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How to Get Rid of Gas and Gas Pains Fast by Natural Remedies

how to get rid of gas

When food is digested, the waste materials are produced along with some gases which are released out, the process is quite normal. These gases generally consist of methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The production of excessive gases is known as flatulence and the condition results in intense pain. In this article we will study the causes of gas and How to get rid of gas home remedy?

 Gas or Flatulence:

The condition where excessive gases are produced in stomach or intestine is known as flatulence. The gases are normally expelled out of anus with sound and odor. Under normal conditions, a little amount of gases are produced as end product of digestion but due to several factors such as over eating, excessive swallowed air along with food, improper digestion the gases are produced in excess and can result in pain. How to get rid of smelly gas? Follow some amazing remedies mentioned below.

Causes of Gases or Flatulence:

How to get rid of gas trouble? We must know the causes of gas trouble before finding the remedies. There are several factors which contribute to the production of excessive gases in the stomach or intestine. Some of the major gases causing factors are:

  • Improper digestion of food
  • Excessive eating and eating spicy food
  • Swallowing air while taking meals
  • Lactose intolerance in the body
  • Intake of high fiber diet
  • Carbonated drinks and their excessive intake
  • Eating beans and lentils can also result in flatulence.
  • Consuming a food rich in fats

Causes of Gases or Flatulence

Symptoms of Flatulence:

Gas in stomach symptoms is typical like cramping and pain.  There are some characteristic symptoms of excessive gases or flatulence and these are:

  • Increased passage of gases from anus
  • Foul smelly gaseous discharge
  • Excessive belching and bloating of abdomen
  • Stomach or abdominal cramps

How to Get Rid of Sharp Gas Pain Fast by Natural Remedies?

How to get rid of gas after eating? Gas pain or flatulence is embarrassing as well as uncomfortable situation for a person. Luckily, there are some natural ways which can provide fast and instant relief from excessive gases or flatulence. How to get rid of gas build up? The tips of getting rid of excessive gases are mentioned below:

  1. Use of peppermint:

The use of peppermint tea and its derivatives are considered ideal Gas and bloating relief. The ingredients of peppermint act as anti-spasmodic for stomach muscles and also soothing for the nerves. It is however advised to consult your health care provider before taking such supplements as peppermint supplements in higher doses can disrupt the natural absorption of iron in the body. How do you get rid of gas bubble in your stomach? One cup of peppermint tea before meals can however provide relief from gas pains. How to get rid of gas and acidity? Use peppermint tea regularly.

Use of peppermint

  1. Chamomile tea:

How to get rid of trapped gas? Chamomile tea and its ingredients are antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. The use of chamomile tea is an ideal way of getting rid of excessive gases and gas pains. How to get rid of gas pain in chest?  Boil one cup of water and dip a bag of chamomile tea, add honey or lemon for seasoning. You can take chamomile tea before bed every night and even before the meals to get some ease from gases. learn more for Chamomile tea for gas pain 

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

How to get rid of gas and constipation? Apple cider can be taken before meals to get rid of flatulence and gas pains. You can add few drops of apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water for better results. Apple cider vinegar has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is considered ideal remedy for many digestive disorders.

  1. Lemon in Warm water:

How to get rid of gas cramps? Adding few drops of lemon in warm water can significantly reduce flatulence and gas pains. Drinking lemon water every morning is proven healthy for speedy metabolism. The acid content in lemon stimulates gastric glands to produce more acid to break down the food. As more acid is produced, more food will be digested and lesser gases. How to get rid of gas causing nausea? The mixture of lemon and water also acts as an ideal detoxifier and can significantly reduce nausea.

Lemon in Warm water

  1. Anise seeds:

How to get rid of gas naturally? The seeds of anise are antimicrobial and antispasmodic as well, they play very important role to relax the digestive tract, for people with indigestion, and they need to take anise seeds to get rid of cramping. How to get rid of bloating fast? These anise seeds act as carminative in action and help in speedy digestion of food with very little production of gases.

  1. Eating pumpkin:

Eating high fiber and high fat diet can increase the gas pains and flatulence. Eating simple vegetables however like pumpkin can help to solve such problems. Since fiber is a complex starch which cannot be digested in the body. The part of fiber containing food when enters in large intestine serves as a nutrient medium for bacteria which ultimately produce gases. How to get rid of gas pains during pregnancy? Eating pumpkin in your meal can significantly solve the gas pains and flatulence concerns.

Eating pumpkin

  1. Cloves:

How to get rid of gas farts? Cloves are often used in cooking. Regular use of clove or clove oil in the diet can help to reduce gas pains and flatulence. For better results take few drops of clove oil in water after meal.

  1. Physical activity:

How to get rid of gas, heart burn and digestive issues? Increased physical activity, exercise, walk, playing any active sport can reduce digestive problems. It is important to stay physically active to get rid of indigestion and flatulence problems. Some yoga gas relief pose can also help to get rid of gas and flatulence.

Physical activity

Bottom Line:

Production of excessive gases in digestive tract is known as flatulence which results in gas pains such as gastric or intestinal cramping. Improper dietary habits and excessive use of carbonated drinks are the triggers of excessive gases. how to get rid of gas immediately? There are some easy natural remedies which can provide relief from such problems. The use of herbal tea, active mode of life is considered best to combat digestive concerns.

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