldness, dull and lifeless hair etc, it is important to add more proteins in your diet as they are hair growth food. Red meat, fish, eggs and chicken are rich sources of proteins in our diet.

  1. Brush your hair every morning:

Brushing your hair is generally done for hair styling; however it is one of the natural ways of increasing blood circulation. With increased blood circulation more nutrients are supplied to hair and they grow well. Take out few minutes in the morning and just before going to bed and brush your hair for at least 3-4 minutes. Due to brushing hair follicles will get increased blood and nutritional supply and this can lead to considerable hair growth.

  1. Shampooing style:

Your shampoo selection and style of shampooing is also important for your hair growth. Select a nourishing shampoo for your hair with egg or yoghurt. As you apply shampoo, massage the scalp well with finger tips, exert a little pressure and continue massaging it for 2-3 minutes. This will help to increase the flow of blood to hair scalp and hair will grow faster ultimately.

Shampooing style

  1. Potato juice:

Potato juice is considered as a hair growth booster. Extract a little amount of potato juice, mix it with honey and egg yolk, and now apply this amazing mask at hair roots and strands. You will find your hair growing faster than never before.

  1. Conditioners:

Never apply conditioner on the hair scalp, as you do so, it might clog the pores in the scalp. It might make your hair oilier and can result in damaging the hair. Hence it is important to apply conditioner on the hair length.

  1. Massaging the warm oil:

For Hair growth best treatment,  you can gently warm any oil of your choice preferably olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and apply it on hair by massaging it well on the roots. Keep massaging it for at least five minutes. Wash it well after an hour or so. The warm oil massage is ideal to stimulate hair growth.

Massaging the warm oil

  1. Night care for hair:

How to make your hair grow faster for men? It is important to take care of your hair at night, try using silk pillows and avoid tight ponytails or braids while sleeping. Silky pillows are important for shiny hair and wrinkle free skin.

  1. Castor oil for hair:

How to grow hair on bald head? Castor oil has some wonderful results on hair. You can simply massage castor oil on the hair and leave it on hair overnight. Wash your hair well in the morning. The castor oil massage on hair is recommended twice a week and can significantly increase the rate of hair growth.

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

Applying apple cider vinegar on hair increase hair shine, smoothness and makes the hair softer. Add two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water and apply it on the hair, it is a best homemade conditioner. Once you apply it on hair, leave it for couple of minutes and wash it with mild shampoo and lukewarm water. It is simplest but most effective way to make your hair grow faster.

Apple cider vinegar

Bottom Line:

It is important to follow hair growth tips if you want to make your hair grow faster. There are some natural ways of hair care which are far more effective for hair health and growth. Consider oiling and massaging your hair, applying hair masks as mentioned in the article along with dietary changes to make your hair grow faster. Brushing your hair is important as well; brush your hair well twice a day to increase the flow of blood towards hair.

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